In other news….

So you may be forgiven for thinking that I am all about baby lately… and oh my gosh you would be right. But I am still me and I still have other things going on so lets have a chat and if you have advice that would be awesome.

The Car- we may need a new car. The husbands ute is not big enough for all of us and it is so old it just keeps costing us. I have a new swift ( well it was new when I got it in 2011) and it has cost so little to run. We love it and there is space for me and him and the bubba and a pushchair but that is all. I think we need to trade in the ute and get another Suzuki the size up… This week the boredom that is car shopping begins and I am scared of using savings when we don’t know what is happening work wise for me next year.

The house- well our house is a well placed house for 2 people. Add the third in the mix and it is fine but you have to keep on top of clearing out. Anymore and it is pretty cramped. I have been looking for the dream family house ( requirements; 3 beds and a study or 4 bed or 3 bed and a granny flat, a full size block so there is garden, ideally an older house) and it is so hard to find. A lot of the sale for us is based on area which means we are looking for a fixer upper in a nicer area. We don’t mind living in a rough and tumble house which we could do up over the years of it being the family house. The trouble is we are unsure which hemisphere it should be in? if I will manage to work as I want to? if we would even be blessed with another baby? so many questions. What do you do in these situations? do you buy for what you think the future will hold or do you just focus on what suits for now ( i.e. this house is perfect)?

I am loving food. As in looking at recipes and finding what to make and buying ingredients. So very desperate housewives but I am really enjoying finding new meals. I drafted a post on things which helped in the first few weeks of a baby and one of them is Dinner Twist. Through this one delivery we have two new fave meals ( beef stroganoff and thai red fish curry in case you were interested). On this weeks menu is a dairy free, gluten free carbonara and some kind of healthy ish cake, possibly involving salted caramel sauce!

Have you heard about Pop basic? They release micro collections each month which you can buy. I bought one a few months ago which contained a white t-shirt, grey and white striped infinity scarf ( excellent to hide baby spew incidentally) and a beautiful grey leather clutch. I was delighted with both the value and the quality. The t-shirt has washed really nicely.

I have also signed to bellabox both the beauty box and the baby box to see whether I like them. I tend to dip in and out of subscription boxes as I don’t like having lots of excess around.

On the subject of shopping did you know tiffany do cocktail rings? Did you know as an aquarian my birthstone is amethyst? Make mine this one if you ever fancy treating me…

tiffany ring

My house is due a clear out again. Of both my clothes, lots of which are pretty rough now, shoes and also baby stuff. There is also a few items which I need to sell on ebay! Jobs, jobs, jobs…..


and on that note I guess I should go get started!


My Labour story

Here is a most requested post… my labour story. When I was pregnant I loved reading other peoples stories as some made me feel better and others struck me with the fear of god. Before I start I should mention that my birth plan was literally…..

For the OB to do what he needed to to get my daughter out safe and keep me as well as possible.

It was that simple for me. We had no other plans.

When Milly was around 34 weeks in pregnancy my OB mentioned that we may need to talk about a Csection. She had been sizing in large at every scan, which for me was every 4 weeks in pregnancy until the end when it became every 2 weeks then weekly, and he was unsure if my hips could cope. The ideal situation would be an induction before she got to large but if this wasn’t possible I should be open to a C section. Ideally I wanted a vaginal birth and felt sure it would happen so I didn’t worry too much. At around 36 weeks Milly was not only large but also brow presenting which would have caused more pressure on my pelvis. Due to her being brow presenting she was unlikely to drop enough for an inducion to be sucessful and as such a Csection was scheduled for when I was 39 weeks pregnant.

In all honesty I was a little upset by this. I knew that to have a scheduled C section was my preference over a long, hard labour which had a high risk of ending in emergency C section but I had really wished for a vaginal birth. Because I felt so wobbly about it all I was sent to a second OB which allowed me to have the situation explained to me again as well as a second opinion, I also was scheduled for a final sizing scan a few days prior to the C section. All of this, we felt, would allow me to feel strong in my descision. Basically the thoughtless comments made by a few people, who really didnt know my situation, made me feel like people thought I hadnt tried hard enough and was opting out! This wasnt the case, I just wanted what was best for both my daughter and I.

On the friday we were all excited to meet our little bubba in a few days and I had got my head around having the CSection. We went for the scan and would you know it she had moved! She also sized in only a little above average. We went back to the OB in shock and he told me there was no medical requirement for a C Section and asked what I wanted to do. I think I would have been allowed it anyway as we were all set for that date and emotionally we were ready. I didnt want it.

