Lust have it- June

This months lust have it… I was a little disappointed to be honest.

It contained…

a 24K gold face mask and eye mask- which I will try this weekend

A mini bastiste- Always useful but not a new product to me

2 perfume testers- Lola and  Roberto cavalli- both smell nice but I don’t really like getting samples which are just tiny sized.

and a bloom glitter eyeliner. I tried this yesterday and to be honest felt 16 again. I prefer a more classic face with a healthy glow rather than glitter makeup so I will probably be giving this one away.

The last 2 have come in these bags, which are cute but I don’t know if 12 a year would really be necessary or useable. I will wait and see what is in next months box but was disappointed in the lack of full size products and usable products for me.

What did you make of the beauty boxes this month? would this one temp you?


week in focus

Well to be honest I have had a fab time having time off. It has given me time to relax, do jobs and see friends. Next week off I would like to spend a little more time renovating and also try to exercise each day rather than the 3 times over the last 6 days which I have managed. I have a great selection of exercise available to me and would like to make it a priority next week off. I also want to do a week of my liver cleanse next break. Booyah goals all over the show and I am rested and excited to step up and meet them.

Today I was given a mini makeover at bodyshop and I really like it. I was a little disappointed as the mineral makeup was too dark for my fair skin so I had to use their normal foundation. I did really like the baked blusher though and of all the products which I tried this was the standout. Obviously I am still dedicated to panning products and using them up ( another body wash and conditioner bit the dust this week), and I think that using up is a great method to decide what you like, but I feel that I have some products lingering in the makeup drawer which just doesn’t work that well for me and in this instance I think next break I will have a big clear out. I feel like I have quite a good idea what works for my face and after the panning I will definitely have the balls to go into a store ask to try to then wear it for a day before purchasing. I will also be trying to check through what I already own prior to purchase. Although in the project pan 50 you need to use up items if there are products which just don’t work for me I am not going to force myself to use it. I was considering clearing out and maybe putting a list of the products up on the blog so that if anyone wanted to try them they could just pay postage and maybe give a gold coin donation to a charity of their choice for each item. I know a lot of people have blog sales and its a great way to try stuff cheap but a gold coin charity donation would be throwing a little back to the universe as I am feeling in a really good and happy place right now so am due to give a little thanks.

I have also had a few stressful moments with clothes this week. I havent weighed in for 2 weeks ( I am due to in a couple of hours- eeek fingers crossed) but I have stuck to the plan and now my clothes are starting to fit differently which makes getting ready harder. Things which used to fit are baggy and things which didn’t use to fit are starting to. I really need a big try on and cull. I have also spent a bit of time thinking about my wardrobe over the last few years of unhappiness with my size I have amassed quite a collection of accessories and shoes ( as they always fit and are never to large) a lot of which I don’t really wear. I am considering a big cleanse to get back to basics of what I do wear and to keep the money for when i am at goal. I keep virtual shopping things I would love and then closing the browser mainly as I am poor at the moment but also because I honestly have no idea what will suit when I am at goal. I thought ebay would be a good option to sell items which I no longer need.

So, now I turn my thoughts to next week. Tomorrow I fly back to work and wanted to set myself some mini goals for the week.

* Avoid fodmaps for the week ( with the exception of tomorrow when I have no control over breakfast and lunch as it is plane food and pre packed lunch for me). I would also like to add that I will be eating fruit and also having my daily coffee but I will try to avoid gluten/ wheat, concentrated fructose, dairy ( aside from coffee) which are my main triggers. Although I feel like it is quite managed and balanced at the moment I am interested to see what a week without will do!

* exercise 6 days out of 7.

* read a book at night.

* moisturise my body

So that s what I will be focus for me this week. I want to start moisturising my body as I may even be in the next weight bracket decade after this weigh in ( I will update the loss page once I have weighed in) and should probably be conditioning my skin to avoid saggy skin or stretch marks.

