Hey hey

Well it has been a long week full of work and now I am relaxing because… I have three weeks off and my mum is coming to visit. Awesome!

Yesterday I felt like I wanted a little pick me up treat and often when I feel like a shop it’s best to go or it builds into an out of control shopping frenzy. Luckily I had $110 in vouchers which I was given at work for acts of safety and so I knew exactly what I would spend. I also had a few items on my lust list. I honestly have found a wish list is an excellent way to focus my spending when a splurge feeling comes on.

Firstly I bought some more mario badescu. I got the same glycolic toner which I already have so I have one bottle for home and one for work. I am really impressed with this stuff and now I have tested it am happy to have a second to save carrying it between the two. I also got the silver powder for $33 I think?. This is amazing for cleaning pores apparently. I have tried it twice and as someone who constantly wages the war of the nose pore I am impressed. I will keep this up and report back.


Also in the photo is a tanning set by pure tan. I really wanted a tanning mit as I would like to try and use self tan as we go into the summer months. As part of my vanity program I think a fake tan may help me look good.. The mit on its own was $11.95 but this set was reduced to $18 and included a tube of bronzing lotion (not fake tan but an instant tanner).

I also wanted some fake tan, a facial moisturiser and a new mascara as one of mine has gone off. And I stumbled upon this little bargain from natio.. It contains a whopping $127 worth of products and was reduced to just $35.


The set includes a cinnamon and tangerine body wash which is lovely, a daily protection face moisturiser with SPF 15, ageless dual action cleanser and foamer, ageless lip smoothing treat,met, meditate body butter, self tan lotion, super long lash mascara and antioxidant lip shine.

So far I have used the body wash which is lovely. The facial cleanser and face moisturiser which are both fab, the mascara is also lovely and the lip shine is ok.. Not my favourite colour a bit pearly in finish for me but a good bottom of the handbag gloss.

I am so pleased with these bargains, normally I stick with what I know but sometimes you just can’t say no to a bargain!

What’s your best beauty bargains at the moment?


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