This little piggy

Is quite frankly obsessed with bacon at the moment possibly this was started by my other half buying a pack when he came back from the UAE very unimpressed with ‘facon’ that they serve there. Although I do eat carbs a bacon sarnie is not on the agenda. Ever since I watched a program which stated that the bulk of refined carbs were made as high calorie fillers for people fighting in wars I realised that for me there is little nutritional bang for your buck. I only eat bread etc if it is whole grain or something I am going to really enjoy.

So I needed a new way to eat bacon. Bacon with more nutrition.

Taa daa the easy bacon store cupboard salad


Basically you can eat this two ways.

For either I defrost some bacon ( which I freeze in packets of 2 rashers) and fry til crispy. Whilst frying I mix salad leaves, cucumber, tomato and capsicum/pepper.

Onto the salad I put a tsp grainy mustard, a drizzle of white wine vinegar and a spoon of may and mix through. Then add the bacon.

On other days to lighten it up once the bacon is fried I add balsamic vinegar to the pan and drizzle this on the lettuce rather than the mayonnaise dressing.

I point this at 1 for each rasher and 3 for the mayo. It keeps me really full with the fat and very energised.

Oh yes that is a full salad bowl on my lap.

Oh yes I ate it all.

Oh yes it fuelled me for 4 hours 3 of which were occupied by crazy lady cleaning antics.


Natio tan review

Hello my name’s Hayley but you can call me patches….

No words needed. It smells nice , the color is good, I applied it with a MIT and someone else helping.



Patchy, I need one with a color guide!

What am I eating

Its been a while since we caught up over food…I am now on 28 points per day. As always I have a work diet and home diet….

At work I eat…..

5 am 2 eggs plus grilled tomato and piece of bacon or hash browns (5-7 pts) I try to limit bacon or hash browns to once a week

9am fruit and cappuccino ( 2pts)

lunch-salad and protein\, salad and rice salad, barley wraps with salad and ham, or rice and curry ( normally around 8 pts)

4pm- rice crackers (20) or handful of almonds and piece of friut (3-4 pts)

Dinner- roast meat or grilled fish and veg. (6-8 pts)

Snack- sometimes jelly or a couple of squares of dark choc with sea salt (3 pts).

At home I have a more varied diet… typically comprising

9am-coffee, spelt toast and jam ( 8pts) or poached egg and ham on 1 piece spelt bread with cofffee (8 pts)

Lunch- sushi (6pts) or soup (6 points?) or salad with avo, cheese or chicken, home made dressing (6-8 pts)

afternoon- 2 squares dark choc (3 pts) or fresh fruit

dinner- varies from meat or fish and salad and veg ( 8pts), gluten free pasta and veg with home made pesto ( 8 pts)


So as you can see it still remains quite even eating and quite healthy. I am careful when I am going out as lowfodmap food can be a challenge and I still point everything. Historically I would have eaten less/ avoided food the day so I could eat more. No more my friends my best diet tactic is to eat as per normal so you arent ravenous. Choose what you want to have. Enjoy it. Stop when you are full. For me I need a full side plate or a not full dinner plate to feel full. This is NOT going to change because I am in a restaurant. I dont need a starter and dessert. I may like dessert…perhaps I should share??? Infact I always do. Ask for half the meal packaged to take away before you even start. Divide the food on your plate (subtly) and eyeball what you are going to eat. Then eat that ONLY THAT. These are tricks I have learned without even realising it. The weight watchers 49 weekly points never changes, there is always points for a more indulgent meal, there is not points for an enourmous indulgent meal… every night!

That is the beauty of it balance.

Another thing I noticed after our BBQ we have left overs. We have left over pavlova. I can eat pavlova it is fodmap friendly. Also, relatively low in points as we didnt have cream on it. I had a small slice that night. I am not going to lie, when hungover, a bacon and egg sandwich followed a few hours later by a second breakfast of pavlova is the stuff champions are raised on. That was it. I ate it, loved it, enjoyed it and got over it. I gave the rest away and now look forward to enjoying the next pavolva occasion.

Weight watchers has points there for blow outs. There are plenty of points for drinks, there are plenty of points for meals, there are plenty of points for hangover junk food. There is no room for excessive amounts of all three. I am learning. If you know there is a big one coming up dont have treats that week. Save those weekly points. Have a low point drink ( vodka soda is 3 pts and fodmap friendly) I am a 3 drink kind of girl. Dont go starving either eat a balanced meal first or have a snack so you avoid the crisps and just enjoy the meal. The next morning have a good,healthy good breakfast…. then get back to it. Done and Done. I realise this is easier said than done. Be honest with yourself.. what is your priority?? mine is chocolate over alcohol. Make your choices, designated drivers eat more cookies, and stick to it.

What are your tips???

Fodmaps update

It has now been nearly 3 months fodmap free. In the supermarket I noticed that this


Has made it to WA. At first I resisted, then I researched. Greek yoghurt is the lowest lactose form of yogurt due to straining twice. As someone who currently has barely any calcium I was keen to try. I knew from other blogs chobani has hardly any nasty add ins so would be a good bet. I had one yesterday and one today and so far no ill effects. Watch this space!