Have you lost weight? How did you manage your clothes? Did you suit completely different ones after? Whats your mini goals this week?

ps I have scheduled posts for next week but do have internet to check in with comments so I would love to hear from y’all



Balmain leather pants
£1,220 –

Pollini thigh high boots
$595 –
Untitled #2
Morning Folks!
Sorry about the random layout of this post, clearly my editing skills are not up to scratch at all. Lets talk about the weekend, which for me was great fun. It involved a lot of lounging around at home getting jobs like laundry done. The construction of my favourite soup ever and quite a lot of cider. Lets also discuss the fact it is monday morning and I am not at work… lovely. Lets ignore the fact that next weekend I will be working 12 hour days ( less lovely) still this roster is working for me. Today will be filled with blogging, exercise with friends, dog walking, ironing and finishing up a few jobs.
Lets talk about loves… more specifically my loves at the moment. For some reason polyvore didn’t write all the details but loves are pictured above.
1. leather trousers for when I am skinny ( one of the things I am looking forward to most)
2. Over the knee boots. I definitely like these when they are flat. Yep I want to be Mrs Cptn Jack Sparrow.
3. Tiffany double circles necklace. This one has been a long-term obsession.
4. Fringing.. not sure why but I LOVE it!
5. Sigma makeup brushes. I have a stippling brush now and it really affects how your foundation looks. Imagine how good I would look with all these brushes.. More always equals more !?! right???
6. Clarisonic. I have heard this my revolutionise my skin. It is pricey. So pricey you would probably need xmas money to treat yourself but I feel I would benefit. That said the skin is looking quite good as the skinstitut I purchased a few weeks ago has got my skin back under control. This really is the only thing which works for me.
Now onto my other loves and there are quite a few.
1. Cherry Healey.. Do you uk folks already know her? My abc catch up app is getting a work out watching her Cherry investigates series. I love it. I have found they all deal with tricky topics she is interested in and as a young woman they help me to get some exposure to all sides of the argument.
2. This fella
(Image from channel 4 website)
Controversial perhaps, and for all you vegetarians and vegans sorry, but I love the use of wild and basic food he has collected and if you are going to eat meat you may aswell use it all. Also watched on my abc catch up.
3. Walking. The weather is a bit rubbish here in Perth but a brisk walk with the pooch certainly blows away the cobwebs.
4. Weight watchers. Yep I am still loving this and not finding it too challenging at all if this takes me all the way to the above trousers I will be one happy lady.
5. Skype catch ups!
So all in all I am feeling pretty happy. Now for the final thing which makes me happy and is the best pumpkin soup recipe you will ever need!
First up chop 1 onion and fry in a splash of olive oil on a low temp until they become clear. Then add a teaspoon of brown sugar ( I used coconut sugar) and stir until it caramelises. Add curry powder ( I use 1 tbsp) and heat until fragrant then add the veg ( I used 1. sweet potato, 1/2 butternut squash and 2 carrots) with stock and leave to simmer until veg is soft. Blend and serve with cracked black pepper and sour cream. I reckon cashew cream would also be lovely on this if you don’t eat cream or a swirl of coconut cream also matches in really well.
On that note, I shall leave you and get to my ironing and jobs. What are your loves at the moment? Share


Well I have now returned for my first few days on the job, which were excellent… but exhausting. When I was picked up by the other half from the airport he surprised me with having the friday off too so yesterday we had a lie in, went out for breakfast and then to the cinema to see rock of ages. I also picked up a few things I wanted for next swing…a fleece, waterproof mascara and a new sim card.

Instead of a what I ate Wednesday I thought I would do a what I am eating a work. This week was a little experimental to work out what food I like but I seem to have evened into a bit of a pattern.

Breakfast 5.15 am

1 piece wholegrain toast (2PP)

2 poached eggs ( 4PP)

butter ( 1 pp)

mid morning snack:

Coffee ( 2 PP)

fruit ( 0 PP)

Lunch: soup of the day ( 3-5PP) and salad ( 3 PP) or if the soup is rubbish I include some salad like the rice salads with the meal.

Afternoon snack: fruit

Dinner: 1 new potato ( 1 PP), veg ( 0 PP), either plain meat or fish ( 5PP ish) and some gravy sometimes.

Desert: yogurt ( 5PP)

this evens out to around 26PP and then I have some extras to play with if I fancy something different eg porridge and honey ( 8 PP), wrap for lunch or a desert once in a while ( I had sticky toffee pudding once this week).

It seems quite easy to stick to your points as foods are labelled ( green- eat more, orange- eat moderate or red- eat less). There is plenty of fresh fruit and variety and as long as I eat mainly green foods I am always under my points. I do find I need more snacks as I work from 5.30 ish am and then get back around 6 ish.

Luckily  healthy lifestyle is encouraged so you can walk to and from work ( 5-6km) I will probably only do home, so I don’t have to get up earlier ,and will only do it sometimes. There is also a gym and classes which people do and I will be joining in with. They are only 30 minute classes but I feel that 30 mins 6 out of 7 days would be a great amount after long days of work ( either a walk, class or 30 mins at the gym).

