I have 2 new panning items to add to the list. Again I feel like I am moving through stuff slowly but I do feel like I am using things up, trying new things and really getting a good idea about what I do and don`t like and why. To date I have never really reviewed as such on here and I don`t really see this blog as a beauty review blog. However, in day to day life I always want things and products which work and are value so I will continue to name drop products which I am loving.

First up the panned items.



Bare minerals primer. I love this. I love all Bare minerals products and use them religiously for a base. I actually think they clear my skin whilst I have them on and hate the feel of liquid foundations on my skin now. I have replaced this with the Bare Minerals illuminating primer. I really love the illuminating primer and think I may well stick with this. At the same time I bought the illuminating mineral veil which I am less impressed with as it is just sparkly rather than illuminating. To be honest I will use this up but then revert to the regular mineral veil. I think this with the illuminating primer will really be my holy grail for glowy skin!

Also used up is the organic care moisturising shower milk. Which is nice and good value and I would have repurchased…. except I have now cracked my first Dr bronners which I got for christmas and this stuff has won my heart. Although more expensive my skin loves it, it smells amazing and a little goes a long way. I have a suspicion that only this will do now!

The above link is to asos where it is really reasonable in price. I can`t be sure yet but I think that this no nasties natural soap may make my skin feel much less dry!

Have you panned lately?


Life lately

Phew life has been racing by since I last dropped in. The last post was a tricky one for me to write but since I have I feel better. I feel much more at ease now I know the problem and have pulled myself back into line.

This break I have been pretty busy with a hash run from my house which I had to organise. Friday spent with a friend, not at the beach as planned, but riding one of these along the river.


This is so much fun. Whilst It may be a touristy thing to do it is also a really nice way to catch up, enjoy the sun and the river and also get some fitness. This was followed by a shared tasting plate and a macaroon.

I have wanted to try macaroons for ages after hearing good things. Maybe I had a bad one, I didn`t really rate it.

Saturday we had Australia Day and a BBQ at ours so I made green salad, coleslaw and potato salad and we cooked up a storm. I did drink quite a lot but had a great time with friends, didn`t overeat and now feel worse for wear today.

Today a lot of water and coconut water has been drunk. Left overs eaten and a big bath and scrub done and I feel like a whole new lady. The house is back to clean, laundry is on, ironing in a heap to do whilst watching the carrie diaries ( my first episode) and both boys ( the other half and the dog) are snoring away! I hate hang overs but love resting days.

Tomorrow we are headed up the coast fishing and beaching and cant wait. On the upside it will be fun, a trip we have wanted to do for ages and quality time together. On the downside we missed out on doing painting to so next break will be super house focussed!

I actually didn’t point all of last night but I knew I had around 50 points to play with ( daily, weekly and exercise) and have never eaten that much before so knew I would be pretty safe! This is just not a sustainable diet if you can`t indulge every now and then!

What have you been up to lately? Do you ever just ignore jobs for fun?

What`s occuring?

Well Hi folks.

This is my second attempt at the blog post. I put up the first one and took it down within an hour as I felt like a spoiled brat… very first world problems. However, this is a small problem which I am facing and however minor it may be it is affecting my life at the moment. I have always been honest on here and I am sure this must be a natural part of the weight loss program.

Basically, I have spent years being not that happy with myself. Striving for more in terms of weight loss, personal development and fitness, work based goals, savings goals etc. As you may have noticed on here I am a list based person that loves goals. I also never stop to enjoy it once I am there. I just move onto the next thing.

In january I made a series of resolutions. I have not really stuck to them. I tried a low carb diet, TWICE, because everyone else was and I felt like I should. Thinking I am not good enough and making plans or resolutions to start again is a long learned habit. For over 10 years I have been doing that. Whilst I would never say I was deeply unhappy I was never 100% happy.

Right now I am happy. I have lost 23kg and have about 8 to go to get to my named goal. To be honest people have said I am getting quite small now and maybe that will be too much. I am fitter than I have ever been. All of these changes have happened, whilst organically, over 12 months.

12 months is not a long time when you consider 10 years of planning. I don`t always recognise myself. I only read plus size fashion blogs as that is where I feel comfortable. I spent lots in the sale at asos on clothes in size 12. I thought only a few generous ones would fit and I would send the rest back. They all fit, or were a bit loose, and I kept them all. I felt sooo guilty. It has been ages since I spent on clothes, clothes which I didn`t really need I just liked.

I have had so many plans about what I would buy at goal, so many thing I put off until i was at goal and now I am close I feel really uncomfy.

Right now, I want to be with the girls at work on low carb diets, trying and failing to stick to them.I am almost jealous as it is a comfort… what I have always done. You may have noticed I have been absent from blogging a bit lately. I have just been trying to work out how I am feeling. I tried to join in and it just made me feel sick as I like eating whole food when I am hungry and stopping when I am full.