What’s in my bag…. With a twist

I see a lot of what’s in my handbag posts and I love a onset into other people’s worlds. At work I don’t carry a bag so is doing a what’s in my donga post. A donga is a portable room which is used at mining camps.

I snapped a few quick pics of things I use most at work.




The first picture is my laundry bag $15 from cotton on body. Not only essential to keep your small room tidy but also to take you clothes to the laundry block without any embarrassing drop your knickers on the path experiences.

Next is my at work makeup bag. I used to never wear makeup to work but at this site the girls do wear a little. As I am nearer 30 than 20 a little help from products which not only make you look better but also protects your skin is welcome. In my bag is.

Invisible zinc tinted sunscreen in light. This goes on shiny, has a light coverage and I imagine is somewhat similar to a BB cream in coverage.

Elf bronze and blush duo. Natural , cheap and a perfect colour combo for my skin. Reportedly a Nara Laguna/ orgasm dupe. I wouldn’t know as I have never had the Nars but am really happy with this little combo. I also curl my eyelashes most days.

I also have Lucas paw paw ointment for so many uses ( mainly lips), a model co mascara if I want a little something for a night at the wet mess and a lipgloss ( which I never use).

There is also a lip stain, a Lancôme concealer, eyelash curlers and a foundation brush from sigma.

The next photo has more hair and body stuff. I actually have more up there than I currently use but the main contenders are.

Dove summer glow, so I am not quite so Lilly white when I go on break.

Mitchum deodorant. It is over 40 degrees most days now.. Industrial deodarant needed.

Gwen stefani love rocks body spray.. You may be at work…you don’t need to stink.

Natures instinct mineral sunscreen for body.

Coconut oil in frangipani fragrance from Fiji as the water really dries my skin out up there.

Moroccan oil curl mouse to try and get some condition in my hair. I got a Moroccan oil set with the oil, curl mouse and hair spray. I keep the oil and spray at home and relegated the curl mouse to work where I let my hair dry naturally. This saves karting products between the two places. Mario badescu glycolic toner, aveda radiance moisturiser and skinstitut glycolic cleanser.

In my shower I have organic shower gel ( sls free as this adds to the drying effect of bore water) and I am trying dermalogica micro foliant at the moment after reading rave reviews and am currently unsure. I also have John Friedan go blond shampoo and conditioner that I alternate with organically moisture replenishing shampoo and conditioner.

So there you go?..

what’s in your bag?

Project pan 100

So lately there has been a bit of spending in the form of new clothes, sale stuff and Christmas. All good fun but with Christmas in 5 weeks and my birthday in 12 weeks so really I need nothing. I am going to recommit to project pan 50 but make it 100.

My rules are.

No spending except for Christmas and birthday money.

You can replace any items completely used up and run out of that are necessary.

Items to include makeup, beauty stuff, clothes which have got to big plus supplements and fancy ingredients I have bought over the years and not used.

Thanks to beautifully glossy for hosting!

Who’s joining me?


Yep I am on twitter, not to sure how to use it at the moment, please add me.

The name… There is a story. In Australia a bogan is an Aussie bloke who wears flannos, drinks jack Daniels and drives a ute… Amongst other characteristics.

My other half is a bogan. Or at least he was until he announced a few weeks ago he felt he was so well travelled he thought bojane ( pronounced Bo- jhan) was more fitting and continental. Obviously this was one of the cutest and funniest things I ever heard so @mrsbojane it is!

Add me as a friend I would love to see how this all works

Blackheads be gone

Honestly there will be no pictures in this post… That would be too much of an over share. Although I have never had extreme blackheads I have suffered with enlarged nose pores which get congested. For years the best I could do was biore pore strips. I use this so religiously I actually bulk buy off eBay so it’s cheaper.

This year as I have worked on refining my skin are and makeup I have discovered that as a standalone product these are no longer good enough. First use some mario badescu silver powder

Let it dry, wash off with warm water then use a pore strip. Trust me you will never look back.

I currently then tone with mario badescu glycolic toner

This week I am then using the kosmea radiance youth boost, from my Eco box, and loving it.

You may notice the pills in the background?.. There has been a lot of flu in my house. I am meant to be on a hens day right now. Instead I am at home resting. I have been taking odourless garlic and pamaxea super sinex and am on the mend.

what are your current skin care loves?

Christmas wish list

Honestly, I do not need much for christmas. I have most things I wish for and am pretty well spoiled by the other half. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with a bit of a lust list and there are, obviously, certain things I am lusting for.

1. Scented candles

I can never bring myself to pay this much for a lovely scented candle but I do really love them. This makes them a treat item, as I only buy reduced candles ($10 or less), and the perfect no.1 for my lust list.


2. bath stuff

Again, body scrub is quite pricey I like a proper scrub and not just a gel with scrub in. Body shop at nearly $30 a tub is more than I would spend on myself but I would happily wish for it!

After a good scrub I like body oil

3. Urban Decay Naked Pallett

Yep I still lust for this

4. A vintage rose gold locket

Something like this, which I would wear on a longer length pendant chain. I love rose gold and as much as I would love one of these it has been on my list for over 2 years but I enjoy the hunt and wandering round markets as much, if not more, than I will enjoy the item when we find it.

I dont tend to like to put too much on my list as people choose so well for me and get me things I would never have even thought of.

What are you wishing for?