All by myself… don’t wanna be

Yep I am home alone in my pj’s about to be eaten by Alsatians… just call me Bridget

Haha I do look a little like that right now. Due to work commitments for the next week and a half I am home alone… perhaps I am more like this…..?

I actually don’t like being alone much as I have always lived in a shared house, my family home or with my other half so being alone scares me a little. Right now it is blowing a hooley outside and my hallway floorboards are randomly making noises much like a fart when the wind blows a lot!

I do however like being alone to have time to watch whatever I want on TV ( hello wifeswap and cooking shows) and also to just do girly stuff and read books. We do spend a fair bit of time apart due to work, although not so much lately, and although I miss him I always try to use the time to catch up with girlfriends and do things I like that he doesn’t.. So this week I have set myself a little challenge. I was going to do c25k but a look at the weather forecasts shows less than favourable conditions so this week I am going to try a different gym class each day or at least do a class every day. I am so scared to go to these classes alone but I would love to start enjoying them and working out which ones I like. I definitely want to try RPM, body balance and pump and will do something each day.

I am also going to try to blog daily on different topics more to help myself. Next week I have a big job change coming up and I want to focus my thoughts about what I want to remember and achieve in the change. For me I am such a creature of habit and if I get in good habits that first day or couple of weeks they will stick… so here goes…

What do you do when you are home alone?


2 thoughts on “All by myself… don’t wanna be

    • Oh it is definitely a good way to spend your time. I also find it motivates me and focuses me which is awesome or I may just sit on my bum for half a day working out what to do! Cyclonic weather here in perth atm limiting the outdoors activities, there may be a few posts happening this week.

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