Weigh in update

It’s official, I am down 19kg now!


long time no speak

Well hi… its been ages. I have been so busy having nearly 3 weeks off work… amazing. I have been reading blogs, just not commenting or blogging myself.

Where have I been? I have been mainly in Perth having a wonderful time with my beautiful mother and then we went to Bali for 4 days together as her birthday and xmas present from me. I am going to just give y’all a quick run down of what I have been up to and my thoughts at the moment and then I will be doing some more detailied posts when I get a second.

Soooo, my mum came to visit from England and it was heaven. I love her too much and we always have a fabulous time. I was especially happy to see her this time as she has great fashion sense, and even trained as a personal style advisor at one point, so I really wanted her to help me clean out my wardrobe and tell me what to wear and what suited. So we hung out it perth, saw lots of lovely places and shopped…. A LOT. Luckily it was the end of the sales so things were cheap. Even more lucky everytime she offered to buy me something when we got to the till it was 50% off again. No joke this happened three times! So I have got rid of the old and brought in some new and I was going to do a summary of the wardrobe post.

Diet wise, I have dropped another few kgs. I am now getting close to 20kg gone ( I think) I will confirm this once I hop on the scales at work. I counted points the first week and then had a week off the second. To be honest though I would have been well under the points each day and I walked and swam a few hours each day…BRILLIANT. Weeks like this give me real confidence that I have really changed my way of eating. I am now looking forward to a clean food challenge until christmas and getting right back into running. I actually was completely FODMAPS free still and I still feel amazing on it. I will be keeping up with this,hopefully for life. My mum was so supportive and we tried a lot of new recipes…which I will be sharing.

Bali, was amazing. We stayed in UBUD in a very special place and I would really like to do a proper post on this incase any of you fancy a visit. For now here are some pictures from our pedicure…excuse the foot shot but you gotta love Bali toes…EXCEPT THEY WONT LOAD… OOPS!

Other news, I have now paid off my student loan.. wahey. I am so happy about meeting a lot of goals. Now I want to re focus on work ( lets kick some goals there), continuing the savings plan, food and health and getting the house finished. After a read of the first review I have also signed up for the lusthave it ecobox. Much like the monthly beauty boxes but you get 4 a year ( with more in them) and all items are organic etc.

I have just dropped my mum at the airport, cried my way home, cleaned the house and blown up the vaccuum cleaner ( which did suprise me and stop me crying), dropped in for a catch up here and am having a nice dinner at home before work again tomorrow.

Although I do love my life, living away from loved ones sucks at times. At least i have such a wonderful family that I treasure all time with them.

Cheer me up… whats making you smile?

Calling bloggers

Hey all,


Hows things? Just quick post to let you know that I am keen for guest bloggers still. I love the wedding series in which I am asking for details/thoughts/ideas about your special day or how you imagine it will be. Also, after the great response to my post about being a geologist I would love people to share info about their career paths. Gals the more we share, the more informed we are, the more we know are options and the easier it is to get what we want from life.


Send me a comment with contact details if you would like to get involved.




Times are a changin’ for sure. Our grandmothers would have had a full time role by the age of 30 as a mother and housewife. Not us, oh no, we both work full time. He works monday to friday 7am to 5pm with some work away. I work 12 hours days ( away from home) for 8 days straight and then have 6 days at home. Yes I do some homemaking but we have enough work in terms of paid work without housework.

Some days I get a groove on, crank the gunners, and bleach like the world is about to end. Generally I don’t. Generally I do an hour of housework ( cleaning), a bit of laundry and some cooking each day that I am home. I know people with perfect show homes. Not me. My cleaning looks like this.


If only this crew would help me out a little more

(image from wikipedia)


Daily/ couple of times a week

Laundry 2-3 loads weekly

Cooking daily.

Cleaning. Kitchen daily dishes washed and surfaces wiped.

Bathroom- daily wipe round as needed.

Picking up and putting away surface mess



vacuum whole house

Ironing once at the weekend.

mop house


wipe cupboards as needed

clean bath and shower

Polish taps

wash towels

polish mirrors

clean toilet etc

Cook and restock freezer

Food shop

Empty all bins



Twice a month wash bedding ( should this be done weekly??)

