Balmain leather pants
£1,220 –

Pollini thigh high boots
$595 –
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Morning Folks!
Sorry about the random layout of this post, clearly my editing skills are not up to scratch at all. Lets talk about the weekend, which for me was great fun. It involved a lot of lounging around at home getting jobs like laundry done. The construction of my favourite soup ever and quite a lot of cider. Lets also discuss the fact it is monday morning and I am not at work… lovely. Lets ignore the fact that next weekend I will be working 12 hour days ( less lovely) still this roster is working for me. Today will be filled with blogging, exercise with friends, dog walking, ironing and finishing up a few jobs.
Lets talk about loves… more specifically my loves at the moment. For some reason polyvore didn’t write all the details but loves are pictured above.
1. leather trousers for when I am skinny ( one of the things I am looking forward to most)
2. Over the knee boots. I definitely like these when they are flat. Yep I want to be Mrs Cptn Jack Sparrow.
3. Tiffany double circles necklace. This one has been a long-term obsession.
4. Fringing.. not sure why but I LOVE it!
5. Sigma makeup brushes. I have a stippling brush now and it really affects how your foundation looks. Imagine how good I would look with all these brushes.. More always equals more !?! right???
6. Clarisonic. I have heard this my revolutionise my skin. It is pricey. So pricey you would probably need xmas money to treat yourself but I feel I would benefit. That said the skin is looking quite good as the skinstitut I purchased a few weeks ago has got my skin back under control. This really is the only thing which works for me.
Now onto my other loves and there are quite a few.
1. Cherry Healey.. Do you uk folks already know her? My abc catch up app is getting a work out watching her Cherry investigates series. I love it. I have found they all deal with tricky topics she is interested in and as a young woman they help me to get some exposure to all sides of the argument.
2. This fella
(Image from channel 4 website)
Controversial perhaps, and for all you vegetarians and vegans sorry, but I love the use of wild and basic food he has collected and if you are going to eat meat you may aswell use it all. Also watched on my abc catch up.
3. Walking. The weather is a bit rubbish here in Perth but a brisk walk with the pooch certainly blows away the cobwebs.
4. Weight watchers. Yep I am still loving this and not finding it too challenging at all if this takes me all the way to the above trousers I will be one happy lady.
5. Skype catch ups!
So all in all I am feeling pretty happy. Now for the final thing which makes me happy and is the best pumpkin soup recipe you will ever need!
First up chop 1 onion and fry in a splash of olive oil on a low temp until they become clear. Then add a teaspoon of brown sugar ( I used coconut sugar) and stir until it caramelises. Add curry powder ( I use 1 tbsp) and heat until fragrant then add the veg ( I used 1. sweet potato, 1/2 butternut squash and 2 carrots) with stock and leave to simmer until veg is soft. Blend and serve with cracked black pepper and sour cream. I reckon cashew cream would also be lovely on this if you don’t eat cream or a swirl of coconut cream also matches in really well.
On that note, I shall leave you and get to my ironing and jobs. What are your loves at the moment? Share

7 thoughts on “lustlist

  1. the soup looks yummy! The neckpiece from tiffany is so so so beautiful.too bad that there is no tiffany here.and until few days ago, i used to think that your name is holly golightly.haha.

    • I know Tiffany stuff is gorgeous. I love Hugh too I didn’t know he had a veggie cook book I may like that more as I only like certain meats and fish as I am a fuss pot but I eat most veggies happily

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