Phryne Fisher

First up how do you like the new blog layout I am trying? I noticed that there have been lots of typos lately…predictive text on the ipad thanks a lot!After blowing up my laptop I largely blog from my ipad but would definitely like to invest in a new laptop or netbook as well as a camera ( as I mentioned before) with which I can take better pictures. I could go back and change them all but I don’t want to. I am a look forwards kind of gal and would prefer to spend that time writing about new topics etc not rehashing old.  So apologies…

Anyway onto Phryne. Who is she? she is my latest guilty pleasure. Not life changing books by any means but fun and easy reading and full of little details about the luxurious life of Phryne.

Its no Phillipa Gregory ( my favourite books) but it passes the day nicely ( or plane flights in my case) and I have read three of the books happily.

I used to love a mish mash of girlie trash books and lovely historical or wordly books now I have less free time I prefer to read better books and skip the trash… these are a happy medium.

Have you read these? Any reccomendations for me? I am always on the lookout for great books.




Update and catch up

Well hello,

I am back after 8 days of work. Lets catch up shall we? Firstly thanks so much for all the comments and feedback I will continue the blog as is…life,weddings,fashion,makeup, weightoss and if it gets boring can just change it then. I think a flexible approach will work best for me.

So, news from this end. I am now 13kg lighter and feeling good. I have decided to cancel my weight watcherssubscription though as I have not been to a meeting for 5 weeks and have still been tracking perfectly. I have the books with the points so will continue to track myself and use a challenge which includes weigh ins every second week at work until the end of the year to record my loss. At $85 per month ww is a small price for weight loss but you can’t pay this forever. I am also inspired to up my protein and decrease sugar and carbs to help tweak my eating. In the end I would like to move to the filling and healthy ww plan for long term weight management. I do think point counting helps me a lot and works for me but on this plan you eat from a list of heathy foods and only count the food which is not on that list ( you have 49 pp per week for treats). The list is low fat, unprocessed and wholegrains….perfect! The money I save each month from the subscription is going in a jar for a spree at goal weight.

So, onto my lust list for the moment.


These festival hunter wellies

Also a camera, not an SLR, but a more automatic onewhich still takes beautiful pictures.

This week I am running (I can now run for 22mins straight- 3km) and yoga, plus rennovating and listing items on ebay which are too big.

What are you up to? lusting for? how have you been?

Also, rather exciting news I will be having a series of guest posts where people are sharing their wedding info. Keen to take part?? Give me a shout I would love to hear from you.


H x


Guest posts

Hi all

As you may have noticed I am scheduling posts for whilst I am away at work and have decided I would be pretty keen to host some guest posts on the subject of… weddings.

Would you like to write a guest post about your wedding day/ upcoming wedding or do you just have ideas about your dream day?

I would love to hear about it. I think it would be a great chance for people who normally blog about other things to share some special details about this day and also illustrate that it is such a personal day which can be perfect for that person yet completely different to someone elses dream day.

Please drop me a comment or a line…

Update….my face

My face has got heaps better lately and really cleared up. I do feel like i am really working out what works for me. Mineral makeup has made a significant difference to how many breakouts I have. I use bare minerals and have the face starter set

I have also got an extra primer as it only contained a small one. I think that the set was $85 with about $25 for the primer.

I have a double mineral eyeshadow set in bronzey brown from them and a couple of paler shimmery ones also.

I am still using non mineral mascara ( model co) and liner( rimmel) but once these run out it will be mineral all the way. My current blush is a mineral one from body shop but I think once this is finished i will use the bare minerals ‘antique rose’ which is gorgeous.

As summer approaches I am considering the tinted invisible zinc suncream for work to protect my skin and provide light coverage.

I have started switching away from the skinstitut glycolic cleanser, I use this at work, and use mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel at home. I use the mario badescu glycolic cleanser and also the korres eyemakeup remover. Mario Badescu uses a ton of natural ingredients and keeps it plain and simple. The prices are really reasonable ($20-$30per item) and it works for me. At the moment I am using up an aveda cleanser but expect to replace that from the badescu range. When I am wearing a full face of makeup I use my home made oil cleanser to remove all the dirt and this remains a fave as I feel squeaky clean afterwards.

Also, loving bath bombs from lush at the moment working away my skin gets dry and needs some TLC. I am trying to body brush and moisturise ( I use a body oil as I prefer this to creams) but it still gets a little dry at the end of a swing and a bathbomb is the perfect antidote. I also want to keep moisturising so that I dont get saggy skin or at least minimise it.

Whats your best face tips? Have you found your groove?

Wedding blues

Let’s be honest I am having a small wedding. A small wedding in Vegas no less. Does it suit us… Yep? Do people judge us? .. I actually think so. I think some people lately have been giving me the vibe that it just won’t be as special and that it can’t be that important to us if we aren’t making a massive show of it…

If I am perfectly honest I doubted myself, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be. I still want to plan a great day with a fancy meal, some nice transport, pampering before the event and fun. I have now started looking into more special touches that we can arrange from here.. I think I will do most of this when the mother is visiting in October so she can help but it is the little stuff which makes it special and that is what I need to remember. What’s right for one couple may not be for others… We need to march to our own tunes…

And so I reach out to you… What special touches can I add? How can I make this day so special? Ideas would be great and stories fab!