Dust ceiling fans

Bigger dust of shelves etc

Wipe out cupboards and fridge

Vaccum under sofa cushions

clean grout between tiles


Six months

The big cull

Organise our filing. We have a filing cabinet with a crap basket on top where we chuck all bills etc then once every 6 months we go through doing a ‘chuck or file’ regime

re fold clothes etc and tidy


The big cull is a big one as I give stuff we don’t use to charity. Basically the less stuff we have the less stuff we have to clean. When I read this back it sounds pretty good. In fact I may print this off and stick it to my fridge. Gotta love a blogger taking their own advice and although this is based on what I do I can’t lie I forget and sometimes get horrified about the state of my house. Especially during renovations.

I also like to try to use natural products but at times this is not possible. Also, a note, cleaning bores me soI do a power hour then break. I used to have a cleaner but now I have a little more time I do it and we have foxtel instead. I must admit though when I am tired it does feel a little overwhelming.


Share with me how do you clean your house? short bursts or full days? Toptips? What have I missed? I genuinely feel keeping a house clean is a challenge I should master before marriage!





Uggggghhh.. that’s a bit how I feel at the moment. I don’t know what it is. A small amount of wedding stress involving visas for the states, hormones, my maman arriving ( which I look forward to so much it always sends me into turmoil as I don’t know how to deal with it),a lack of sleep due to accidental fodmap consumption has also meant I havent been sleeping that well due to tummy aches… a mixture of all of these….?

Or perhaps I had that moment. Perhaps I have become a runner. My body  is used to almost daily exercise and although I move a lot at home without the exercise I don’t get the time to myself, I don’t get the endorphins and I definitely don’t think it helps me.

In fact yesterday I was so stressed i cried. This has not happened in a LONG time. To be honest I was not going to blog about it. But hey,I  am not a perfect, well photographed blog. I am very average, a bit warts and all and my blog is a place for me to share memories, plans, hopes and to get help with some basics as I hurtle ( yes hurtle) towards 30 with an apparent lack of some basic things.

So, Things which were rather ridiculously stressing me and making me cry.

  • I just cleaned the house and still found more dirt. One house. Two people. One a mechanic. One not always home. Aaaaahhhnd and a dog. Equals a certain level of dirt. I am going to do a post on this soon.
  • I dream of England. Every night. This always happens when I am going home/have visitors.I have now lived away from England for a grand total of about 7-8 years of my life, 4 this time. I still dream of england in times of turmoil. sometimes in that place between sleep and awake as I realise I am not there with friends and family I cry a couple of silent tears. These tears are not for sharing as I don’t regret my choices,I choose my partner but sometimes its still a little sad.
  • I get stressed because even though I have worked so hard to listen to myself, for us to march to our own tune and to have a simple life with  less ups and downs. Sometimes when I am stressed I worry others will judge me. Do they think I don’t care because I don’t get upset about these things???
  • Sometimes I feel like we works so hard, save so hard, pay all out bills and it feels like others around us have way more free money.

So after a cry and a cuppa ( and a massive cuddle) I stopped, counted my blessings, put on some mascara and lippy and carried on.


  • I have the big things in life pretty sorted. A great other half. An other half who is not only my favourite but is also wanting the same things in life as me.
  • A house, albeit a slightly dusty house at times, but we have our house. I have an other half who is well house trained and helps clean. It may not be perfect but its ours, I keep the house pretty nicely and am sure others notice the mess much less than I do.
  • I love England and at some point we can choose to live there again. For now I should enjoy the Aussie summer as I will miss that when I live in England again. I also have another half who wants to spend time in England. I have a family I love enough to miss. Facetime, skype, whats app? the world is a smaller place than ever.
  • I am proud that I got out there and took on the world. It has shaped me as who I am. Moving away is the hardest thing you will ever do.But staying at home and missing out may be even harder. We all need adventure in whatever form we choose it.
  • Yep we have been saving. Yes there is less money as we have an apprentice in the house. Nothing could prepare me for how proud I am about him passing college. One more year and the apprenticeship is done and hopefully the hard work will be rewarded. We are probably paying off our bills faster than necessary. I set a goal for my 30th to be debt free with wedding savings, aside from mortgages, and I am on track. Boring yes but it will serve us well in the future.

All this and a few drinks with friends and I have picked myself off dusted myself down and am back on track. honestly at times I could shake myself. My problems are, to quote a good friend, ‘so very first world’.

