Today has been one of those days. The sun has been shining, milly has been so happy, my husband is home, we shared looking after her so he had time to renovate the house and I hd time to work from home. I sat in the sun with my daughter and my bump and freshly laundered bedding blew in the breeze on the line. My husband and daughter happily went for a afternoon walk around the duck pond whilst I worked from home in the sun.


Pretty bloody amazing and textbook. This would probably be a really popular post if I didn’t tell you the rest of the picture. Today was awesome but my husband was home as we have all been sick ….. For weeks. Today is the first day all three of us have felt good. The sun warmed my skin and bones and I didn’t feel like my head was going to explode with gunked up sinus pain. My laundry was done but the house is not clean. It’s surface clean but not clean clean because what is the point when we are midst renovations and more dust is generated daily. After all the shocking events of the weekend we are reminded life is not perfect but if those sheets blowing in the breeze can make you smile, small feet walking round a pond shouting duck can make you smile and curling up for ceasar salad and chicken wings whilst watching the voice with your husband makes you smile then smile on… If you don’t smile at the small stuff today you may not get a chance to tomorrow.

I am sad about the loss the world has suffered this weekend but I am going to smile at the small stuff daily for the people who can’t.

are you sad? What small things make you smile?

W7 cosmetics

Forget minimalism lately I have been loving budget beauty. Without all the extra cash of two incomes I have been diligently applying myself to trying some brands I normally overlook! W7 came to my attention because some of the products appeared to be very similar to some higher end faves of mine. Available from chemist warehouse I think W7 is actually a uk brand. My only gripe is lack of availability of all items- there is more I would love to try.


I tried the flirty lashes mascara. I felt this had a similar brush to benefit they’re real but for me did not perform as well. I liked it and thought it was great for everyday but it wasn’t quite as good. I have heard absolute lashes is a much better dupe and I will try this when I see it.

The honey queen honeycomb blush looks really similar to a lot of benefit blushes. I don’t like to pay high end prices for cardboard package as it can look ratty quickly and doesn’t travel well in my opinion. I really like this blush for a soft, subtle daily look with bb cream and lipbalm.


Alternatively with a statement lip where you want blush which won’t clash!

The gel liner is excellent in my opinion. I am more of a liquid liner girl but this stuff doesn’t budge all day! Winning I have been reaching for this more and more. Very black in colour and good longevity.

Finally the looser, for me, the light diffusing concealer is a bit lumpy, dry and chalky and I just don’t love it!

what W7 products do I need to try next?


I had a massive spree! When I left my previous job I was given a voucher for myer. I had said I would get milly something nice but my husband said no treat yourself. I was going to get clothes but as I am pregnant again I new that wouldn’t work so I popped to benefit.

I like benefit products, have a history of using them, think they are cute and quirky but also pretty expensive for what they are. That said I really like some of these things!


I chose rollerlash. After trading in some old curlers for a trial size of this I was sold and honestly it is worth it. I have no doubt a series of cheaper alternatives will become available eventually but for now this is the ducks nuts!

The three tint balms. I was going to just get a cha cha balm but there was so little price difference with these sets I was sold. I’m actually really glad because the cha cha tint ( which is more coral) is my least favorite with a preference for positing (pink) or benetint (red).

I bought the cha cha tint for my cheeks. (And lips) and really enjoy this. Historically I have had benetint and I got a small positing in a Christmas set but I really like the coral colour of the cha cha to walk your face. As with the others you have to work quickly but it is long lasting and natural looking. It is very build able for a bold lip if that’s what you are after.

Finally in my xmas set I got a small high beam and had been really enjoying this to make me glow. I fancied the sunbeam to accompany the warmer cha cha tint but when I tried it the glitter seemed more prominent than in the high beam and less finely milled. I didn’t like this I want sheen not shimmer. I explained this to the assistant and she suggested watts up! Traditionally used under foundation when used as a highlight over it provides a lovely subtle but slightly warm sheen- I really like it.

These were my buys. They threw in a few samples including they’re real push up liner. This lasts amazingly but I don’t know if I love the applicator.

what do you recommend from benefit? Are you tempted?