Now I am home and just chilled. The house has been dusted and vacuumed and I am feeling quite tired but this may be a combo with the fact that I haven’t eaten many points the last few days so today I am making a home made pizza to have with salad and making sure I eat my full 32. I also had steak last night with a heap of brocoli for more energy.

Thank you so much for all your reading and comments. It was a little strange to unplug but actually I feel that I like it so I may continue to prepare blogs whilst I am at home and schedule them. I will have access to reply to comments etc whilst away and I can check emails but I am more than happy to let facebook etc ride and have some more quiet time. I do not have a tv there either but can honestly say I didn’t miss it once and was just reading and watching programs on my computer.

Today I will now just be painting my nails, chilling, cooking and hanging out with the dog and blogging. The only exercise I am planning is a long walk today and bike ride tomorrow and then a class each day ( monday to wednesday next week).

How has your week been?



FODMAPS what the hell are these? Have you ever heard of them??? I hadn’t either until approximately 1.5 years ago. Lets backup a minute before delving into this world and give you a little history.

As mentioned in my last post I suffered with chronic fatigue for  large portion of my life. The most notable things which remain from this are I am still often tired ( although I live a relatively full life) and second my digestion is SHOT.

Now I don’t want to regale you with tales of bloat, looking 9 months pregnant, too much poop not enough poop but you get the picture and it’s not pretty. Plus I am sure this also added to the weight gain. A couple of years ago I kept getting swollen and really sick and ill and ending up on antibiotics. At first it was thought I had diverticulitis (unusual in one so young) and no one knew what to do with me. Given that a lot of my work is located in the middle of whoop whoop (read: the outback) with no medical care or hospital within a 6 hour drive and a severe cost penalty to the program if I was too ill to do my job this was an inconvenience for sure. Once I did a really long swing of 14 hour days for a good few weeks straight with a large portion of that surviving on barley sugar sweets! Yes I got thinner ( and I did enjoy that) but I didn’t feel crash hot.

Then I got infected again on a trip with friends to a new city and the doctor who treated me knew exactly what the problem was FODMAPS. Confusing and relieving. So I came home and was sent to work with a dietician. Fodmaps is a pretty new phenomena with the main guru living in Melbourne (Sue Sheppard) so I probably would never have found all this out if I had been in the uk.

FODMAPS are basically short chain (?!?) carbohydrates which certain people cannot digest. I am one of them. They can pass through you ( hello upset tummy) and in my case provide a feast for the bad bacteria as they are undigested and pass through causing a party in the digestive tract which is fun for all those in attendance but not the host!

What are FOMAPS? I wont bore you there is heaps of info about this online but I will provide a quick summary.

Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides And Polyols.

In a nutshell fructose, lactose, fructans, galactans, raffinose, and sugar polyols. If you think this may affect you I would encourage a visit to a dietician specialising in this as if you look up online or try to follow it yourself it can be really restrictive. The treatment is an initial phase with very low fodmap foods and you gradually try others to work out your limits. This is the thing about fodmaps they may not all affect you and each person has different limits.

How I work the fodmap diet….

Fructose- I do struggle with this and tend to stick with fruits that have a balance of fructose and glucose so they can be absorbed better. My go to fruit is lemons, limes, bananas, berries, passionfruit oranges, kiwi’s. An apple can screw my stomach for days but as I have improved I can now eat them. I also largely avoid dried fruit ( concentrated fructose) and fruit juice. I have green juice ( fresh, mainly veg with lemon) but try to stick to green smoothies for a fruity drink as I can handle this. I try to keep tabs on my fruit to 1 -2 pieces daily. I also avoid a lot of health products as they contain agave and honey both of which are fructose based.

Lactose- This stuff kills me. I have learned to make my own almond milk which is nice for a smoothie or porridge. Lots of shop bought ones are sweetened with agave ( see above). I tend to have 1 coffee daily with cows milk or 1 yogurt daily ( plain greek is best as its lower lactose and use dairy free milk for porridge etc.

Fructans/Galactans/Raffinose- I mainly avoid wheat and gluten this stuff hurts me and upsets my stomach if I have too much. At home I am pretty much gluten free so if  have a little cheat when I am out its less of an issue. Wheat etc sends me straight to sleep! I seem to be ok with legumes, onions and garlic in moderation which others cannot have. ( update one wheat item in a day seems to be ok, any more and it is trouble)

Sugar Polyols- this is found in some (mainly stone) fruits, which I personally seem to be able to have in moderation. Avocado seems fine. It is also found in most man-made sweeteners.. I cannot have this, have never been able to. The effects are NASTY. The only sweetener I will use and this is pretty rare is Stevia and I am trying to move to using this at all times.