What are your issues/blessings?? Get it off your chest you will feel better I promise.



Tummy updates

Caution over shares ahead…

Just a quick check in to let you know I have now been 3 weeks low fodmap and it has changed my world again, why did I not stick to it before. I have no bad tummy, no wind and feel good after each meal with no pain or sickness.

I think for me I honestly couldn’t launch right into is and stick with it until, I had worked through a few eating based issues. Now I feel ready to make the best choices for my body.

Once again the switch is what’s working for me rather than removal of foods just switching them for low fodmap foods. I have ended up having two night out where my friends are having a sophisticated drink of wine and I am on vodka, lime, soda or pre packed cans ( I feel like a 16 year old!) but my tummy doesn’t get Ill after so it’s a small price to pay. A few times I have had a little amount when it is unavoidable and the results have not been great. Lesson learned.

I hope to post some low fodmap recipes on here. Give them a whirl. Although a relatively new thing I am lucky as the research is developed here in aus and is being successfully used to treat all sort of stomach complains from ibs to chrones!


Hey hey

Well it has been a long week full of work and now I am relaxing because… I have three weeks off and my mum is coming to visit. Awesome!

Yesterday I felt like I wanted a little pick me up treat and often when I feel like a shop it’s best to go or it builds into an out of control shopping frenzy. Luckily I had $110 in vouchers which I was given at work for acts of safety and so I knew exactly what I would spend. I also had a few items on my lust list. I honestly have found a wish list is an excellent way to focus my spending when a splurge feeling comes on.

Firstly I bought some more mario badescu. I got the same glycolic toner which I already have so I have one bottle for home and one for work. I am really impressed with this stuff and now I have tested it am happy to have a second to save carrying it between the two. I also got the silver powder for $33 I think?. This is amazing for cleaning pores apparently. I have tried it twice and as someone who constantly wages the war of the nose pore I am impressed. I will keep this up and report back.


Also in the photo is a tanning set by pure tan. I really wanted a tanning mit as I would like to try and use self tan as we go into the summer months. As part of my vanity program I think a fake tan may help me look good.. The mit on its own was $11.95 but this set was reduced to $18 and included a tube of bronzing lotion (not fake tan but an instant tanner).

I also wanted some fake tan, a facial moisturiser and a new mascara as one of mine has gone off. And I stumbled upon this little bargain from natio.. It contains a whopping $127 worth of products and was reduced to just $35.


The set includes a cinnamon and tangerine body wash which is lovely, a daily protection face moisturiser with SPF 15, ageless dual action cleanser and foamer, ageless lip smoothing treat,met, meditate body butter, self tan lotion, super long lash mascara and antioxidant lip shine.

So far I have used the body wash which is lovely. The facial cleanser and face moisturiser which are both fab, the mascara is also lovely and the lip shine is ok.. Not my favourite colour a bit pearly in finish for me but a good bottom of the handbag gloss.

I am so pleased with these bargains, normally I stick with what I know but sometimes you just can’t say no to a bargain!

What’s your best beauty bargains at the moment?

Geologists rock.. my job and how I got here

Yes goofy pun intended… yes geology rocks.. and yes I do sound quite a lot like Ross from friends when I say things like this.

How did I become a geologist? by complete accident. Am I meant to be a geologist? absolutely I love my job and cannot imagine doing anything else.

When I was younger I was what is often called an all rounder’ at school not particularly bad subjects but no standouts either. After the age of 16 I continued learning maths,physics and geography as I thought I wanted to be an engineer ( so I did maths and physics) and geography because I loved it. Turned out I was a bit rubbish at physics.. I quote my teacher on results day

I can use this as an example.. if you passed anyone can’

Brilliant! Ha I did have a bit of a tough time at A-levels because I was so ill with chronic fatigue for a lot of the time but I passed all three and deferred my entry to university so I could get well. I had chosen earth sciences to study as I wanted to do something like geography, which I loved so much, but with more science to make it more challenging for me. When choosing a university I applied for a range and decided I would just do my best and which ever uni i got in to would be right for me. Buuuut I always loved Birmingham from my visit and my step dad was keen as he went there also.

After a gap year I was filling in my forms for student loan and noticed that they now offered my course with a year abroad. I phoned up to ask and was offered a place based on my results! Brilliant!

