A day in the life of home me

Well following on from me at work here is a day in the life of at home me.

6am wake up and send the cob off to work, I then laze around read blogs and drink coffee in bed.
7am breakfast

My days are far less structured so writing a day in the life of is tricky. I write a list of jobs when I get back and break them up over the week, some days I have friends to meet and appointments s it’s varied. Anyhooo here is an idea.

Jobs round house until around 10.00 these include cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing renovating.

Lunch 12.00

Gym class, run, Walk or swim in the afternoon.

4pm site down and watch eastenders and corrie Norrie on uktv or call my mum and wait for matty to get home at 5.15pm.

We often go for a walk together with the dog, have a nice tv, sit wand watch some program’s and I read a lot on the iPad then it’s bath and bed at around 9pm and asleep by 10 ish!

I seem quite lazy in this but I am always up to something, the shops, out the house jobs, DIY projects, craft projects, blog stuff all sorts!


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