I finally have some free time on my hands and I feel guilty. I have always been a worker, always had a to do list as long as my arm and not having this bothers me. I have never had such a balanced work life profile and I know I should learn to enjoy it.

I think for now I need to scrap my resolutions. I need to make good decisions one at a time. I am keeping on counting points and trying to be healthy and low fodmap. I am exercising most days. I am chipping away at the house and I am taking time out to enjoy life. Each time I feel guilty or try and make resolutions I take a time out and pep talk myself. I feel that I am at a bit of a fragile point where I can remain positive or could slip back into old habits easily.

My weight is easily maintained,it seems, and doesn’t require me to do things I don’t enjoy. I actually don’t want to be the healthiest person on the planet I am happy living moderately. I am in a funny spot as I don’t want to drop the ball and go back to old habits but I don’t necessarily want to make more changes. I want to keep doing what I am doing… this is unchartered territory for me. What I do want to do is to make new habits which involve not waiting for life to start when I am thinner but realising I am thinner and I need to really live each day.

Apparently I know how to be bigger, I know how to loose weight but I have forgotten how to just be. That is what I am going to try and work on. So tomorrow I am doing Bikram with a friend, a couple of jobs and spending the day at the beach with a girl friend… eeep. Not staying in avoiding indulging. Indulging a little if I want to. Not feeling guilty just enjoying myself.

I will never be the thinnest, fittest or most fashionable person. As I approach 30 I am happy with who I am, obviously I am not perfect, but I am ok with being me.

From now on this blog is no longer weightloss focussed. If I loose a little more fabulous but otherwise no matter. This blog is about health, especially fodmaps, and my adventures in living life to the fullest.

Have you ever reached this point? had similar feelings? how do you deal with this?I would love some advice/ reassurance/ input

A note on anxiety

Let me first say I have never been diagnosed with medical anxiety. Anxiety has not inhibited my life, if you just look at the surface, but I have always been an anxious person. A worrier, stressy bessy, nervous nelly… all of the above. One strange thing about it was that it always went through phases of being better and then worse. Another strange thing about it is that as I have gotten older and am less effected by other adults it should have dissipated. It has , a little, but it is still there.

I remember my mum questioning if it was because she was stressed whilst carrying me? I remember thinking it strange that my grandma stresses about having nothing to stress about and I remember thinking I don’t want to be like this. Yes I have learned tools that have helped me. The number one tool being to stop, breathe and think through the situation to the worst that could happen. Often I find once I realise this is not that bad I can move forward. Sometimes I like to sit back and think how small i am in a big world, to envisage the peaks and troughs that are life, to accept that challenges and stresses are inevitable and to ride out the lows and enjoy the highs.

I have found that sleeping well helps. That not taking on too much helps and that by speaking about it helps. Sharing it. It is a commonly accepted fact in our house that sometimes I will have a bad night. A bad night where I cannot sleep, I wander, I toss, I turn and I stress. I now know that whatever I am stressing about is generally not a big deal come the morning. Nowadays I accept it, have a read, have a sleepy tea, distract my mind, move on and then sleep.

Over the last year I have learned massive amounts about the person I am, the qualities about myself I want to encourage, and what I strive to be. Anxious and stressy is not in that list. I dont want to be the thinnest, healthiest, fittest, most successful person on the planet as, in my opinion, that is not balance. Balance is what I strive for.

Lately we have realised there is a massive link between FODMAPS and my anxiety and mood. If I have eaten fodmaps I seems much more susceptible to feelings of being overwhelmed, stress and also overactive concern for other peoples well being. I am so glad I know this as it was the oddest situation where my problems were not necessarily linked to times of stress etc but food.

I had always assumed that excess stress affected my stomach. Women primarily hold stress in there stomach. Little did I know that actually the stress and anxiety ( beyond normal and reasonable stress) was a result of the food.

I look forward to embracing being the most balanced person I can be. I look forward to a future which involves a healthy amount of stress, after all it is a greater motivator, and I look forward to all of this with a FODMAP free future.

How does stress affect you? Do you find a link between eating and stress?


I saw this post on Cider with Rosieand loved it so much. I found it such a refreshing change to the usual resolutions posts and I thought that I would jump onboard as a little self congratulation never hurt anyone did it?

So things I am proud of from 2012…..

I am proud that I leapt out of my comfort zone for the second time in my 7 years of working I took a sideways move to gain a broader knowledge of my area rather than continuing to move up. I realised that the seniors I most respect have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table and I wanted to take the time to gather this before I moved up. It has more than paid off.

I am proud that I started exercising regularly and learned to enjoy it.

I am proud that I finally cut out fodmaps and got well. The difference this has made to my life is positively monumental.

