Antipodes round two

After my love of the Antipodes anti aging minis I was delighted to be sent a couple of new items to have a test of. I was sent a Immortal SPF 15+ Natural Sun Protection Moisturiser and a Jubilation Ultra Nourishing hand and body cream. I am not going to rehash all the information on these products but rather tell you what I like about them.

photo (19)

First up the sunscreen. I am a huge advocate of sun protection, as someone who has had a cancer cut out, sun protection is vital. Since having the baby we have been out walking regularly and in the sun and the sun protection has been brilliant. It is also nice and natural so I keep it in the nappy bag and will happily pop some on the baby.

As a general rule I prefer body oils to moisturisers as they just take too long to sink in for getting dressed and I am currently time poor. This sinks in nice and quickly, leaves your body soft and smooth and is a pleasure to use. It also feels lovely after time in the sun.

Do you use antipodes? What is your favourite product?

October already

I cannot believe it is already October. Where the hell has this year gone? Is it rushing for everyone else?

I am part of a group of girls who do the gold star challenge. Each week we email and review goals and set goals for the week. I love this but to be honest am a little bored of the sound of my own voice because whilst I do get some jobs done others remain on the to do list. So here are my goals for the end of the year.

  • Clean up my diet, count my points and get the rest of the baby weight gone
  • Start running again ( fingers crossed I get the all clear for this soon)
  • Start doing a work out dvd for toning
  • clear out our stuff before we go home for xmas as I have a suspicion miss Milly may end up with a few gifts this year.
  • Send out invites for the christening
  • Update cv and arrange some appointments to figure out work for next year if possible.
  • Work harder on this blog
  • Learn to use the DSLR and make time for better photos and more regular postings with a theme ( weekly face, what’s on my plate, a recipe and a weekly recap perhaps?? any thoughts??)
  • work out what to pack for the uk

Quite frankly the last month has been exhausting. Between friends in need, husband working away, colds, flus, chest infections, sinus infections, immunisations and teething sleep has been far between and few and energy has been low. Still back to it, lets pick our selves up, dust ourselves down and kick some goals.

How have you been? what have you been up to? any pre xmas goals?

A day in the life- 20 week old baby

I used to love reading day in the life posts when I was pregnant. I felt it could give me an honest idea of what to expect as a mum. Whilst each baby and parent is different, as is each day, here is a typical one at home for us. Also it changes as my husband works away every other week so there is some variation there which is noted.

5-6AM Milly wakes and needs a quick feed, she often does some nappy business then I pop her back into her cot and she drifts off. I read blogs, emails, check facebook and have a coffee and brekkie ( as a note for improvement I would like to have hot lemon and prep a green smoothie instead)

7.30AM Milly wakes properly. I dress myself whilst she is still in her cot chatting. The give her a quick wash, nappy change and dress her

8-9AM Milly has her reflux medicine, some solid food two courses ( pear and banana baby rice and also some pear puree) then she has a play. I often do sitting up practise aswell as she is better at it in the morning when she is more refreshed.

9AM- 40 min sleep ( I wish it were longer). At this point I do housework and make a snack ( I would like to start having some brekkie in this spot and a coffee)

She then plays until

11am- feed her

12- solids ( two course one veg and one fruit) followed by water

12.30 – 40 min nap. In this one I may finish laundry, prep dinner, make some lunch etc etc. If I am doing aqua, pilates etc this falls around this time so I miss out on my nap for jobs!

2- feed

3- 40 min nap followed by playing. Often I may do a walk with the pushchair and run errands after 2 as she naps well in a pushchair and  gets some fresh air plus the tail end of the day is hardest, I have found, with a baby. If my husband is away I feed the dog and the chickens, collect the eggs, and feed the fish. I have usually finished just in time for her to wake up!

we then play until…At this point I get her bed ready for night, take nappies out to the bin etc.

5pm solids two courses ( garden veg and rice, followed by fruit puree)

5.45 bath for Milly

6pm feed

6.30pm down for the night

At this point I would love to start having dinner, doing a workout dvd and then having a bath and doing some pampering. Often I also do a house tidy and final wash of dishes so I wake to a clean house. I get to bed between 9 and 10, sometimes earlier for a read!.

2.30am she wakes for a feed.

