A very budget Christmas

Well howdy doody all, although I am not festive yet as I am at work I will be getting festive this break. I have 12 days off over Christmas and although, if I am honest, I do find Christmas tricky in a warmer climate I am determined to enjoy this.

To date I have been super spoiled as my mum really goes all out and is super talented at arts crafts and decorating. Side note if you ever want inspiration check out he blog at http://www.giftfrippery.co.uk. Anyway each year I have planned my presents for every meticulously, really thought about what they may want and gone home for Christmas. Each year, until I have my own children, I get a stocking and then we have breakfast, open gifts, play games, have dinner and chill by the fire as a family,

This year I am in Australia in my other families Christmas. This is a little tricky on a few accounts. Mainly because each of those family’s have another half of their family to see we all meeting up for Christmas breakfast leaving the rest of the day free for them to see the rest of their family… Fantastic except the rest of my family is in England! No my putty party is over I am throwing myself into a making new traditions of our own and having a very merry budget Christmas.

The presents for my family have already been sorted so I could send them home with my mum. So next break we are going to my works Christmas party, staying at the hotel with a group of friends in an apartment and then the next day the cob ( other half as I call him) are having our festive day. As we don’t have heaps of spare cash we like to have lots of little occasions and nice days such and this will be one of them. We are going into town to pick up presents for his family, we will have coffee together, maybe go for lunch and that evening we are planning to have a nice roast, a few drinks and put up our tree. I will probably also wrap presents whilst we watch an Xmas movie. Tradition no. 1. I can’t wait until we are shopping for our own little family.. One day!

We do have 2 weddings to go to which means more Christmas season parties so I am looking forward to that. I have planned to do a night of home made mince pies and iced mulled wine on Christmas Eve at our house for family and friends. I would love to decorate the house a little more for this. I am thinking some kind of wreath on the door and some extra decorations which I will make… Are you interested in seeing these?

Christmas Day will be the family breakfast. In Australia, thank goodness for us, due to the large amount of travellers they have orphans Christmas where you go and celebrate round a meal wit friends and friends of friends. We may end up doing this. Then we come home early evening and Skype in with my family. I definitely want to see them open my gifts it took me aaaages to choose them.

This year we are on a budget as I explained and I already gave cob money for his birthday and Xmas present. He had a work based amazing trip to Abu Dhabi and I wanted him to have money to make the most of every opportunity out there. I still want him to have things to open so I am going to get a selection of stocking filler type gifts and some hand made ones for him.

Some ideas I have-

Chilli jam
Pickled walnuts ( he liked these In England)
Pickled onion monster munch ( a few packets wrapped individually)
Some new guitar picks
A board game we can play
Some vouchers that I will go fishing with him, be designated driver etc for the year

I can’t think of anything else I need to pop to the shops to get some bits and should probably do that tomorrow whilst he’s at work.

Also these, from Pinterest


Would make a lovely home made gift with some packets of seeds in!

What budget Xmas tips do you have?


One thought on “A very budget Christmas

  1. Hi Holly go Lightly! If you’re not confident in making a wreath you could ring the changes this year and gather a seaonal bunch. Tie with a red ribbon. you could include some gum nuts (sprayed white, silver, or gold). You and the cob could have a little outing (maybe just a coffee or a walk etc ) for each of the twelve days of Christmas and that will take you to New Year.

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