Auld lang syne

I thought I would take the time to wish you all a happy new year and have a review of my year that has passed and take a small look forward.

This year has been massive for me. I feel like I started the year on a personal low in some respects. I was overweight, tired and unhealthy. This year I have lost over 22kg, got healthy, healed my tummy and exercise has become a real fixture in my world that I would miss. I also, feel that I have got myself into a much happier headspace with the help of the naturopath and lifestyle coach I am much more relaxed about life, enjoying it and achieving and also knowing what I want.

This year I took risks and tried a new job with a lot of unknown factors. It has paid off really well. I am so happy, challenged, motivated, supported and really enjoying it. I had my end of year review which went well and I am so excited about my future with this company.

This year I have learned to love exercise of all varieties and I have stopped using it as a punishment for my body, I do exercise I enjoy and I miss it when I don’t do it.

This year I have cleared out a lot of clothes as I lost weight and I am working towards replacing the essentials and having a handful of trendy/ fun items. I am trying to be functional whilst keeping fashion as something fun I enjoy. In a similar vein this year I discovered mineral makeup which revolutionised my skin. My skincare routine has been streamlined, my face base is always mineral, most of my makeup is natural but I am experimenting with different looks and products and enjoying it.

This year I discovered god knows best. I am not getting all deep and meaningful I am talking… Hair colour. I returned to my roots and found a hair dresser who would enhance my natural colour and not cover it. I have been usin YouTube tutorials to get a bit braver with hair styles and have learned to love my conical styler for beach waves.

This year I stuck to a diet, I lost weight and whilst I have more to go I am happy with my size. More importantly I found the energy and strength to stop eating fodmaps which has, no joke, been the single best decision ever. I finally feel like my body works.

This year I learned to trust the universe. I learned to listen to myself, be honest about what I want and what is Important and to trust the universe will provide the opportunities. It has blown me away how once I stopped trying to force things and lived in the moment more so many opportunities I thought were impossible have come my way. I have had a new example of this but can’t talk about it yet, needless to say the next few years could be so exciting.

I have really reviewed what I want from life and really I want another couple of years of working hard before, fingers crossed, having children. We have the next two years to get ourselves sorted but I don’t want to leave it much later. I have realised that having a family is really important to me, 32 seems like a good age to start for me!

This year my wedding has tried me and tested me and through it all there has only been one factor.. I can’t flipping wait to marry my man.. He is a legend and my absolute favourite person ever. I don’t care about the day at all.

This year I did a lot of saving and paying off. I also….started blogging and love it. Blogging definitely helps me on my journey and to focus.

So many other things will have happened but that’s my little run down.. Well done if you got this far.

I wish you all the happiness for the new year.., lets catch up tomorrow for some 2013 goals!


Native box review


I was all set for this to be my last native box as $20 is a lot each month and then it arrived. This month contained….

Photo care omega 3 oil i am going to use this in the new year with my january get fit plan.
Hand made goat milk soap, which I will use but I don’t love soap bars.
Adorn mineral eyeshadow this is in a purple colour and lovely, the is also a voucher for $15 to spend at adorn. I haven’t used this as I am on project pan 100 but the eyeshadow, switched lightly below, is beautiful.


Ajitas vege chips, gingerbread folk gluten free dairy free ginger bread man, Aussie health snax chia bar… All of which are in the snack cupboard for a rainy day.

More life spirulina tablets which I will take in January with my healthy plan. Adore green tea sachet, again I will try this in the new year.

Vanilla body butter sachet and pure papaya ointment sachet. Honestly I don’t love sachets but have out these away for overnight stays.

Plus free recycled envelopes.

As I said before I am Impressed and whilst $20 is a lot the value is so much higher and it’s a good way to try new health products. I think I will keep this subscription up.

are you a native box subscriber? Do you find them value?

Pan, pan , pan

Well it may be the silly season but I am still panning. All I have bought is a replacement for the scrub I used up, below, as I had no more supplies and need scrub to feel good this ine smells amazing and is around $15 and lasts for ages. So in the pan the last week….

The scrub


Bath salts


Batiste dry shampoo, I will replace this


Hemagenics iron tablets, as I am trying to get all I need from food.


More to come, I am pleased how well I am doing at using things up.

are you panning? If so link me up

Eating lately

I have been eating a few new things lately. I have been pretty exhausted and been sent for blood tests to check my iron levels so have needed some calories in my bod to fuel myself. It’s a catch 22 when I need this as many calorific foods are high in fodmaps so it then stops me absorbing food properly with an upset tum and I end up feeling worse…


This has been fuelling my runs, just eat feel full and go for hours. I like them. It does have agave in which is high fructose so I will just use these up and not repurchase, but as long as I don’t have them daily it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The coconut butter aspect is obviously helping with operation Miranda!

