Phryne Fisher

First up how do you like the new blog layout I am trying? I noticed that there have been lots of typos lately…predictive text on the ipad thanks a lot!After blowing up my laptop I largely blog from my ipad but would definitely like to invest in a new laptop or netbook as well as a camera ( as I mentioned before) with which I can take better pictures. I could go back and change them all but I don’t want to. I am a look forwards kind of gal and would prefer to spend that time writing about new topics etc not rehashing old.  So apologies…

Anyway onto Phryne. Who is she? she is my latest guilty pleasure. Not life changing books by any means but fun and easy reading and full of little details about the luxurious life of Phryne.

Its no Phillipa Gregory ( my favourite books) but it passes the day nicely ( or plane flights in my case) and I have read three of the books happily.

I used to love a mish mash of girlie trash books and lovely historical or wordly books now I have less free time I prefer to read better books and skip the trash… these are a happy medium.

Have you read these? Any reccomendations for me? I am always on the lookout for great books.




4 thoughts on “Phryne Fisher

  1. Oh I love a good book too. Try ‘The promise of Happiness’ by Justin Cartwright. It’s a very funny, angry and moving novel which is one of those that I would read a second time in a few years time.

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