As you can see it is quite full on being a mum, especially as you still need to be with them for play time. I have found the jobs are never actually done so I have to make a real effort to take time out and designate a nap time, which is precious time for jobs, to doing a little bit for myself. Sometimes, especially if you are a little run down, being a mum is like being on a treadmill which doesn’t stop! I wouldn’t change it for anything and we do also have lovely coffee dates etc but there is a lot to get done in a day.

Mummy Cheats

Here we are 19 weeks into having a baby. Whilst I most certainly don’t have it all together I do feel I have a few tips to offer on how to appear you have it together. Fake it until you make it right?

1. Freeze lemon wedges- so even if you have no milk or anything, because lets face it there will be times things get that out of hand, you can offer any random guests a water with lemon wedge.

2. In the same vein freeze cakes. Oh how do you have time to bake? you don’t always but when you do make double. Also a good night time snack!

3.Keep dusters everywhere. I have them in the drawers in each room and the glove box of the car. That way it is so easy to do a quick whip around when you notice its dusty. By having them in each room you do not have to leave bubba unattended to go get one. The duster in the car means when the baby falls asleep in the car and hasn’t woken and you get to wherever I just give the car a quick once over whilst waiting for them to finish their nap.

4. I have makeup and hairdryers in both bedroom and bathroom so I can get dressed even if baby is napping in my room without disturbance. Luckily I can also normally pull together an outfit due to the piles of folded laundry which I now keep on the dining table!

5. To include exercise do it as something you do when baby is awake. Mums and bubs classes, walks so they sleep, I am now going to try a workout dvd whilst Milly is in the jumparoo… one less thing to do when they nap which means you are more likely to be able to pop your feet up.

6. Get help from others- on the weekend I really like the husband to look after the baby so I can prep some tasty healthy food for the week.

7. Food delivery and online shopping- say no more!

8. A good bright lippy- no one will notice you cant open your eyes if your lips are bright!

9. dry shampoo

10. radox- having a baby is a crash course in muscle toning!

Do you have any mummy cheats for me?

Finding your groove- baby routines

This post is written purely from my limited experience, please add yours. I have found since having a baby there are two main camps. One is completely baby led and the other is strict routine ( cry it out type affair). I would say I swing more towards baby led but I do find there is a balance. I have read the books and googled endlessly and quite honestly I do take ideas but never follow things to a T. I would hate to be made to sleep when I am not tired and to eat when not hungry so I don’t enforce routine. As a result Milly is largely able to sleep in cars, pushchairs and her cot. She does however sleep at fairly uniform times ( within an hour ) and we do have some routine.

In the morning she always wakes between 5 and 7 ( a large window I know) after that she has a big feed and then may top up with another nap if it was early. She also does her nappy business often around this time.

Bedtime is also generally bath, feed, bed. In the day things change. We are currently in another big shift as solids have been introduced.

To handle this best I do a few things. I clear a few days to have just at home, this removes external factors like cars and pushchairs lulling the baby to sleep when she may not normally sleep. I grab a notepad and let Milly do her thing. We feed when she is hungry, she sleeps when she is sleepy and I write down all feeds ( now milk and solid separately) and sleeps. The first time I did this she was around 6 or 8 weeks old and I really didn’t think there was much routine. To my surprise there was, she always had a longer morning nap and then two or three shorter naps after this. Perhaps because of my line of work I find I can analyse things better written down. For example in our latest one I picked that I would like to work on lengthening her sleeps and some sleep training, to separate milk and solids by an hour works best as she spews less. To have a gap of an hour between food and sleep is also good for her. To my surprise she can also go around four hours between feeds now too I realised.

I tend to look at the info and see what perhaps would be better changed, e.g. morning nap earlier. Try to get an extra feed in before bed as she always wakes an hour after going down for a feed etc. Then we work slowly towards this for the rest of the week. It is almost like a little reset. I should also add that she is never left hungry or tired I just encourage towards what is better. After this week I know ( ish) when is the best time to be in ( for us mornings at home are easy as she does a better sleep then and I can get more jobs done, she is also happier playing at the start of the day), when to head out, is she likely to want a nap ( in which case I either time the car journey or take a pushchair and include a walk), will she be likely to be hungry ( best time for car trips is just after a feed for us) etc etc. I can also usually time a coffee stop or pit stop so she gets 30 mins or so to play out of the pram etc and to be cuddled before she sleeps again.

She is never held strictly to the routines but normally give or take an hour it works. I have to reassess around every 6-8 weeks I have found as she grows and changes.

Do you follow a strict routine? Are you baby led? How do you think you would parent?

