things that make life fabulous

As has been touched on in this blog I seem to take ideas of things which would be lovely and nice and great to do and turn them into a massive to do list. This in turn makes them things which become chores and less of an enjoyment.

There are some things which I have come across over the past few months which I would like to do. I want to write notes about them so I dont forget and whilst I may not have to do them tomorrow I would like to open myself to the opportunity of them within the next few years.

1. Working abroad. Yes I am technically abroad but I would like to go and do a contract in south america or tanzania. Fantastic experience for yourself and work and a definite on my to do list. Possible pre children or maybe in selected places with children as a family adventure. Life for yourself doesnt have to end… the adventures could just get greater.

2. Visit the cocos islands. These look amazing and are definitely just a stones throw from perth so are definitely on my radar for a quick holiday next year perhaps…. with us it is a case of balancing time and money.

3. The yacht week in south croatia or greece…

4. salted chocolate truffles… as per here. I will be making this in the very near future. Lindt with sea salt is great but this make take it to  a whole new level.

5. Cooking dinner. With more time on my hands I have been loving the shopping for ingredients, following the recipe and cooking. So much food porn on the internet so many recipes to try. I really do love food made with fresh, good quality basics… YUM.

6. Travel is amazing. I have done a bit of it in my time but I never want to stop.

7.Reading blogs I often get caught up in the amazing life of others. It could make me feel inferior but I realise that is how they make their life. Sometimes I do great things, sometimes I am homely and save money. I want to make an effort to stop a photo these things each day. I find it makes me stop to enjoy them. Instagram, happy snaps… I want to focus on the small and warm and large and fantastic things which make me happy.

8. I have been cutting back A LOT this year financially. I am happy to report I am on track with my goals and I would like to continue in this manner… being relatively frugal and spending on considered spends and outings. This last break I have splurged on fun with friends, items for work and a couple of things I needed. I am not sorry. I have lost nearly 10kg ( pending weigh in tomorrow), I have worked hard and I will not have a proper break next swing so I can afford it. Now back on track and pull it together to finish the year on target.

9. Family are so fabulous, I miss them so much. A teary conversation with my mum yesterday, a chat with my bro and two calls from my dad. Plus a call from a friend on the east coast, visits planned and the future looks rosy. I have a feeling the next year will fly by.

10. Scented candles… they make me feel like royalty. A bath, nice lounge wear, blogs, magazines, soft lighting and a wine glass of sparkling water or spritzer and it is my idea of heaven.

11. Reading. I hate wasting time… I hate being lazy. I class TV as lazy I do not class blog reading for a couple of hours or reading a book as lazy… that my friends is fabulous. As for tv I just record the junk I like and indulge when I am really tired. I love having it to watch when it suits but I dont have to make an effort to watch. I have the first series of downtown abbey on my ipad to watch at work… Yes I am behind!

12. Being outside. As it starts to warm and be sunnier I like to get outdoors every day.


What makes you happy


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