It is also stinking hot. Sometimes I can’t get cool without eating something freezing to cool from the inside. This is just a banana blended with some frozen raspberries….


Other than that the diet is constant, there have been a few treats over the festive season but I have had designated treat days, tried to stay fodmap friendly and have upped the exercise so I have plenty of points available.

what are you silly season treats and tactics?


Well what a wonderful day I had filled with friends, family and Christmas cheer…

We saw the nieces and nephews and family, opened our gifts and then headed to a friends for a pool party and phenomenal roast dinner. The day was spent in and out of the pool as it was 40 degrees here. The food has been amazing, but I have stayed on track and today is Boxing Day and I am back to salads which frees up more points for meals out socialising. I still have visits to friends and a wedding to navigate this week. Today we did a 10km walk and will try to work out each day which will provide a points buffer.

In the evening I skyped my family and this was the only part of the day when I missed being at home, only because my family are just so much fun. I am happy to report that I feel this Christmas was my most successful warm Christmas yet and I am loving us making our own little traditions. Pigs in blankets and snowball drinks have become my signature moves over here.

I am happy to put my gifts up on this blog as I love seeing what other people get. It is not for show off purposes so people please don’t get upset, I understand I am ridiculously lucky. I am not going to show everything as you don’t need to see all of it, but I will show a few special pieces….


A kindle from my lovely fiancé, with a cover as a gift from my beautiful doggie. I also got some spending money from Barry the barramundi and a voucher from the cat fish in our fish tank.

This t shirt from my family, which I am saving to wear after my wedding


Plus an amazing table cloth which I don’t have yet as it is being finished but is plain white, with red embroidery ( by my mum) with lines from the night before Christmas. Each year we compete to see who can make each other cry with how thoughtful are gifts are… This was the contender.

Also from my family a bracelet with an English penny on, I love this.


We also got a voucher for us to go horse riding along a river near perth. I can’t wait.

Together we got a voucher for a store here which we are going to use in the sale to buy a lovely new decoration for next year. Slowly we are building a collection of lovely things for our little family which all have meaning and heart.

Christmas makeup was just a bit of waterproof mascara and a Christmas lip


It really was a wonderful day, people liked their presents from us ( which is so important to me as I make a lot of effort), lovely food the bulk of which was healthy and lots of fun with friends. Now we have a week or so off and are balancing, catching up with friends, exercise, resting, chilling and fun!

how did you spend your day?


I thought this post would be bigger but alas I am so near to finishing lots of products but am not quite there…

This week I finished this


I have a backup and always use this as its cheap, cheerful and readily available.

Under the mistletoe

I thought that given my massive makeup collection at the moment I would try to snap a few products in action. This week it’s something seasonal and needed for those mistletoe kisses.. Lips.

The two products I have used this week are korres liquid lipstick in raspberry and burts bees lip shimmer in rhubarb.

I had thought all my korres were lip glosses but some are lipsticks which you apply like a lipgloss. I love them. I feel comfortable with them, less formal than a lipstick, but they have the lasting power of a lipstick and don’t dry my lips. I have been using this when I have some eyeshadow on.


When I have a plainer eye, just a wash of neutral and a thin liquid line I want more of a coloured lip and burts bees has been coming into play. Applied like a lip balm, but always I front of a mirror as it has a lot of pigment, it feels light and minty on the lips.


Festive hey?

As an aside the sleek shimmer block is completely amazing as is the brown kit. I definitely think they are making my face at the moment and are fabulous bargains.

what are your best seasonal lips?

Lust have it December Eco box

My Eco box was waiting for me when I got back from work. I ripped it open eagerly and once again was pretty chuffed with the contents…


Included is earth body hand and body lotion. I will pass this on as mine was lavender and the other half is allergic. I also tend to prefer oils to creams but someone will enjoy this.

Dr hauschka Melissa day cream, world organic juniper and berry face wash and almond seed face exfoliant… All of these remain in the travel drawer I use for decent sized samples.

Aphrodite make your eyes pop glitter shadow. This is pretty similar to others I have got in these boxes but I like using them as a wash of shadow with a thin black liquid line and some statement lips.

My two favourite products…a Konjac sponge which I have wanted to try for ages and am testing at the moment. It smells a bit funny but I am hoping it will revolutionise my skin and aid in my morphing to Miranda Kerr.

And de Lorenzo elements mud styling texture creme, In a full size, which smells lovely and works brilliantly in making a ponytail more texturised.


do you get these boxes? I do like the Eco ones but am unsure it’s such good value for money