Lately I have been pretty evasive, I have tried to kick goals but I have been exhausted and the couch has been calling. I have done my best as a mum but there have been times when dinner has been sandwiches with chopped tomatoes on the side and biscuits. I have tried to stick with healthy eating for myself but all I have wanted in white carbs. I have honestly only had the energy to focus on jut muddling through and doing the best I can. Like a butterfly emerging 12 weeks have passed and I feel much better again. I may not have been perfect but I have been working on the best gift, in my opinion, you can give a child. A brother or sister. I am sure she will forgive me a few vegemite sandwiches for dinner to have a playmate for life!


Do you ever have times in life where you just have to do what you have to do?

Things of late

Here are things I have been loving/ thinking lately

1. We need to get on top of finances and tighten up. Whilst not in a bad place we could try harder.

2. Have you heard of food revolution ? I had their maxi box delivered and it was so much fruit and veg for $50. I am impressed and will use them weekly with a monthly supermarket delivery to save costs.

3. I have christmas money still left and am planning to get new lululemon run inspire crops ( x 2) and a cardy from jeans west sale. Also there are a few beauty bits I have ear marked, but for now I am waiting because of no 4.

4. For my 21st birthday I got a Gucci watch. I have worn it almost daily for over 10 years. I love it. It broke. I don’t think they sell them anymore. I hope it can be fixed, if not I need a new watch.

5. Who do you think you are? Best tv show ever!

6. I have a sick munchkin and I hate it. Let me be ill for her.

7. I am ready to organise my house and feeling motivated.

8. I am motivated to watch my diet and exercise also- lets do this!

9. Minimalism is back on the cards.

10. I have three new books to read over the coming few weeks/ months

What are you loving/thinking?


Yet more items

Mitchum deodorant- standard repurchase

Pantene ice shine shampoo- hate this it made my hair feel coated

Christopher Robin prickly pear conditioning mask- this was so lovely. It was in my look fantastic box but was £50 to repurchase and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that money.

Thai body scrub- ewwww. Smelled so fake and wasn’t that scrubby. I ended up binning this.

L’occitane huile d’almonde. Oh my lord I love this stuff and got it on a great strawberrynet deal. It’s so expensive for shower gel but luckily a friend bought me another one so I am not too devastated! I will be when the next is gone though.

Balance me revitalizing hand and body wash. I really liked this and would use it again. It made a nice change from dr bronners.

What have you finished lately?

June goals

Holy moly when did june happen?

This year is seriously flying by and I need to get my act in gear, we have so much to achieve before the year is out and life is whizzing by so I thought monthly goal setting may help.

* gym routine twice per week, plus one body balance class and one big walk
*get back to really nutritious eating. I have been tired and flat and this should really help.
*finalise work plans and start work- eeeek I don’t want to count my chickens but it looks like I have a short term contract
* get Milly used to new babysitter ( for above)
*get quotes to fix car
* service other car
* get quotes and tee up home renos work
* get on top of finances and cut back again- to start saving (woohoo)
*have holiday down south
*start selling unused furniture
* read two books
* use up freezer food and cupboard items ( try only buying fresh produce)

As the renovations happen I am going to take it as an opportunity to go through room by room and decluttering and deep clean. This will be over the space of a few months I think and I am so looking forward to this as another step towards minimalism!

What are your June goals?

An abundance of life

Do you live an abundant life? Is your life full of lots of living? Recently I have been watching Casey Neistat videos on YouTube. Oh man can this guy live. The videos are shot beautifully and each day is so full of positivity and living. I am inspired.

In some ways I do feel like I am good at living life but sometimes I don’t do it to the max. A fear of being tired, having a little one and other factors sometimes mean I feel like I am loving an average life rather than my fullest life.

Guys lets challenge ourselves not just in one area but in all areas. Let’s live a full life. What do you really want to do? What do you really want to achieve? How can you make it happen? Did you live today to the max? I want to be able to answer yes to all of these!

Food philosophy- with kids

These post is going to be one of those ones where everyone has their own views. A bit of context is I used to be heavier and not feel great, I improved my diet and was smaller then got pregnant. I have not quite got to pre pregnancy weight but my eating has stayed pretty moderate and I am smaller than I was. My husband is a shocker he is on a health kick but his idea of that is shakes plus unhealthy food as it causes weightloss rather than the balanced diet I worked towards.

