Gwinganna Wellness Seminar

On thursday night I attended the Gwinganna wellness seminar. Basically the lovely folks at Gwinganna decided that as we cannot all make it to their retreats they would bring a small slice of it to us. The even was held at the hyatt and was completely sold out. There were refreshments including herbal teas, water and bliss balls ( YUM)

The speaker was Caroline Scott who is a nutritionist with them and her subject was wellness, stress and food. There were so many fantastic points raised and what I loved most about her was although she was passionate she was not extreme. She was not suggesting that we all live a completely clean lifestyle at all times… she did in fact mention that as long as we respect out bodies they forgive us a lot. Another fantastic thing she acknowledged was that each of us is different.

I was quite relieved that many of the things she spoke of mirrored a lot of my personal thoughts from noticing what had happened with myself and also working with the naturopath. I will summarise some of the key points she made and how to implement them which I took home and plan to use.

Firstly eat organic if possible and if you don’t a multivitamin is suggested. Her prefered multi vitamin or supplement would be spirulina. She also said not to buy from super markets and the more you spend the better the quality. I am definitely of this opinion and would prefer taking less but better quality over more that doesn’t do much. My brand of choice is metagenics. She also stated that in an ideal world we would not need a multi vitamin but often our eating is less than perfect and therefore we do. I shall be sourcing a spirulina multi vitamin and including this in my regime.

Another issue discussed at length was that of stress and digestion. Caroline has noticed over the years that in particular females hold a lot of their stress in their stomachs and therefore do not digest as well as we could leading to tiredness and weight gain. It is also noted that when we do not allow food to pass through us correctly we get sludge which is reabsorbed and causes inflammation the route of all disease. Well I have suffered long term with poor digestion and absorbtion associated with stress and also the associated weight gain and now it is more controlled things are a lot easier for me. I do take a supplement to help with the inflammation and I also support my adrenals and endocrine system so I can deal with stress better.

The next take home point for me was that you need your liver to be functioning well for weight loss, detoxification and energy levels. A recent blood test by the doctor showed mine was borderline and as mentioned in previous posts I have a 2 week detox prescribed by the naturopath to complete. I feel newly re-inspired to complete this and am planning to start on monday for 2 whole weeks. A detox tea and the use of beetroot in juices was also noted as good at aiding detoxification. I am off to find some detox tea ( containing chamomile) to use with the detox program.

Finally with regard to nourishing your body it was recommended that if it wasn’t real food as in something as you find it in the ground or on an animal do not eat it. Make time to eat consciously and slowly with lots of chewing. Eat products with minimal processing ( whole foods) and try not to eat sugar ( definitely if it is in the top 3 ingredients bypass it). She also suggested to avoid packaged foods and if you are eating them ensure that you recognise the items on the ingredients list and that they do not contain numbers.

However, she did also say don’t waste your current food so do eat it up and that changes over time lead to transformation! Brilliant.

We also received a goody bag from the talk and I happened to be a winner of  a fantastic Gwinganna cookbook filled with amazing pictures, recipes and tips for better living.

I hope you can take these tips and use them as I intend to. What are your tips for wellness?


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