The smaller I get.. The bigger my balls

Nope I am not talking a proportional increase I am talking about the fact the as I have now lost close to 15kg, whilst starting a new job, with my brand new shiny outlook on life I am gaining more and more faith in myself. It spreads to all areas of my life, can you do this? Sure I can… Can you lose the next15kg? Sure thing cow boy!

I was having a clear out this weekend and started alone. I did quite well I thought. Then a friend came over and we did it again, so many thing I thought were ok we’re far too big… Wow! I have achieved a lot. In no way is my weight all I am about but it symbolises a much healthier and happier time. The can do attitude which this has unleashed is really working in my favour actually good things are happening, I am not tired and I am sooooo happy.

Ask me if I can do anything… Can you fly? I almost think I could.. Perhaps the bingo wings would be a problem… Then again with my new positive outlook perhaps they would help… Maybe they aren’t called bingo WINGS for nothing.

What increases your confidence in yourself?


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