What’s in my bag…. With a twist

I see a lot of what’s in my handbag posts and I love a onset into other people’s worlds. At work I don’t carry a bag so is doing a what’s in my donga post. A donga is a portable room which is used at mining camps.

I snapped a few quick pics of things I use most at work.




The first picture is my laundry bag $15 from cotton on body. Not only essential to keep your small room tidy but also to take you clothes to the laundry block without any embarrassing drop your knickers on the path experiences.

Next is my at work makeup bag. I used to never wear makeup to work but at this site the girls do wear a little. As I am nearer 30 than 20 a little help from products which not only make you look better but also protects your skin is welcome. In my bag is.

Invisible zinc tinted sunscreen in light. This goes on shiny, has a light coverage and I imagine is somewhat similar to a BB cream in coverage.


Elf bronze and blush duo. Natural , cheap and a perfect colour combo for my skin. Reportedly a Nara Laguna/ orgasm dupe. I wouldn’t know as I have never had the Nars but am really happy with this little combo. I also curl my eyelashes most days.


I also have Lucas paw paw ointment for so many uses ( mainly lips), a model co mascara if I want a little something for a night at the wet mess and a lipgloss ( which I never use).

There is also a lip stain, a Lancôme concealer, eyelash curlers and a foundation brush from sigma.

The next photo has more hair and body stuff. I actually have more up there than I currently use but the main contenders are.

Dove summer glow, so I am not quite so Lilly white when I go on break.

Mitchum deodorant. It is over 40 degrees most days now.. Industrial deodarant needed.

Gwen stefani love rocks body spray.. You may be at work…you don’t need to stink.

Natures instinct mineral sunscreen for body.

Coconut oil in frangipani fragrance from Fiji as the water really dries my skin out up there.

Moroccan oil curl mouse to try and get some condition in my hair. I got a Moroccan oil set with the oil, curl mouse and hair spray. I keep the oil and spray at home and relegated the curl mouse to work where I let my hair dry naturally. This saves karting products between the two places. Mario badescu glycolic toner, aveda radiance moisturiser and skinstitut glycolic cleanser.

In my shower I have organic shower gel ( sls free as this adds to the drying effect of bore water) and I am trying dermalogica micro foliant at the moment after reading rave reviews and am currently unsure. I also have John Friedan go blond shampoo and conditioner that I alternate with organically moisture replenishing shampoo and conditioner.

So there you go?..

what’s in your bag?


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