Baby bootcamp and other things

 Baby bootcamp and other goals
I am the kind of mum who’s baby has had a routine which it has led. Lately, however, I had noticed a few things which could be done better and needed to give her routine a big old tweak. Every now and then she does a massive development leap and is just to grown up for her old patterns. Now she is having solids three times daily, so I needed to learn to space that with feeds. She was also waking a bit with wind from going down to soon after a feed, she also liked to hop on the boob to go to sleep. None of this is necessarily a big problem but I was noticing she was capable of going to sleep without the boob. She is also, at post four months, starting to make strong associations which I suspect will be very hard to break later. So, we are in bootcamp, feeds are being stretched so she stops snacking and has a fuller feed each time, she is not being given the boob for sleep but being held or rocked. The goal of this bootcamp is that week by week I change to putting her in her cot slightly more awake with the end goal of her going down wide awake and nodding off unassisted…. Wish me luck! I have the goal of 8 weeks to creep towards this which happily co-incides with our trip to the uk.
I also think that to focus on this I may stop classes. I have three weeks left of my pilates pass and will use that up at which point, fingers crossed I should be able to run. In the mean time I am going to try a post preggie work out DVD either first thing or in one of her naps, Perhaps even whilst she is in her jumparoo as she enjoys me on ten floor with her!
The final goal is to clean up the eating, I have been getting there slowly, but with these solids her milk is supplemented so I need less extra. Lets cut the crap and get back to the good stuff, I am aiming for a whole food plan for 8 weeks until I go home.
Finally, i spring cleaned the house but have more baby stuff to offload and also junk from round the house. Our house, whilst not tiny, certainly is t large enough for us to carry excess! Regular clean outs are mandatory. Also as an aside how awesome are vacuum bags?
One final final note… Any one else started Xmas pressie planning? Double digits now you know!

Baby Challenges

They say it all the time…. having a baby is one of the most challenges times in your life. I would disagree and say it has largely been fabulous but there are times which are testing. Over the last few months I have discovered a few things which have really helped.

1. A vapouriser. There is so little you can do for a snuffly baby but a good vapouriser ( steam one if possible) plus saline solution and nose sucker will work treats.

2. Sophie the Giraffe- ridiculously expesive. All babies love it. It is one of those things which you will buy cheaper toys and then end up getting it anyway. As an aside this would be a great gift for friends having babies.

3. Medication- Panadol, calpol, teething gel, infacol, infants friend. I would advise going to a chemist and stocking up before you need them. Sods law it will be the middle of the night and your baby will be crying when you first realise they need pain relief. That is not the time to go chasing all over the city for it. Whilst I avoid these unless necessary I am not leaving the little one in pain.

4. The wonder weeks app- You can get this for your iphone and it basically gives you a timeline of the wonder weeks. These are weeks when babies tend to get fussy and be harder work because they are going through massive developmental leaps. Without fail Milly has hit these about half a week early ( interesting as her early scans showed her as half a week older) , she gets clingy, wakes more, is slightly hard work and often hungrier and then all of a sudden she wakes up fine and can sit on her own ( or some other new trick).

photo (17)

5. How do you know? I got so frustrated when people said you will just know… about so many things. Turns out I did. I knew she had reflux 2 weeks before it was diagnosed. I also knew she was ready for solids when after weeks of watching us eat she opened her mouth as I got a spoon of my porridge!

photo (18)

5. Breastfeeding. I have no judgement against those who don’t. At four months I am  in the minority breastfeeding. In some ways it is so hard. I have done every night feed and day feed for over 4 months, I have only left her for 90 minutes in the last few weeks. You don’t get a break. I cant eat dairy as it affects her, you still cant have more than one drink…… it goes on. Then something happens, like the plague (cold!) which hit our house. It was a nasty one her dad got it first, then I did, then she did. Her cold, however, was minimal my body had already made the antibodies which were being passed directly to her. When your little one cant breathe properly you wont mind any of the minor challenges associated with breastfeeding.

6. Frozen boob milk- its like a little ice lolly for those sore gums, or on a hot day. It means their tiny tummies doesn’t get filled with anything but milk and they love it!

7. There is very little not fixed but either; bobbing, cuddling, boobs, kisses or singing

Any top tips for tricky times?

