Well what a wonderful day I had filled with friends, family and Christmas cheer…

We saw the nieces and nephews and family, opened our gifts and then headed to a friends for a pool party and phenomenal roast dinner. The day was spent in and out of the pool as it was 40 degrees here. The food has been amazing, but I have stayed on track and today is Boxing Day and I am back to salads which frees up more points for meals out socialising. I still have visits to friends and a wedding to navigate this week. Today we did a 10km walk and will try to work out each day which will provide a points buffer.

In the evening I skyped my family and this was the only part of the day when I missed being at home, only because my family are just so much fun. I am happy to report that I feel this Christmas was my most successful warm Christmas yet and I am loving us making our own little traditions. Pigs in blankets and snowball drinks have become my signature moves over here.

I am happy to put my gifts up on this blog as I love seeing what other people get. It is not for show off purposes so people please don’t get upset, I understand I am ridiculously lucky. I am not going to show everything as you don’t need to see all of it, but I will show a few special pieces….


A kindle from my lovely fiancé, with a cover as a gift from my beautiful doggie. I also got some spending money from Barry the barramundi and a voucher from the cat fish in our fish tank.

This t shirt from my family, which I am saving to wear after my wedding


Plus an amazing table cloth which I don’t have yet as it is being finished but is plain white, with red embroidery ( by my mum) with lines from the night before Christmas. Each year we compete to see who can make each other cry with how thoughtful are gifts are… This was the contender.

Also from my family a bracelet with an English penny on, I love this.


We also got a voucher for us to go horse riding along a river near perth. I can’t wait.

Together we got a voucher for a store here which we are going to use in the sale to buy a lovely new decoration for next year. Slowly we are building a collection of lovely things for our little family which all have meaning and heart.

Christmas makeup was just a bit of waterproof mascara and a Christmas lip


It really was a wonderful day, people liked their presents from us ( which is so important to me as I make a lot of effort), lovely food the bulk of which was healthy and lots of fun with friends. Now we have a week or so off and are balancing, catching up with friends, exercise, resting, chilling and fun!

how did you spend your day?


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, sounds like you had a great day! I still can’t imagine being in a warmer climate on Christmas day though 😉 I spend the day visiting friends and family with a big lunch with all my closest family then tele watching in my PJ’s while I stuffed my face! Good times 😉

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