The Wedding Series


After the popularity of Laura’s post I would like to open the doors again for guest posts regarding weddings. Would you like to share your day? share your plans or share what you imagine  your  day will be like??

Comment below and I will be in touch.




One thought on “The Wedding Series

  1. My daughter absolutely hates being in the limelight. She’s haveing a VERY tiny wedding which leaves the inevitable problem of how to let all the extended family and friends celebrate. They all want the chance to congratulate the happy couple. I feel like, initially, I was treading on eggshells in my telephone calls with her. I started by suggesting a large family lunch (grandparents, cousins etc). I was actually quite shocked at the amount of people that added up to in itself. Then my daughter asked if 6 of her friends could come (from some distance) so I embraced that and suggested they camped in our garden. This gave me the vision of a mini festival theme. No cooking …hog roast. Dress code: flip flops/ wellies, flowers in hair etc. I have some other ideas which will remain secret but will probably unfold on my own blog nearer the time…

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