Native box

Twitter has opened up a bit if a new world to me and one of my new find was native box. I had always said with all these beauty boxes around I would love one to try healthy organic items. Honestly before I successfully lost weight I was always looking for the next miracle cure to turn me into Miranda Kerr. Often these items were expensive, often had strange tastes due to healthy ingredients and often didn’t agree with my stomach. The native box has Eco products which are natural and Eco friendly. So this months box contained all these goodies.


There was all of this included


So far we have eaten the chocolate macadamia nuts, cobs popcorn, Thomas chip an chips and used the pen. These snacks got us through the hangover that destroyed yesterday and all of it was lovely. Today I am planning to have some vitamin c powder and use the detox patches.

All in all I think this is a great idea. $20 per month is quite a bit but it does give a good selection of foods to try ( and other beauty bits). If you consider what these would be for full packets and that you may not like them all it could save you in the long run and will definitely save on cupboard space! Lots of the products are gluten free, dairy free and cater for allergic people like myself which is also a bonus as often these products are not that tasty and you have to try a lot, and spend a lot, to find ones you like… No more this box delivers them to your doorstep!

native box? Are you in or out?


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