A day in the life of… Work me

As you know I have a double life, how very James Bond right?, I have a week of work Hayley and then a week of home Hayley. Here is a day in the life of work Hayley.

4.00am gym ( sometimes) if it is too hot for outdoors exercise I have started doing 45mins in the gym


4.45am wake up, check emails etc.

5.00am dressed in high via and work uniform and steel cap boots I head to the mess to get my breakfast and pack my lunch. There are two messes at camp one is like a school cantina and the other is the wet mess which is the bar.

5.30am pre start the car, check oil and fluid levels, lights etc.

5.45 or 6.00am depending on what task I am assigned to ( underground vs overground) morning meeting, stretches and breathalyser test each day.

7.00am COFFEE! And check emails

9.00am snack

12.00 lunch

4.00 pm snack

5.30-6.00 finish work and try to exercise. Walk/run normally possibly some personal training.

7.00 dinner

Optional -drink at wet mess ( I normally have a crazy diet coke as I am fearful of the breatho each morning and only go once a swing as I like a bit of me time)
– I also do my laundry the night before fly out and whilst waiting to a mini pamper, shave legs, face mask and a bit of summer skin so I am ready for break.

My work day comprises a lot of running around, variable tasks, meetings, training and occasional night call outs.

8.30 in bed reading or watching tv and then crash out asleep.

Repeat for 8 days straight


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