With a daughter comes immense pressure, I feel, to ensure she doesn’t see me dieting, hating myself or do anything other than enjoy food and exercise. With this in mind we have been pretty good and walked or done mums and bubs most days since she was born. I think she loves to get out for a walk, a bike ride or many other activities and I am happy a good relationship is being cultivated with that. She goes to the crèche and sees her mum making exercise a priority which is also, I believe, important.

With regards to diet I have put a lot of thought into my approach. I lost weight with a healthy approach, I used weight watchers to track my points and it essentially taught me to eat enough, well spaces healthy food and have 20% ish treat food. I would like to pass this on. Whilst I love making cakes etc, we really don’t need them around the house calling out to be eaten. My husband will eat them all, then feel bad, or they will go to waste. Furthermore, as she has been encouraged to try everything and anything, there is an expectation from milly that she shares or tastes whatever we have. I read about mothers dutifully cooking healthy treat food and then children not understanding why they can have this and not treats when they are out. With all this in mind we have fallen to a routine I really like. At home is the 80% where she generally has all home cooked from scratch food. When we are out its the 20% so she may have a biscuit at nanas, share ice cream with dad, have half a cookie when she goes for coffee with mummy and a friend. It works well, she loves to go out and have coffee and eat because she knows she can join in. Today she had a plain ice cream cone with nothing in whilst we had a coffee and loved it!

The 80% at home varies day to day but here are some of the things we cycle through.

Always a banana
Either scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast and avocado, almond milk porridge and blueberries, occasionally pancakes or rice bubbles but this would be once in a blue moon!

Morning snack
Fruit, sometimes a home made snack of some kind of she’s hungry like a wholegrain banana bread. Raisins are also a fave.

She loves bits it’s usually cheese, ham, cherry tomatoes, grated carrots, sweet corn fritter, sweet potato fritters, tuna fish cakes any of this or wider. She likes wraps aswell.

Afternoon snack
Same as morning- she normally only has one snack daily depending on how late/ early lunch was.

Literally anything, rissoles, spag Bol, salmon, chicken, coleslaw, sweet potato, mash, beans, sausages, broccoli and chicken pasta, all normally served with a portion of microwave veg which she loves as they are little so she can eat in a pincer grip. We finish dinner with some fruit and also yogurt buttons ( milly has trouble with dairy but has some cheese and a few yogurt buttons daily to gradually get used to it)

She has water, sometimes with a squeeze of lime or something for flavour, mainly plain. If constipated she has had watered down Apple juice which worked like a charm. She also has a sippy cup of milk after breakfast and after dinner. We still use soy formula as she has problems with milk.

I love this philosophy and it works well for hubs and I. There isn’t stuff laying around the house to tempt us. We eat well knowing we can all have a nice treat and it’s a good occasion. Grandparents can treat her as they wish and I don’t have to
I worry and she never wants for that food at home. Infact I would say this is her top 5 foods currently

1 blueberries
2 banana
3 cheese
4 chicken ( used to be ham I think this has been bumped now for chicken)
5 peas

I am pretty happy with her love of these food!

what philosophy do you have to raising your child around food? Or will you have?

Things I have been loving lately

Yet another listy post, they seem to be all I have time for at the moment. So here goes with things I have been loving lately.

1. My water infuser. Mine was free with my spatone sachets. I load it up in the morning and refill through the day. I drink way more water and have noticed that I actually pee more with infused water than plain. My fave combo is lime, cucumber and mint!

2. Eggs- obsessed with eggs at the moment I am loving them!

3. Croutons- on everything please

4. Emerson at big w have really nice basic tshirts for $5. Long enough, nice fabric and a good neckline. Yes please.

5. Kmart had turquoise cake stands, sets of turquoise and pink tea cups with saucers and matching turquoise teapots from their Mother’s Day range down to $5 each. I bought up big and got a whole set. I can see tea party’s being a big part of my future.

6 speaking of teaparties I want to have one for the new princess. It will certainly involve this cake jamie Oliver created for her.

7. Cooler days means Woolies jumpers and ugg boots. I kind of love it kind of hate it.

8. Competitions, I have been the lucky winner of a few competitions. A cleanser from me, my best and I, a book and dove set from squish and a set of creams from indeed labs!

what are you loving?