Also, worth a note if I am successful at avoiding these for even 3-4 days when I slip up within 30 mins I willbe suffering ( use your imagination).

I am trying to get better at eating this way as it really does clear up all my symptoms and is much better, hopefully this blog will help. How do I handle this.. BALANCE. That is all. I try to limit by fructose, gluten, lactose etc to only 1 portion per day and if I have had a lot of one I avoid the other. This seems to work. If I have had a really fodmap heavy meal ( such as dining out) I use movicol which rehydrates the intestines and bowels to make the situation more manageable. Now I understand fodmaps it really makes life easier. There is a balance between restricting your diet so heavily for ultimate health and managing your life. Personally the strict removal of all these items was causing more stress ( which I hold in my digestive tract) and so a level which is not detrimental and I can have a little provides the necessary balance in my life.

Do you have any digestive ailments? what do you do/avoid to make it better?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Lets get one thing straight, CFS is not just being a bit tired. It is way more than that. I tend not to talk about it too much nowadays as I would consider that I am recovered. The background to this is that from the age of 16 to around 22 I had CFS. The doctors didn’t really know what to do with me and didn’t know how to fix it.  I did finish school on time but it was a massive struggle and cycle of catching up, getting on top of it or close to, catching the next virus and barely being able to get downstairs or dressed alone. From what I understand CFS manifests itself differently in different people, for me it was low immune function, extreme exhaustion and a lot of digestive trouble.

My mum looked after me through my illness, tried to get me to eat, and stroked my hair and tried every alternative medicine going to try to get me well. A few things worked for me (and lets just add a caveat that what worked for me may not work for others) and gradually I got better and it got longer between relapses and eventually they didn’t happen anymore.

It has however left me with a funky digestive tract, a need for more sleep than others an a need to look after myself better than others. For me to feel well I need to a good 8 hours in the sack, I need to decrease stress levels in my life ( which goes against all my natural characteristics) and to find a balance. I am still working on a lot of this. I also try to eat healthily. When I was ill I lost a lot of weight and was diagnosed as intolerant to different things by different people so I started to view so much food as bad it was hard to stick to the diet and I would fail, then feel bad and binge and it basically lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. If I ate a bad food I would think ‘ah well I will have a bad stomach now so I may aswell eat loads of the stuff’. or if I ate too much I would eat something I knew upset my stomach to get rid of it. A bad cycle. I now understand the importance of eating well and not having an upset stomach so I can absorb food properly and I am trying to work past these habits and focus on food as nourishment and a  positive thing ( see next post on FODMAPS).  I also have quite a nervousness about not getting a full sleep in and being tired incase i get ill again. I wont, I don’t and after a good sleep the next night I am fine but those thoughts still flash through my mind.

Anyway, it left me with scars which have shaped who I am but, I am no longer sick. In fact I have a pretty damn good immune system nowadays. The things which helped me were;

  • rest- the power of sleep cannot be underestimated. on this note a good nights sleep and learning to sleep through the night at the age of 29 has been one of my greatest achievements. I never nap now but instead get an early night in.
  • Colloidal Silver- great stuff for fighting infection etc.
  • Sutherlandia- this was the supplement which made the single biggest difference in my recovery. I am not sure what it is but it helped. Google it!
  • B complex- this also helped a lot.

Nowadays to keep it all in check I am pretty serious about my sleep and I see a naturopath which really helps. I will only use metagenics as I really think they work and take tablets to this day. . I also try to make sure I am not too busy, I do a full time job, see friends a couple of nights, hand out with the man a bit and do the house but at a slow speed. I am also trying to exercise in a gentle fashion as my recovery is not great.

So let this be hope to all you sufferers it can get better. Spend time working out what works for youand at the end you will know yourself so well you will live a full life. Share your tips here for wellness, and feel free to contact me if you want more details.

What has been your biggest health trial? how do you deal with it? top tips please

Home sweet home

How to make a home a home and not just an ikea showroom.

I would not go so far as to say interior design is one of my things, I am a (relatively) young person on a budget trying to renovate and furnish a home, whilst eating well, doing a lot of work ourselves and be sensible whilst maintaining time for a life.,.. phew exhausted much? I am!

