Fodmaps investigation

Over the last week or so i have jumped right back on the diet wagon and been figuring out some final tweaks. Please note that the fodmap thing is very individual and the ones which affect some won’t effect others as much and they may promote different reactions in individuals. This is also potentially full of over shares but for anyone with digestive issues they will be used to this.

For me the things I can’t eat are

Fructans and fructose- wheat and fructose. Certain fruits, eg water melon, apples, pears etc don’t sit we’ll with me and upset my tummy. Concentrated fructose such as agave, honey, fruit juice are also out. Bananas and berries are all good. Wheat is out it absolutely bungs me up and makes me uncomfortable. Fructose can also cause gas for me.

Lactose- lactose is out. But dairy is ok as long as it is lactose free so I enjoy lactose free milk and hard cheese which has no lactose in it. Lactose in me causes an immediate upset tummy.

Galactans and raffinose- garlic and onion, small amounts in cooking seem ok, raw is bad. Large amounts in sauces is also out. Legumes are out ( it’s possible lentils may be ok)

Sugar polyols- sweeteners are out. Stevia is in.

Sadly observations over the last few weeks means that my beloved dark chocolate is out. It does seem that coffees are in though ( made with stevia and lactose free milk). I have also been enjoying barley wraps a lot at lunch.

How has a work day looked…

5am melon ( not watermelon)
9am cappuccino and 2 poached eggs with grilled tomatoes 7pp
Lunch salad and tuna or meat or veg, cheese and ham barley toasted wrap. 6pp
Snack. Banana or almonds 3pp
Dinner meat and veg 10pp

Snack include rice crackers as needed.

After dinner snacks of raw cacao with coconut or coconut water ( which is low fructose) also works.

This routine has my tummy feeling amazing.

At home I am mainly eating

9am fruit and coffee or porridge and coffee 6pp
Lunch salad or sushi 6pp
Snack fruit
Dinner whatever meal I am cooking that day 10pp

Treats popcorn, rice crackers etc.

I am really focusing on what I can eat rather than cant. It’s also easy to keep this food within points infact I am a little low sometimes so am adding avocado ( which some people can’t have but I can) or coconut to get the calories up. It’s definitely what I need as within 3-4 days of following the diet my tummy calms right down and feels well again. I am also amazed at how fodmaps is so personalised as to what each individual can have. It also amazes me that in one individual different fodmaps have different problems associated with them.

do you follow a fodmaps diet? What makes your tummy feel better?


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