In the end I went into hospital at 5pm on my due date. They were going to put gel on my cervix to ripen it for an induction the next day. Over the past week I had been walking and walking and each time i did a big walk i felt she dropped down further. Also, towards the end of pregnancy I had little stomach room and the two days before I went into hospital I had massive hunger ( and I mean massive!). The gel was applied and my mum and husband stayed with me until 8pm. I felt teary as they left but wanted them to get a good nights sleep at home as tomorrow was going to be a big day!.

In the night at 2am i was in quite a bit of pain. I had been having a lot of back cramps the past few weeks and they were getting quite strong and frequent at this point. I told the midwife and had a sleeping tablet and panadol and got another two hours sleep. By 4am I was quite sore and was wandering the coridors- If this is what the gel feels like imagine how painful labour will be – was the thought running through my mind. I texted my husband to say I couldnt sleep as I was sore and could they come as soon as they were up. By half five there were there ( my husband and mum) and I had told the nurse that the gel was making me sore so I wanted an epidural for the labour when it started please…. she did an internal examination and told me that I was infact 1cm dilated and already in labour! Brilliant.

My epidural was scheduled for 7am but a lot of other ladies jumped in first as they were screaming loudly and on second babies which tend to come quicker. I had a bath at this point with my husband putting cold face cloths on my head which felt amazing. I was silent and just focussing on breathing through the contractions which were really quite painful. I was also a bit sick at this point. At 7 ish the epidural was given and my OB came to check me, I was 5cm. In and hour and a half I had dilated 4 cm- no wonder it hurt. He also wanted to break my waters but it went on its own accord as he examined me.

For the next six hours I was just dilating, roughly 1cm per hour. I had infact been experiencing my contractions for a while before I went into hospital but hadnt recognised them as that as I was having what they call a back labour. This was because Milly, whilst being the right way up, was spine to spine with me or posterior. At 1pm the OB checked me again and told me she is not a c section baby now, I can get her out in 3 minutes if I need to now.

Because of her position the pushing was going to be hard so he decided I could have 20 minutes to try and get her out on my own. If I couldnt he would assist and turn her using a vacuum hat or ventouse. Apparently I could safely try for an hour but he felt we would know after 20 minutes if I could do it and he didnt want me to get exhausted as I would still have to do most of the work even with him assisting. As it was I needed help. I was topped up with the epidural as it was painfull and we did it. At 14.14, with the best coaching and encouragement from the staff and the assistance of my OB, Milly Rose was born.

Millys dad and my mum saw her head come out and dad cut her cord. Through the whole labour it had been really peacefull I had not made one noise I was just doing my breathing. She came out pretty relaxed too. She lay on my chest, did a massive poo on me, and then latched straight onto the breast.

I feel so positive about my labour. I felt it was really well managed and the series of descisions made ensured I had a safe labour. I know a lot of people are against epidurals but I really felt having one made all the difference. If I had not had those few hours to dilate in relative comfort and rest it is unlikely I could have got this baby out without some serious assistance. After the birth the doctor visited me daily in hospital and when he told me I had actually had quite a hard labour compared to lots of others I was so shocked, I had genuinely thought mine was a straightforward stress free one! I also really think all the exercise classes ( pilates and aqua) which I did with physios, and contained a lot of breathing and pelvic floor work, really helped as my breathing really got me through both the pain and the pushing.

Anyway I suppose the main lesson for me was dont listen to others. You and your OB need to determine what you believe is the best approach, at the time, with the information you have. Yes with hindsite you may have done something different but to be honest you will never be in that moment again so as long as you are comfortable with your OB’s advice then I dont think there should be any regrets as you did your best. Since giving birth I have had people make comments about the epidural etc to me and I stand my ground. I believe having the epidural  meant my daughter was born vaginally in a very calm manner all of which I prioritised over a drug free labour.

How was your labour? Did you have drugs? Do you have a birth plan?


The tuckerbox

The tuckerbox is a food box which is delivered to your door either weekly or monthly. I used to get a fruit a veggie box from the same company over the last w years and everything was really lovely, fresh, locally produced products. The latest offering from the lettuce shop is called the tucker box and it contains fruit and veggies for the week plus milk, bread, eggs and 4 different meat packages.

