Project panning

Oh yeah, on a roll, more panning


A lovely candle, it came in my Eco box, burned well, smelled nice but I have others I need to use under the rules of this game before I get a new one.


A cult product, I always have one, rescues ,my face like no other. Since I first tried this when my mum gave me a blob to make me feel special before my sixth form ball I have loved it. It’s smells of special, feels special and really does perk your face up. I use it for special occasions, very bad face days and when I need intensive moisture after long trips out bush. I would re purchase this is a FLASH ( geddit?!?) except I cat because the rules of this game for it it.

I am enjoying the panning. Sadly my jeans are getting to big and I need to pan them out but am holding off as long as possible as I have no replacement except jeggings. Part of me does feel with the Australian summer upon us it may be wise to wait until autumn to get a new pair as they probably won’t get much use anyway!

have you been panning?


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