So off I went. Uni was brilliant. Tough but brilliant and I came out with a 2.1 Msci in Environmental Geoscience which is straight geology with some environmental modules. I did my year abroad in Australia on the very educational grounds that I loved neighboars and fancied surfers so picked Australia over America and Canada.

After uni I trotted off to an interview ( I swear this part of the story is real) and got a job working on an Indonesian oil rig as a stimulator. Ha I am laughing as I write this. Basically the job was to go in and stimulate oil wells which had stopped producing to try to get more oil out of them. I HATED it. It wasnt home sickness the job just wasnt as described, I was the only girl, I couldn’t go anywhere alone and it was not for me so I came home.

At home I did an interview with a geotechnical and environmental consultancy and got the job. I took a massive paycut to less than half of what I was earning on the rigs and I didn’t care at all. I spent the next 2 years being super happy learning loads and working onsite. It reached a point when I would have been due a promotion in the next year or so and I decided that I wanted a new job and to get some more solid site experience before moving up.

So I got a new job… in AUSTRALIA! aaaaggggghhh crazyness.

The new job was as an exploration geologist drilling out an iron ore project. I worked 3 weeks on 1 week off in 50 degree heat and loved it. After this I was sent to a uranium company for 4 weeks ( I worked for a geological consultancy/contractors) and  ended up staying about 6 months. After this I decided 2 years of the contracting company was enough and that I wanted to work directly for a company. I would absolutely recommend a contracting company to anyone who wants intensive experience with just one employer on your cv. I moved to another exploration company which I stayed with for 2 years as a project geologist looking after all the northern territory projects. The work was ‘campaign style’ where you are office based but head out for programs as needed.

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to experience some closer to mine work so moved again to a gold company and so far I am loving it.

As for the future, well I would like to think that as I learn more I will end up a consultant working on a range of projects. I would like another masters and maybe a pHD at some point. Obviously I can’t fly in and out forever and will probably not do that once I have children but I cannot imagine not being a working mum as my job is a huge part of who I am and I love it.

Being a geologist is fantastic as you are paid to travel and go camping. If you love being outdoors you will enjoy it and to be honest I have seen more of Australia than a lot of Australians. Here are some images of places I have been

The Pilbara

The Tanami Desert

Pine Creek


The goldfields ( old explorers)

All images from googleimages

As you can see the Australian mining story is steeped in history and I love being part of that. I hope that one day my great grandkids talk about crazy great grandma H who moved here from England as a your filly and fell head over heels in love with great grandad on an old fashioned drill rig. I love to imagine my job and move being something which has shaped my little family in the future.

Are you a geologist? Would you like to be? Anyone interested in guest posting about there job? I don’t care what you do as long as you thing its awesome and want to tell others about it.

Round up

Well hi there it has been a while since we caught up, grab a cuppa lets chat.

I have a few thought this week, as always seems to be the way. Firstly I am finding it a little hard to blog from an ipad, hence the blog often having limited photos. I enjoy blogging and definitely feel that if I want my blog to move forward I need my own laptop and a  better camera. Two things for an xmas wish list. So for now bare with me, I will get there if a little slowly. Dont worry this is not turning into one of those look at my fabulous life blogs, I am a regular girl and will stick with that but maybe I will even brave up to outfits of the day?!?

I have found some new blogs ( new to me) which I love.. want a run down









So there is a little run down, if i forgot you I am sorry….oops! I am keen to share the blog love of what I enjoy and mainly I like reading about regular people in their 20s and early 30’s getting on with life.

This week at work was great, probation is over. I went on a few fab training courses and I am pretty happy in that department. I am also currently drafting a more work based blog post as was requested and am thinking of a second series about career choices. Would you be interested in guest blogging regarding your job? I always think its interesting to read about other people’s work and what it entails. The more information that is out there the better decisions people can make at important times.

So this week I flew back Tuesday evening and to be honest I have been shattered. I have been doing so much learning in my new role for the job plus learning to drive underground etc that it has taken it out of me. Wednesday I did a food shop and the laundry, thursday was spent doing odd jobs at home plus applying for my australian citizenship and today I have been walking for an hour, to the shops ( haul post to come) and cleaning. Yesterday I also got my eyes tested. Ever had that done? me either. I was finding it a little hard to read things is the distance when I was getting very tired. It turns out my eyes are very slightly short sighted but not enough that I need glasses. Just enough that they get a little lazy when I am exhausted or move quickly from a computer screen to outdoors. Shame I quite fancied some of these

RED OR DEAD 77 glasses


Did you know you can upload your photo and virtually try on glasses online? nup me either… awesome!

