WIAW- A wierd one

Well this Wednesday was so far from a normal day. Although going away and travel is pretty frequent in my line of work this Wednesday was a random one even for me. On Tuesday I flew to Alice Springs and stayed in a hotel. On Wednesday I got a two-man plane and flew for 2 hours to the middle of the outback for a meeting. Once there I did a presentation,  had to wait a few hours, and then flew back to Alice before returning to Perth today. So the Wednesday was more than a little all over the place. The theme of this weeks WIAW ( thanks to Jenn the host) is sensible snacking.

Peas and Crayons

To be honest sensible is not the word I would use but snacking definitely.

On Wednesday I ate….

No breakfast or morning drinks as I didn’t want to need the loo on the plane and it was too early to stomach breakfast, plus the little planes do tend to be quite bumpy and I didn’t want to be sick.

I had an apple, an orange and a cereal bar mid morning ( 3 pts)

The sandwich that I took for lunch had gotten warm and I was scared to eat the chicken after that so ended up having a packet of crisps ( 12 pts)

By the time I returned to the hotel at 7pm I was exhausted, cold from the flight and starving hungry. First thing I drank loads of water to rehydrate and had a nice bath to warm up with the lovely products in the hotel

Then I had some lamb, veggies, a bit of potato and mustard sauce ( I guessed around 5 pts) and I treated myself to a banana caramel tart ( 9 pts). I wouldn’t say it was sensible snacking or that great but I stuck to the points and did get about 2 serves of fruit and 3 of veg so at least some goodness.

A couple more random points, this week my weigh in happened when I was weighed before I got on the plane as I missed my weight watchers meeting. Bad news other people knew my weight and good news I was down another 1.5kgs! SCORE

Second, I always struggle with these sorts of meetings, which are in the middle of the outback, you don’t want to look to dressed up but I also like a bit of makeup and polish to give me some confidence. I wore a mineral makeup base with a little light mascara and some blush and on my nails I used an OPI polish in natural pink with my china glaze matt topcoat for a natural look.

What are your weird work days and how do they affect your eating?


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