A visit from a dear old friend

Three weeks ago one of my best friends in the world came to visit. She has been here numerous times but not since we bought our house or our new addition to the family. I often find when really close friends come to visit they don’t want to see the tourists attractions, or in her case she already had, but she wanted to see ‘Our Perth’, ‘Our little life’. In someways, especially when you have upped sticks and moved to the other hemisphere, it is nerve wracking to show people you dearly care about the little world you have created for yourself… but we did… and it was fab. This visit marked our 20th anniversary of friendship!

We had trips out on quite a few days to some of my favourite places, the hills to see Les Murdie Falls and then into Kalamunda, the beach at Trigg and Scarborough.

photo (11) photo (12) photo (10)

We also ate a fair few fabulous lunches. Nothing fancy but good food done well. We ate at the wild fig in scarborough, the lucky shag on the river front, sushi train at Tao in Vic park and one afternoon had espresso and chocolates in the David Jones food hall. If you have never done this. DO IT. It was such a decadant little treat. We also made a lot of food at home including a steak and veggie pie.. complete with palm tree and flamingo pastry decorations, obviously!

photo (13)

Luckily the weather was awesome a lot of the time so we spent ages walking, up the coast, in the hills and round the river.

photo (16)

In general it was just a lovely catch up. It also made me realise in just 4 short months how much having a baby had changed me to the core. Furthermore I realised what an absolute pleasure our little world and life is. Even though it is very simple we have made it so and it suits us.

After buying anniversary rings for each other from Pigeonhole it was time for her to leave. I was left with an unclean house, as I just left it to enjoy her company and did the bare basics and a teething baby!

How long have you known your oldest friend? What is your little world like?

Setting an example

Lately I have been thinking about this so much. With a little one you can’t help but notice that they watch every SINGLE thing you do. The other day she opened her mouth as I got a spoon of my porridge. She talks back to me, she just watches me. As the mother of a young girl I feel very responsible for how she acts and feels in later life.

As is well documented on here I have been trying to give up drinking diet coke for ages. The other day my little angel watched me drinking a bottle and I felt awful. I Don’t want her to drink it because I do. If in later life it is something she chooses to indulge in because she likes it, fair enough, but I really don’t want her to default to my bad habits.

At four months old she is no longer a newborn, she is an infant who is learning every day. As such I have pondered long and hard and am setting myself some guidelines.

No TV before 4pm- I have caught her watching the TV, I know it can become a babysitter and I want to be strict on myself not to fall in that trap. Luckily we have foxtel so I record shows I like and can look forward to them in the evenings.

Makeup and Hair- I do pop her in a seat in front of the mirror whilst I do my makeup. However, I always ensure it is a 5 minute job. I don’t always style my hair and I ensure to have a few makeup free days each week. I really don’t want her to grow up thinking you always have to be made up to be beautiful.

Exercise- I really want her to love exercise for the fun it is. I feel I only learned this in later life so I do try and do a class most days ( not the weekend) and I also do a lot of walking out and about with the pram. I really wish for her to love being outdoors. If we are having an off day, or it doesn’t fit for that day etc then I cancel no biggie. I just want her to grow up with it being something we do and love.

Food- This is also something I want her to love. I plan to take her to the farmers markets so she can see real food. Currently she sits up as I prepare food each day and she sits in the highchair whilst we eat. We show her the foods and ensure it is varied. Once she is on solids ( which I feel is creeping ever closer) I will sit her up to watch it being home made so she understands about good, basic, home cooked food. I really look forward to the day when she wants to join in and help.

Money- This is further down the track. Naturally I want her to be sensible with money, but not too sensible. We all need to save for rainy days and security but I also want us to show her that hard work means you can have nice treats. Days out and adventures hopefully feature more than actual items.

Belongings- I would love for her to have nice things which she enjoys but it is also important she learns to share and appreciate them. Currently when other children come over I always offer for them to play with her toys so hopefully its just something that happens and she doesn’t get stressed by it. My mum always let me choose a couple of toys to put away in my room when children came over and I shared the rest. She also got us to clear out prior to Christmas and give things to charity which is a lovely practise and helped us understand just how fortunate we are. To this day I love a good clear out and if I know I have no use for something I will pass it on.

Travel- I so hope she loves this. I cant wait to show this little one the world. Saving for travel is a priority for me.

Reading- whilst I don’t want her to see me in front of the TV I love to read with her and am happy for her to play whilst I read a book in front of her. I hope she learns to escape in a book.

Finally I hope I strike the right balance between showing her life as I would love her to enjoy and giving her the space to grow into the beautiful little soul she is.


What do you wish to show your little ones?