The running has been going well I am still loving it I am still just running for around 30 minutes three times a week. I also walk a lot, so try to do something daily ( with a couple of rest days when needed). It has been suggested I may need some toning exercises so will be trying ( finally) body pump and seeing if I like that. If not at the end of the year the gym membership will not be renewed and I will stick with yoga. With the diet also going well I am keen that I may be able to lose another 10kg before christmas!

The clothes are getting looser and I tried to buy a new dress this week for a wedding… but they don’t ship it to Australia! BOOOO

Still its a French connection sequins dress from ASOS… go now, it’s on sale, and think of me when you wear it!

hmmmm, what else. We are off tomorrow to plan the wedding trip and honeymoon…eeek! Only 9 months now. I am off out with the girls to see this guy tomorrow night

Xavier Rudd- Hello Handsome?!?

Tomorrow I am considering wearing one of my new purchases.. double denim any one?

Untitled #3

Can I do it? I think I might… such a rebel!

The rest of the weekend is chilling, sanding and painting. we have been invited out lots but there comes a point where we just wanted to stay in and do stuff on the house. It adds up in both time and money always being out and you have to limit yourself sometimes. Plus I just want to hang out with my fave person. We also want to get the house nice as in under 3 weeks my mum will be here. Beside myself is an underestimation of how excited I am to see her ( its been over 10 months) And have three weeeks of And be going to Bali for 4 days!

Whats making you smile at the moment? Double denim… inappropriately amazing or amazingly inappropriate???

Fodmaps investigation

Over the last week or so i have jumped right back on the diet wagon and been figuring out some final tweaks. Please note that the fodmap thing is very individual and the ones which affect some won’t effect others as much and they may promote different reactions in individuals. This is also potentially full of over shares but for anyone with digestive issues they will be used to this.

For me the things I can’t eat are

Fructans and fructose- wheat and fructose. Certain fruits, eg water melon, apples, pears etc don’t sit we’ll with me and upset my tummy. Concentrated fructose such as agave, honey, fruit juice are also out. Bananas and berries are all good. Wheat is out it absolutely bungs me up and makes me uncomfortable. Fructose can also cause gas for me.

Lactose- lactose is out. But dairy is ok as long as it is lactose free so I enjoy lactose free milk and hard cheese which has no lactose in it. Lactose in me causes an immediate upset tummy.

Galactans and raffinose- garlic and onion, small amounts in cooking seem ok, raw is bad. Large amounts in sauces is also out. Legumes are out ( it’s possible lentils may be ok)

Sugar polyols- sweeteners are out. Stevia is in.

Sadly observations over the last few weeks means that my beloved dark chocolate is out. It does seem that coffees are in though ( made with stevia and lactose free milk). I have also been enjoying barley wraps a lot at lunch.

How has a work day looked…

5am melon ( not watermelon)
9am cappuccino and 2 poached eggs with grilled tomatoes 7pp
Lunch salad and tuna or meat or veg, cheese and ham barley toasted wrap. 6pp
Snack. Banana or almonds 3pp
Dinner meat and veg 10pp

Snack include rice crackers as needed.

After dinner snacks of raw cacao with coconut or coconut water ( which is low fructose) also works.

This routine has my tummy feeling amazing.

At home I am mainly eating

9am fruit and coffee or porridge and coffee 6pp
Lunch salad or sushi 6pp
Snack fruit
Dinner whatever meal I am cooking that day 10pp

Treats popcorn, rice crackers etc.

I am really focusing on what I can eat rather than cant. It’s also easy to keep this food within points infact I am a little low sometimes so am adding avocado ( which some people can’t have but I can) or coconut to get the calories up. It’s definitely what I need as within 3-4 days of following the diet my tummy calms right down and feels well again. I am also amazed at how fodmaps is so personalised as to what each individual can have. It also amazes me that in one individual different fodmaps have different problems associated with them.

do you follow a fodmaps diet? What makes your tummy feel better?