WIAW- thoughts on the diet so far

First up, thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting the what I ate Wednesday party. Again, the theme is sensible snacking.

I have now been on weight watchers for 6 weeks ( my 6th weigh in is tonight) and I have lost quite a few kilos and am pretty happy with it. There is still a long way to go but I am enjoying it. With the reduction in weight the number of points I have had has gone down to 32 per day. Some days this is easy and some days it is hard. I have been looking back over days when it is harder and it is when it includes point heavy processed food which doesn’t keep me full for longer. Sometimes this can even include food such as honey which is a lot of sugar.

My diet is a little restricted anyway as I cannot eat FODMAPS ( I will post on this soon) or definitely can’t eat large amounts of them and one of the rules I try to stick to with weight watchers is that I get in the habit of using my daily points for good healthy food and can dip into the 49 weekly points for fun food. Even at the lowest daily points allowance of 26 pro points daily it works out at a balance of 80:20 which they say is key.

With regard to the exercise I planned to go do a RPM class last night and just didn’t want to and ended up on the couch. I have just realised I can’t force myself to like things which I don’t naturally enjoy so am sticking with yoga, bodybalance, walking, jogging, aqua, swimming, outdoor cycling round the river and a little cardio in the gym. I am not fighting it just embracing the activities I enjoy trying to do some activity ( even a quick 5km walk with the dog) daily and I figure that doing those is better than avoiding the things I don’t like. After reading some fabulous posts here I am aiming for peace with my body and a maintainable lifestyle rather than doing what I dislike or gaining an unhealthy way of getting thin. Andrea is an complete inspiration and her blog is filled with so much joy.

So with all that said, what is 32 points looking like….

I try to have 3 8 point meals per day ( 24 pts total) which leaves another 8 for snacks etc. I don’t eat my activity points and try not to use weekly points unless it’s an occasion such as dinner out, wine etc. I reason that this means my meals can stay constant and the snacks will be cut out as I move forward on the plan.

A good day was monday.

breakfast: oats , skim milk, sultanas and jam (7 pts)

mid morning: skinny cappuccino

lunch: sweet potato, carrot, lentil and spinach soup with grated low fat cheese and a low fat yogurt (7 pts)

apple (0 pts)

snack before body balance: 2 pieces whole meal toast, margarine and vegemite ( 5 pp)

dinner: steamed asparagus, brocolini, grilled steak and massive salad (11 pts)

TOTAL: 32 pts

It’s quite a balance though because you throw some honey in the breakfast ( 3 pro points), you don’t have a filling enough lunch and have half a boost bar ( 4 points) etc and you can get all out of whack ( just as a note I may or may not be referring to an series of unfortunate events which occurred yesterday). On the upside my tastes are changing I like less processed foods. I am incorporating more women’s superfoods into the diet as recommended at Gwingana and also in the book I won from Laura.

Superfoods for Women Only: 20 Vital Foods for Soft Hair, Clear Skin, and Looking Younger

Both focus on whole foods, protein, low GI and antioxidant rich food… YUM. I generally feel like I am improving my habits and just need to ensure I get into a good routine at the new job.

How are you staying healthy? What small changes do you make which work? Top tips please


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