Weekly wrapup..looking back and looking forward

Well when I started the blog, as with all things I start, I had grand plans. I spent a lot of last week thinking about what type of posts I wanted and how often I should post etc. I did exactly what  have a tendency to do and try and super plan everything so it all gets done and I don’t miss anything. I TRY to do this with everything in my life. Try being the operative word because life gets in the way and changes things and we can never 100% stick to a plan. All we can do is our best. The curve ball for this week was- I have spent the bulk of this weekend flat on my back under a blanket unwell. No laundry, cleaning of the house, standard weekly shop, blog or other items has been done and the world has not ended, nor have I become a bad person. Lesson learned not every weekend has to be a jobs one… lets try and dedicate some weekends to rest and fun.

What have I done this week? I did some walks and went back to goddess yoga (which I have really enjoyed again and am now signed up for 2 classes next week), I had some healthy eats (and some not so healthy ones), I started a blog and I stopped being really angry at my skin. I have had spots for a while now on and off and when I get them I do get into the habit of using harsh products which are meant to clear them up. They seem to strip my skin and hurt it and I end up with red, flaky, dry skin where the spots were. Sometimes I actually get a sore face. This week I realised what I was doing was loading my skin with harsh products and so as an experiment I used gentle products for the week and some moisturiser or oil on my face. The spots are still there but they are healing and no more have come… bonus. Along the side lines I bought an el cheapo facial brush from ebay this week ( new not used obv.). The use of muslin clothes with most cleansers made a hige difference to my skin and I have been reading all the time about the clarisonic with a lot of people reporting similar things. After a few blogs have mentioned them and how great they are I thought that I would test run with a basic brush for $5 before I save for the $300 clarisonic.

Goals for the week ahead are to get well again and try to find the enjoyment in all activities I do, even if I think there wont be any I am aiming to give it all a go with an open mind and see how it pans out. I will try and get to both Tuesday and Thursday yoga, walk most days with the dog and eat a healthy balanced diet. I would also like to try to go to the shops next weekend to try mineral foundation, finish my book I am currently reading (a Phrynne Fisher book FYI) and get some more blogs down. I also think another ebay clean out maybe in order at the weekend.

I hope your weekend was well spent and you are looking forward to starting the week either rested well or exhausted from fun.


Me me me me me

Wow.. self indulgent title or what?!? Anyway, lets introduce outselves I am your blogee (not sure if this is a word) and welcome to this blog. As mentioned in the about page I am a 29 year old, working gal, with a lovely fiance. I guess that all sounds great.. and it is but it sure is not all plain sailing.

I am currently trying to juggle numerous activities such as work, exercise, healthy eating, house work, renovating, friends, travel and family. Nothing special, we all do it, exept that I am trying to loose weight before my wedding and so I am well placed when baby o’clock rolls in ( in a couple of years), I have allergies to certain foods which makes the eating slightly more challenging, I have a slightly messy relationship with eating and exercising and my family lives on a different hemisphere to me. Oh and all whilst trying to save, live frugally and also kick some goals with items on my bucket list of things to do. One thing I have learned over the course of my life is that I cannot do it all, I need to prioritise, make changes slowly rather than jumping right on it and also give myself a bit of a break at times.

One more thing.. I am also planning a WEDDING!

Lets use this blog as a place to realise there are other ladies out there who are HEEEEEECTIC and as a place to support each other, share what we learned and laugh when we should probably cry!