Yep I am totally hungover on the couch watching come dine with me catch up… But the reason for this quick post is to say that although I ate many points ( which I had reserved for this occasion) I also stayed fodmap free…

Last night I had

1 gluten free sausage
1 spare rib
Home made potato salad and coleslaw
Mixed salad

A slice of pavlova with no cream

Plus 3 vodka lemon limes and a rum shot.

I was well fed, I was happy, I was tipsy and laughing with friends.

Today I am tired and a little precious but I feel pretty good a there has not been an upset tummy in site! With a little planning I can indulge without getting sick… Chuffed does not even describe it.

I don’t drink very often but next time I will switch to vodka, soda water and a squeeze of fresh lemon to be more points friendly and less sugar heavy!

Anyway, back to come dine with me… Where do they get these people???


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