The fiance and I bought this house about 2 years ago and it is a small ( 2 and a half bedroom) typical aussie 1950’s fibro house. We bought in a suburb only 4-5km to the city as location was important to us. As an english person I was not used to having to drive everywhere so I wanted some shops in walking distance and to be on a train line. The fiance wanted to be not right in the city, have a bit of a garden for his dog and be able to go fishing nearby. Easy! NOT. When we saw this house we fell in love except his ultimate dream would have been to knock it down and build a new build ( which seems to be quite popular over here) and I had never lived in a house less than 100 years old so hate new houses as there is no character. We got this house which was old but relatively well looked after a kind of happy medium.

The second challenge was the balance between spending too much, incase we did end up knocking it down and enough that it was nice to live in. We have also recently established that the house is not big enough for us to start a family. At a push we could but if we would start a family in Australia I would want extended visits from my family ( if a gal doesn’t need her mum then I don’t know when she would) and it really is a bit small for that. Also, we don’t know if we want to stay in Australia. I may well give birth and need to move home to England, this is exactly the kind of not thought through and dramatic decisions that I am famous for. Forget being intuitive when my gut speaks it ROARS and I can’t get happy until I do what it demands. So either way this house could get dozed, rented or sold!

What we have done is a lick of paint, a new bathroom and a few basic pieces of upkeep. When I say we have done I mean we are part way through as we keep being distracted by having fun at the weekend with friends etc. We owned approximately no furniture when we moved. Actually I lie we had a wicker laundry basket and bedroom set. The bedroom set we had to buy quite early in our relationship when we first moved in together as the rental had nothing. When we bought it ( on a whim as one of us dramatically announce ‘I cannot sleep in this rental bed any more’) the two of us ( both commitmentphobes  to say the least) decided within 5 minutes on the set we wanted ( we have similar taste) and then to the embarrassment of the sales man spent about 15 minutes working out who got what if we broke up…

Tall boy and bed- him

dresser and side cabinets me

Anyhow, fast forward 3 years and we are still all good, and the furniture set remains together. We bought furniture which was solid wood ( important to me) but cheaper because it was just stained jarrah and it has served us well. other items came from gumtree where unloved furniture is sold on. We have couches from there ( 2 Chesterfield’s for a couple of hundred dollars) we have never seen another set in this colour, yes that have cat scratches but they are already worn in and comfy. We have not built-in any furniture as we are not planning to stay. All large furniture was relatively cheap as we may need to leave it or sell it should we move hemispheres.

We do have some more expensive lovely items.


A Kartel Bourgie lamp, more art than furniture I love it. The inside of the lampshade is gold so it throws out really sunny light to the room. We got ours from Germany as it was cheaper and just use an adaptor plug.

Birds of paradise cushions

Source: Nest emporium

An old 50’s kelvinator fridge for the kitchen and a new old look radio which was a recent present.


We are by no means design geniuses, nor do we have the money for a show home and to be honest we are pretty plain taste people. We have tried to pick items which fit the house, but so all the expensive items can be easily taken and used elsewhere.

How do you strike a balance? in a non permanent house or rental? to be comfy but not wasteful and do it on a budget? You want to see more of our reno’s? let me know

Happy Little Vegemite… a confession

It happened I am devastated I actually nearly cried. The more settled I get in Aussie the happier I am and  the sadder a small part of me is as I am further from home.

The confession:

Whispered tones ‘ I prefer vegemite to marmite’

It took 4 years for this to happen and it makes me a little sad. On the upside I am now eligible for a pair of these bad boys

ps… Tim Tams kick Penguins Arse..

That is all… Any confessions you would care to make?

Random thoughts on a sunday

Ok folks, today’s blog is a series of thoughts about the weekend. Not a proper long post as I have a million jobs to do today ( washing, ironing, cleaning, packing)

1. I start my new job tomorrow. I belive that I will not have internet access with my current phone provider. I am reluctant to pay as you go for just 5 days if I will then need a contract with a new provider to get coverage… So for 5 days only I will unplug and focus on the new job.

2. On this note I have scheduled a series of posts over the coming week. They were all drafts I found in my draftbox (!?!) on a variety of subjects… Although I wont be checking for 5 days please read, leave me love and remember I am just finding my feet on here… what do you like best? want to read more of? you ask I shall try to deliver.

3. Friday I wasnt sure what to have for dinner and was feeling lazy. Welcome gluten free pancakes with bananas and maple syrup…

4. Friday night there was also an incident…… an incident involving the overfeeding of the fish. I asked if they would be ok, partner thought they would survive until his return. Saturday there were 6 floating fish in the tank including this little fella, out first baby fish, called thumbs.

