Blackheads be gone

Honestly there will be no pictures in this post… That would be too much of an over share. Although I have never had extreme blackheads I have suffered with enlarged nose pores which get congested. For years the best I could do was biore pore strips. I use this so religiously I actually bulk buy off eBay so it’s cheaper.

This year as I have worked on refining my skin are and makeup I have discovered that as a standalone product these are no longer good enough. First use some mario badescu silver powder

Let it dry, wash off with warm water then use a pore strip. Trust me you will never look back.

I currently then tone with mario badescu glycolic toner

This week I am then using the kosmea radiance youth boost, from my Eco box, and loving it.

You may notice the pills in the background?.. There has been a lot of flu in my house. I am meant to be on a hens day right now. Instead I am at home resting. I have been taking odourless garlic and pamaxea super sinex and am on the mend.

what are your current skin care loves?


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