This is perfect for us. It is a little too much food for one week so I get it delivered every second week and do a weekend cook up and freeze of the bits we didn’t use in the week. The staff at the lettuce shop are so helpful, they have actually subbed a few ingredients for us due to allergies etc. another note is the delivery driver is so kind he brings it right into my kitchen if my arms are full of baby. If you are not home don’t worry it is all dropped in foam Eskies so will stay cool.

With the baby this has definitely simplified my shopping needs and I can rest assured knowing it is good quality ingredients going into my body.. A non negotiable when breastfeeding!

have you used a food delivery service? Would you use one?

5 weeks and a day in the life

Well here we are and I have a 5 week old baby now. Time is flying and I can honestly say I am loving it. We have, rough days aside, evened out into a little routine and I am planning on tweaking this routine once her latest fussy phase has passed.

5.30 am wake up- feed and put her back down for a sleep. Whilst she sleeps I have breakfast and organise myself a bit or read blogs etc and chill.

7.00 am feed again, play with her, dress her then put her down around 8 for another sleep. Whilst she sleeps I shower and dress if I didn’t get a chance before and do a quick hour or so of house work.

9.30 am feed again. I was then heading out for the morning ( this may change as she sleeps well in the morning to allow more time for jobs etc). She sleeps again.

11.00 or 11.30 feed again… Often she also does a massive nappy around this time. After this feed she tends to want to be cuddled etc.

In the afternoon there is currently no real routine, I try to get her to have a good sleep but it doesn’t always work. This is why I am planning to go out in the afternoons as she sleeps well in a pram and I can happily walk to keep her sleeping. I am aiming to walk daily. Afternoons are also catch up times with friends when I do that. She often cluster feeds as well late afternoon.

Once dad gets home she has a play with him whilst I cook dinner. She has a bath around 6 or 6.30 then I dry her, do baby massage and get her in her pjs. After this we turn all the lights down low and I do a big feed. We tends to keep feeding and dropping off until she finally falls into a bed time sleep around 9 ish.

She will then wake to feed generally around 12.30, 3.30 and 5.30 on a good night.

Between feeding and sleeping Milly is often awake for 30 minutes or so and we play, sing, do tummy time, go on the play mat or in her swinging chair. Her favourite activity involves being on the play mat with no nappy on for a nudie kick around.

There are obviously days where this all goes completely out of the window. I feel quite confident I can stay on top of housework and get myself dressed and out of the house daily. Things I do need to change for myself include my diet. I have to eat more as I am feeding but we have worked out when I eat gluten and dairy or caffeine it affects her so I am avoiding it. I also need a stash of healthy snack ideas. I eat in a fairly structured and heathy way normally and need to work out my plan for whilst breastfeeding so it includes enough food but ensures that it is very healthy.

After my 6 week check it will include mums and bubs aqua and also Pilates once a week. I have a post pregnancy work out DVD which I can also do. For cardio it is still low I act so walking daily with the buggy will be key. I am looking forward to when I can jog again. To be honest right now I can’t leave the baby really although I will be including expressing milk in my routine so I can get a little more freedom. It is also not recommended to do high impact exercise until 5 months post partum.

The truth about life with a newborn

When I was pregnant I had heard so much about life with a newborn. Now I am a month I. I have a few observations:

The first week or so is the hardest- you are healing, learning to breastfeed, bleeding and dealing with a newborn who is all over the place having just come into the world.

I have still wanted to be dressed in a nice way each day even if it is casual. I have found a statement necklace lifts the plainest outfit.

Mineral makeup is great because if you are too tired to take it off it doesn’t block your pores!

Get moving- walking and being out the house makes you feel better and is a great way to spin the baby out between feeds.

I feed my baby on demand- if she is hungry she is fed.

You need to teach babies day from night and it takes a while.

It is hard as the mums are what the babies need for the first few months so your life changes more than anyone else’s, but on the flip side you will be so close with your baby and have special moments.

The tiredness is much easier to handle than I expected.

Breastfeeding makes you hungry.

Accept all the help you can.

Everyone wants to visit. They stay ages, now is the time to be rude and ask people to leave. You need rest and have a newborn who also needs sleep.

The hardest thing is that you are the one who needs to look after the baby but when you are on your own its tricky as you smell like milk so they just want to feed!

You will watch junk tv- dont tell the bride and come dine with me are my faves!

Even if you feel really short tempered be kind to your other half and hope they treat you with kindness as it makes this time super special!

It is the best thing ever.

Milly rose is here

It has been a long while since I have posted, life has been hectic. Grab a cuppa lets catch up…..