This photo is of him, when he was first born, in a shot glass, he is so little. Naturally I was devastated and so upset and spent all saturday night with the other half providing tech support over the phone doing operation fish rescue. I missed the family party rescuing the fish tank.

5. This morning there are 4 alive and the tank looks normal. Phew!

6. Partner was not cross, apparently fish die quite frequently, I just didn’t know this as I have never had pets. At least it wasn’t the dog!

7. This morning I had a really odd craving for a bacon and egg sandwich. I think I eat bacon about twice a year.

8. Do you think I can log it as a bacon and egg white sandwich if all the yolk ended up in my hair and down my top?????

9. Yesterday I discovered chocolate covered pretzels… my life has just begun/is over.

10. I also wanted to thank all you guys who have been coming over for a read of my little old blog. Amazing. Dont be shy introduce yourselves and let me know what you like to read about.

For now that is all… see you at the end of the week when my first week of work is over.


What the FIFO…..????

FIFO… standard lingo for the Aussies. For you other lovelys it means Fly in Fly out.

Fifo is a massive part of the WA way of life, as part of the mining boom, many folks work on a FIFO roster. I have been a FIFO worker and will be again as of next week. In Australia you fly to work (as it is a massive country) and then work and live there for a specific period then fly home for time off.

Generally rosters are 8 days on 6 days off, 9 and 5 or 2 weeks on 1 week off. Sounds awesome right??? It is you get good money, cleaners for you rooms, and all food etc paid for. It is a great way to save. It is a pretty good way to work, intensive for a period then rest for a period. It is a hard way to stay healthy and it is hard on relationships.

Your food is prepared for you, you have choice within reason but less control than you would at home. You are surrounded by big blokes eating a lot, you think you can eat that much too. You only have a small face mirror in your room and I actually attribute this to the ballooning of my arse. For all you pear shaped ladies out there if you can’t see it is very easy to ignore. If you work a 12 hour day in 50 degree heat you feel exhausted even though physically you haven’t done much you feel like you have and so… you don’t work out. It is a little hard to get fresh, fine quality food in the middle of nowhere.

(Let me just add in general companies provide a gym and healthy food options what they don’t provide is will power after a long day- note to self must develop this over the next few weeks whilst I get in my FIFO routine)
Fifo and relationships, this has been in the news a lot over here lately. With many saying it is an unhealthy way of life which has a massive impact on relationships. I disagree a bit. When I met my other half we were both FIFO. In fact we met at work whilst I was wearing Hi-vis coveralls. After we had been together a while he actually told me that on our first date he was pleasantly surprised because my arse was 4 times smaller than he expected and I had boobs. BONUS… I heard this comment and understood it as ‘ honey eat as much of that chocolate as you want you bum can multiply at least 300% and I will still love you’ chomp on chomp on!. Anyway after that small detour the point was this; we were on different rosters for a while, he worked 2 weeks on 1 week off, I worked 3 weeks on 1 week off. That was hard, if you do the maths it actually equals very little time together. What it did mean was that we got to know each other slowly, we talked a lot of the phone, and we were sure we liked each other as we missed each other.
I am a commitment phobe at heart and this has just never been a problem with this relationship as I spent so much of the early years missing him that it didn’t feature. We changed our rosters to match and had full weeks off together, they were amazing. There was numerous times when I would cry at the end of that week as I wasnt ready to be away from him. We always knew that in the end we were working towards a common goal when we will see each other every night. We have had that for a while and loved it and it will change again next week.
This led me to think about the things which helped us first time around.
  • Call each other every day, to show you miss and are thinking of them, but understand if the one working away is exhausted and has nothing to say because often for you whole roster of 14 days straight the only thing which may change is your dinner.
  • If you have TV up there find a show which is on at the same time at home. We conference call and watch ‘Beauty and the Geek’ was our show and we would bitch our way through the show as if we were on our sofas in the lounge and not a plane ride apart.
  • Jealousy can be a problem as I am a girl in a mans world. I am lucky my partner isn’t too jealous but I always make a point to mention him early in conversations on site and also to tell my partner about the chat which involved him so he feels secure e.g.’Oh i met this guy on site today and was trying to tell him about your dirt bike.. what make is it again?’.
We are by no means perfect and what works for us wouldn’t for others but we are happy 4 years in and of that I am proud and happy to work for.  Lets hope this time I can make my body something I am proud of and want to work towards. I would say I could still be loved, based on above comments, with double the junk in my trunk but I am not so sure I would be happy with that arrangement!