Smoozing around

ImageA few weeks ago I was sent some products to try by a rather lovely group of people. All I knew beforehand was that they were a health based product. As always I was keen to try but I was also a little nervous as so many health food products are full of so-called healthy ingredients which are no suitable for low FODMAP people like me.

Through the letterbox arrived a little bundle of triangle-shaped things by the name of Smooze. Smooze is a product made by two naturopaths and parents and are little triangles which you freeze and become Fruit Ice. The website is here.

First up I checked the ingredients. As someone with a sensitive stomach to say the least this is the most important thing for me. The main ingredients are fruit juice or puree ( not reconstituted or concentrate which means you get far more nutritional bang for your buck), coconut milk ( if it works for Miranda Kerr??) and the following (taken from the website)

  • Fruit Pectin: a natural dietary fibre found in a variety of fruits, which assists the blending of the juices & purees with the coconut milk
  • Citric acid: found in citrus fruits and acts as a natural preservative and gives Smooze a natural fruity tang
  • Ascorbic acid: a natural preservative otherwise known as Vitamin C
  • Natural fruit flavours: all straight from nature
  • Cane sugar: Smooze has on average 40% less sugar than other frozen treats. It is also worth noting that the ‘sugars’ listed in the nutrition panel also include the naturally occurring fruit sugars (fructose) from the fruit juices and purees

All of this is pretty much fine for me. Some do contain fructose but it is far down the list and for those of you not sensitive no worries. I have tried the Smooze with my able-bodied assistant ( the fiance) over the last week and I am so impressed. Each serve is only 2 pro points so very diet friendly and we have had them a few different ways.

After a 10km walk round the river on a hot day we were sweaty and looking for refreshment. I whipped out the first of the Smooze’s and was pleasantly surprised. You just chop the top, push it up and eat like an ice lolly ( or icy pole to you Aussies). For me it was so exciting, as a lactose intolerant, to be able to have a creamy fruity dessert type thing. The other half also loved it so much he went back for a second which with such healthy ingredients and low calories is just not a problem. I think I may get some to keep in my freezer at work for a cooling healthy treat for dessert after a hot days work. I also think you could blend one with a frozen banana for more of a soft serve type affair.

Next we tried them in green smoothies. After a bit of a big night at my works christmas party I needed some greens and fast.


Do you see that I made two? This never happens but my other half wanted in on this action also… wonders never cease. My green smoothies were modified a little for lower fructose. I used handfuls of spinach, filtered water, a banana and a smooze. It was such a lovely change to have a green smoothie with some extra flavour and a bit creamy in texture as mine are normally quite low in fruit and never have juice.

Finally I got really experimental. Since giving up dairy and counting points I have missed iced coffee so much. I made some black coffee and blended with the plain coconut smooze (you could also add stevia to taste) and this popped out the blender….


Happy is an understatement. Obviously fresh fruit is best but for convenience these are great. They don’t takeup too much freezer space and are great for a healthy treat or for when you are running low on fresh products. I also love the way they taste with green smoothies and will continue with this at the weekend as a way to get greens into the other half… I imagine this would also work for children.

Do you smooze? What convenience health foods do you rate?


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