Choo choo

Omg, I bought some new choos… I am now joking I have bought the most ridiculous, sparkly pair of choos in the world. To date I have only ever had shoes for my wedding day I shall wear choos….

Curse you net-a-porter curse you. I emailed my mum, who had given me money to get my outfit for the day, as I have only spent a mere 200 dollars on my dress ( beautiful but plain) and asked her to talk me out of it.. She refused and so in complete contrast to my still cap boots on my wedding day I will make like Cinderella and be wearing these bad boys.

Judge me.. Go ahead I know I should be sorry but I feel no remorse only happiness!!

What do you want to read about???

I have been blogging a little while now and I really like it. It helps me to order my thoughts, meet my goals and share information. It also helps me take a moment to capture the small moments in life and appreciate them. If anytthing blogging has filled me with gratitude for what I have. I love the comments from you guys. Here are the questions though. What do you want to read about?



Home making?



Diet and weight loss?

Life and what i have been doing?


or other?

At the moment you rarely see me on the blog as I don’t put many pictures of myself on here….. Do you want to see more in the way of photos? Outfit of the day and the like?

Send me some feedback, now I have established blogging is something which I enjoy and want to keep up I need to know how to keep the little blog progressing. Perhaps a DSLR for xmas and some lessons and a new laptop as mine has blown up (BOOOO). Maybe I should do a giveaway to encourage followers?

What are your thoughts and advice? I am so surprise anyone wants to read what little old me has been up to and I feel that now is the time to shape the blog a bit and develop it more…Advice, recommendation and thoughts would be so welcome.



my skinny style

Well I am now over 1/3 of the way to goal and I have been pondering what my skinny style will be. In an ideal world a bit of this

aaaand a little of this

and a whole lot of other stuff.

BUT I am nervous I am nervous in so many ways. I dont know what my skinny style will be, it has been a wee while since I was skinny. I dont know if I will want to go nuts and wear all the things I have missed out on but they probably wont suit me now I am 30.. I dont want to be mutton dress as lamb… albeit a skinny mutton!

I think the staples will remain.. ballet pumps, spartan sandles,flat biker boots, skinny jeans for flats, boot cut jeans for heals, wide leg flat fronted trousers, singlets/vests in a longer line, a few beaded tops to throw over in layering, leather jackets.

At a bigger size I wore a lot of cardys as they hit my bum… when smaller are cardys cool or frumpy?!?

I didnt suit T-shirts with a larger bust and belly… as a skinny will they suit?

Will I want to wear the same dresses- maxis and empire line have been a fave during the chubby spell… will they work the same or swamp me?!/!

Will I be able to carry of leather trousers?!?

Are daisy dukes too mutton when you are nearly 30?!?

Flat black leather over the knee boots??! I want them and in my head I will look more jack sparrow than pretty woman… can this be done?!?

Are jumpers ever cool?

Will higher heels be more wearable with less weight on them????

So many questions so many questions. For now I have started a clear out and will be listing a ton of stuff on ebay. Basically now I work away I dont need as many clothes and a lot of these items are basically new as I have missed my window to wear them. I think I need to be honest about what I do and dont wear and get rid of items which are starting to get too big and wont fit next winter and sell them on now. I have found a few items swamping me… Maybe I also need to face the fact that heels over 4 inches just dont work for me!

What will I buy with this money… well I have my beady eyes on a few items fistly these…

anyone who reads philippa gregory should appreciate the first

Image of LANCASTER black viscose t-shirt

Image of LONDON SORCERY black pullover

I love this company. A nod to English history and great I think with skinnys, ballet pumps/gladaitor sandles and leather jacket. BOOM.

I am not sure whatelse I want I really like a lot of the clothes I currently own but I genuinely dont know what I will suit when smaller…Any thoughts!?!?


What looks do you wish you could pull off?!?

Filling up the freezer…..recipe time

After my extended work time I have come home to be greeted by a rather empty freezer as the other half has systematically worked his way through all the frozen meals I had made. After a full day of rest yesterday where I stayed in bed until 10 then moved to the sofa before venturing out to meet a friend for sushi. After that I did a few jobs, paid a few bills and then went to the supermarket before making a dinner of pizza and salad and chilling. Last night was an early one and today I was in bed until mid day…MIDDAY!!! Unheard of. One breakfast in bed later and I felt ready to re stock the freezer.

The requests were for…
Shepherds pie
And a thick stew.

I thought that the shepherds pie and moussaka would be great to tackle at once… So here are the recipes.

Ground beef ( veggies could replace with lentils)
Dried mixed herbs
Olive oil
Tins chopped tomato
Tomato purée
Worcester sauce
Grated carrots
Flour (I use gluten free)
Milk ( I use lactose free)
Fresh basil
Grated cheese

First up thinly slice the Aubergine and lay out with salt over it to draw out the bitter juice. I do one side for 10-15 mins and then the other, after which you wash it to get rid of the juice.


