How am I eating?

That’s a big question isn’t it? Well I do feel my eating has changed over the last few months. I have come to learn that I need all my daily points as fuel, more than a few days of under eating and I start to get very tired. I try to use all my daily points by spreading them fairly evenly over the day. I would say the bulk of my diet is pretty healthy but I am looking to tweak my diet a bit. I break my diet into two at work and at home. I eat quite differently on the two weeks. I want to clean it up, remove the fodmaps and monitor how I feel over the next few weeks.

At work.

Am- breakfast the one which works best for me is 2 eggs ( at the moment I have a scoop of beans but I want to change this to tomatoes ( grilled) for extra health. I also want to start having a warm water with splash of apple cider vinegar as I can’t have a hot lemon at work. 4pp

Morning snack is normally fruit and a coffee. I would like to change this to almonds 3pp 2pp coffee

Lunch has been salad and protein either fish or tuna and I want to continue this. 6-8pp

Snack- again fruit and I am happy for a banana daily at work or berries at home or I would like sto start having a protein shake ( with almond milk) to help muscle recovery… Either 0pp if fruit or 5 pp if a shake

Dinner- protein and veggies ( either fish or meat I try and do opposite to lunch) 8 pp

Desert dark choc with sea salt 1-3pp
Around 26-30pp total.

I have found less sugar is better for me and that dark choc not deserts works well for me tummy. As long as it is 70% it is lactose free. One thing which is hard at work is to get enough greens s I take a vital greens supplement.

At home I am a little more varied but conscious that I don’t always eat as well so need some rules,

For breakfast I will have

Hot lemon and water

I was having porridge but will now have green smoothie ( with protein if having it on its own) or with scrambled eggs or omlette or a Greek yoghurt ( which has low lactose due to double straining)

Am- coffee 2pp

Lunch salad or home made soup ( usually a vegetarian meal for me) 6-8pp

Dinner- protein and veg or salad 6/8pp

I have some spare points at home and like to have a glass of wine or some dark choc or another treat.

I also realise there is quite a lot less carbs in that selection. I do find protein fills me but I also like to eat whole grains. I will be using the protein powder as it is in the cupboard and needs using up but gradually I would like to use up specialist items I have bought and not repurchase unless I really feel they work for me. I am interested to see if protein shakes will make my recovery better from the running etc.

I don’t want to embark on any kind of high protein low carb diet with strict rules as I know this may send me into crazy spirals again but I do feel that protein is quite important to the body and my body responds well to it as long as it is not all from animal meat. I also feel some fats helps me as do legumes ( only lentils and cannellini as the others upset my tummy). I still love oats and other whole grains last week I had barleymax wraps which were a lovely change. I do feel like I am really learning what works for me and am so happy it involves a varied wholefood diet. Over the last week I slipped up a little and this, I feel, is because food slipped off my radar and I didn’t prioritise making healthy meals…whoops!

I still want treats and will always include them as the diet becomes to strict to be manageable otherwise but a good mix of veg, variety of proteins and whole grains with a sprinkle of good oils seems to work well for me.

What works for you? Do you have an eating groove?


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