I finished work at 34 weeks pregnant. This was the right decision for me. I needed to organise my house, clean, shop for the baby and do lots of jobs. More importantly I needed to do this at a slower pace. In all honestly I found resting hard, in the end I discovered a lie down with a book was the best rest I could enjoy.

At 38 weeks my mum came out. I can’t say too much as she has only just left again and i will cry but quite frankly I shared the most special 6 weeks of my life with my closest family and friend. She was there for the birth, helped me get comfortable with being a mum and just made a special time more wonderful.

At 40 weeks I was induced. We had thought the baby was coming the week before via c-section as she was brow presenting but a final scan showed she had moved and we waited. I can write a birth story if people want to read more detail but in summary I loved my birth, it was honestly one of the most positive experiences of my life. I felt well cared for and supported and I really feel like I didn’t suffer too much at all. After such a positive birth I healed well and have been walking about since the next day and doing longer walks and tasks since around 1 week post partum. By 3 weeks post partum I felt like myself again.

I am now nearly 4 weeks post partum and life has been a whirlwind. I have had a lot of help and through this have not felt too overwhelmed. Gradually we have got Milly’s bedtime back to a more reasonable 10pm from an outrageous 3am after she was born. We are breastfeeding well and she is stacking on weight which makes me happy. I am finding my feet slowly but surely and working out how we work together in a day- how to fit in my house work, cooking, laundry and also making myself presentable each day. Since the day after the birth I have made sure I am up, showered and dressed daily which I think has helped me to feel normal.

Other things of note; I am now walking daily and loving it ( I missed it daily towards the end of pregnancy- I am now looking forward to when I can jog again), I cut fodmaps again and not only do I feel better but Milly seems much more settled and less tummy achy. YesI miss sleep but I am managing fine. I don’t know what I currently weight, I am no lo get in maternity clothes but am a flabbier version of myself…. I am not stressed I will do it slowly and sensibly and just want to be back to my comfy size and fit and toned by Christmas.

I have spent a small fortune lately, now I need to be back on the baby budget!

Being three is even more amazing than being two. Sometimes I see my husband holding my daughter and i want to cry i am so full of love!

I have never known love like I feel for my daughter. I now realise more than ever what a brave, strong woman my mother was to set me free and support me moving to australia. I really hope that soon we can all live closer and the three generations can cause chaos!

Here is a quick snap shot of the light of my life.

how did pregnancy and birth change your world?


12th march

Holy moly I feel busy. I found out yesterday others at work, who are non preggie, were feeling as I did so we think its a virus and I am back to firing on all cylinders.

This morning I have my hospital pre admission interview at 8.30am. Did we sleep in? Heck no up at 6 again and house is swept, mopped, laundry on and lunch cooked for the next two days…. No rest for the wicked. I had physio last night and it is super sore now, preggie aqua tonight and Pilates tomorrow… Phew!

What are you all up to?

9th may

It’s finally happened I think I am adjusting and getting used to the idea of not working for a while. I knew I just needed to give myself time and now I am looking forward to time off. Whilst I think I would love to return to work part time next year I am just focused on the hear and now. I think how tired I am is assisting.

This weeks goals are to prioritise health and exercise. I have made a batch of Mediterranean quinoa for lunch boxes, done a super market shop and stocked up. Prepped and ready. This week I have my pre admission interview for the hospital. I also only have three weeks of work left and need to really knuckle down and churn stuff out so i get it done. Motivation has hit.

I have pushed through today and the house is clean and I feel organised for the week, however I have noticed all these markets and events in perth and I would really like to make more time to go to them, especially once the baby arrives. All work and no play makes people dull. Also, a far,era market has opened each Sunday near me, I am going to road test it next week- when I also pick up the remainder of the nursery furniture etc. and the pram. Exciting!

I am making plans for my maternity leave…to get my hair done finally, get a pedi, get my brows done and then all the house jobs etc and rest up to prep. I also want to really get swimming as it feels so nice to be in water with a big old bump! I also want to do some proper posts for here…not just quick diary ones but some real ones as well.

How has your weekend been?

8th march

Quick update as I am exhausted. I spent all day in ante natal classes which were really quite informative. I also wore my compression tights for the first time and it has really helped the swelling- highly recommended. As is this product nuxe reve du miel . It is lovely and thick and sorted my cracked lips brilliantly.

Finally I have joined a mama bake group starting in my maternity leave. Ours is a gluten free gang of five, am excited!

How did you spend your day?