Then in a large pan use some olive oil ( or spray oil) and add chopped onion and crushed garlic ( I used 2 onions and 2 cloves of garlic) and keep them moving so they don’t burn. Add beef and brown. At this point I add a healthy dose of dried herbs and stir. Then add two tins crushed tomatoes half of tomato purée, worcester sauce to taste and stir in the grated carrots. Let this simmer to get tasty.


Then blend the fresh basil leaves with a little water and start on the white sauce. This is standard white sauce I use butter (2tbsp) and flour (3tbs) and whisk over heat then add milk slowly and keep it moving. Slowly bring it to the boil and once it has boiled you can leave it. I let it cool a couple of minutes then whisked the basil mixture in. This made a green white sauce which tastes lush.

You can boil the Aubergine slices until they get floppy this time I have tried it without as I am planning to cook it from cold. Layer up beef, Aubergine layer, you can do white sauce at this point I tend not to, more beef, Aubergine and then white sauce on top. Before cooking add treated cheese and then bake in the oven. I will probably use 180 degrees for 30- 45 mins.

Et voila


I would eat this as a half portion with half a plate of veggies.

Shepherds pie

I used the meat mix from above and made double

Make mince mix as above. I then stirred in a good couple of handfuls of peas ( Any
excuse to add veg). Top with potatoes which have been pealed and boiled then mashed with butter and milk. Top with grated cheese et voila. Bake as above.


I hope you enjoy. The rest of my day has been washing up, searching for a mouse I heard in a cupboard… It wasn’t a mouse it was my noisy T-shirt as I was wearing this!

And chilling in the garden where I saw this


And this


My herbs are growing..

How do you restock the freezer? What have you been up to? Tell me I missed you all.

Hello.. i’ve missed you

Hi All,


Apologies for the massive hiatus but things have been busy to say the least. At the end of my last work swing I only had three days off and then went back up to work for 10 days and am now home for 4… before getting back on my usual roster..phew! Needless to say I am exhausted.

I have been reading other people’s blogs but just haven’t had a chance in any way shape or form to jump on here and update you all. So news from this end….

Work is going well, I was just chilling out doing my best and doing everything I could to be filling the role and it seems to have worked as I have been given a great new opportunity within this company which I am so happy about. Yet again another example of stopping forcing it and pushing to hard but focusing on the now, doing what you are doing well, and opening yourself to opportunity….and the universe does provide!!!

To be honest I was a little down on the weight loss as the last official weigh in was 5 weeks ago after I started running and I only lost 0.6kg in two weeks instead of the usual 1.3kg to 1.8kg. To be honest I was a little down, a little resentful at logging my points and I didn’t know if i had gained muscle, the loss had naturally slowed down or if running was not for me. Anyway after a chat with the life coach at work he thought maybe the running was providing stress on my body so I decided to keep running as I enjoyed it so much, not worry about the loss ( as I wouldn’t be able to get to weigh in for 5 weeks anyway) and to order some more of my pills from my naturopath. The pills really helped my body before in times of stress ( mainly from work) and this is just a different kind from running.. plus the longer swings and fewer breaks so I am going to take them a low dose to aid this transition.

Anyway, I kept on working away, logging my points ( even though I didn’t want to I am proud to say I logged everything which passed my lips) and decided not to worry about it. Two days ago I hopped on the scales at work to see how I was going and was so surprised that I have now lost 12kg… go me. The jeans are baggy again and I think it may be time to clean out the wardrobe now.

To be honest I feel like I have gotten into a great grove with work these last longer swings and my days at work look a little like this…

5.15am breakfast either wheat free cereal, sultana bran and lactose free milk or more often 2 poached eggs and a spoon of baked beans ( 5 pts)

snack: coffee and lactose free milk ( 2pts) and fruit ( 0pts)

Lunch: salad and veggies salad such as barley or lentil salad and some olives etc ( 6-8 pts) or a veggie soup (5 pts)

snack: natural yogurt and fruit ( 4 pts)

dinner: 1/2 plate veg and meat/fish or 1/2 serve veggie meal ( e.g. lentil ) 8 pts

Then if I have spare points or from my weekly points I have 2 squares of dark salt chocolate ( 3 pts) or trifle or Pavlova if they have it at work ( about twice a week I have dessert).

It works my tummy doesn’t hurt and I have been losing. I have done running about 3 times a week and am now on week five and going well. I also walk a few times a week and have been meaning to do yoga at work but not quite managed that. I feel that at work I have struck a healthy balance and I have really kicked the soft drink habit mostly I think.

At home my diet is different as my day is not as hard or long so I don’t need to eat as often so have more decadent meals which are worth more points.

Anyway I have some posts planned before I head off again which will include a summary of some posts I have loved reading whilst I am away, a review of the diet and possible improvements, exercise plan and the clear out…

What else do you want to hear about?? let me know? how have you been?

so for now here is a quick snap of where I have been spending all of my days…