I am proud that I learned to be kind to myself and stop pushing for things. Without fail these things have landed in my lap anyway.

I am proud that I stopped spending so much and saved lots ( I have normally been good at this but this year I tightened up on it). I enjoy having a small budget and planned indulgences. I appreciate nice things more when I have wished for them.

I am proud of our little house and the fact that it is a home which is filled with family, fun and laughter. Renovated by our own fair hands It was a steep learning curve to stop viewing that as a job and to enjoy it as a together project.

I am fiercely proud of my other half and our relationship. We have had challenges, I have had mood swings, we have had less money, he has been an apprentice ( final year this year-woo hoo) and we had a few major challenges which I haven`t blogged to much about on here. In a nutshell at the start of last year we were going to get married on a beach in Sri Lanka ( half way between England and Australia) with family there. Family started misbehaving so I planned an elopement to vegas with a wedding in the harley davidson chopper chapel. Two weeks before christmas we ran into visa issues and have had to re-plan the wedding for a third time. Fingers crossed its third time lucky. Throughout all of this is has just re-inforced that a wedding day is of such little importance to me but being married is so important to me. I am proud of us, proud we are low key and proud that all these little nuisances life throws at as are recognised as annoying, unimportant and a blessing because they make us stronger.

I am proud of loosing 20kg!

what are you proud of this year? Do you have a post like this? link me up below

panning.. panning… panning

so another clear out of unused old products over the new year led to the binning of these….


two l`oreal hair smoothers free in a goody bad from perth fashion week. I don`t like to weigh my hair down with loads of product and prefer to product dry hair than wet so you don`t get a nasty surprise when you dry your hair and find product on it.

schwartzkopf hairspray and fructise hairspray… I rarely use hair spray but I have a moroccan oil one which i use to set straightened hair or curls. I prefer moroccan oil as it feels conditioning otherwise elnett is my go to.

Schwartzkopf serum.I am not a serum girl I would rather use a little moroccan oil.

le tan fast tan. This is a cheap mousse which was recommended to me. Its about 2 years old as I am lazy to tan. I would like to tan again but probably wouldn`t choose this product.

In Australia in general I find that there is not too much difference in price with high street brands compared to higher end brands if sourced online so I try and do that.

are you panning? Do you buy high street

wish list 2013

I realise this is a little distasteful so soon after christmas but I found having a rolling wish list last year really helped me to control unplanned splurges and indulgences. So at present my 2013 wish list looks a little like this….

1. A second pair of lululemon workout trousers- mine are so fabulous and whilst they are expensive they have shrunk with me and wash and wash and wash. They also limit camel toe opportunities, act like a sports bra for my but and flatter. I only have one pair which I keep at home but now I run a bit at work I would love a new pair for home and to take my old pair to work.

2. New uggs. Mine have massive holes. This can wait until winter.

3. A gel nails kit. I think that I would like the one by OPI. I am a little worried it may be one of those things I buy and then don’t use. I may treat myself to a gel manicure to see if i like it first.

4. St tropez tanner… apparently the best of the self tans. I used to use this in my past. Then I stopped tanning, now I tan a bit and apparently st tropez has less nasties than others.

5. A body brush for home. I have one at work but would like to make body brushing regular in 2013.

6. To get my teeth whitened before the wedding. They aren`t yellow but I would love them brighter. I just think it makes you look healthy.

7. Some cashmere or merino staples in a size I can wear forever!

The only other things I can foresee is replacement of some wardrobe staples as I hit goal, fingers crossed for before June.

What is your wishlist? does a wishlist help you control spending?


I have been finding blogging from the ipad a little hard but I have been reluctant to get a lap top as we already have one between the two of us and they date so quickly.

Hello answer to my problems……


Its a nice ipad cover which unwraps and contains a prop for the screen in a landscape mode and a bluetooth keypad which links to the ipad.

It doesn’t turn the ipad into a lappy but it does make it much easier to blog/email on the run!

do you use an ipad to blog? have you seen these crazy keyboards?

Staying on track

I am aware that over christmas I had a diet relax, an exercise relax, a housework and reno relax, a saving relax and a general relax….. which was very lovely and good for me. Now I need to stop relaxing and focus on goals, weight loss, health, exercising, housework, renovating and saving ( with a few planned indulgences).

My planned indulgent times are so far….
* possibly Australia Day
* my birthday ( for shopping, diet etc).

I have had a successful FODMAP free week and feel much better for it. I have also had a more normal week where I stay within points with ease. Basically I am at so much the low end of the points scale there is no room for eating anything other than healthy well spaced meals, when you are hungry, with the occasional well chosen indulgence. The minute you listen to any kind of blow out or eating for any reason other than hunger and a few true indulgences and you don`t stop when full…. you don’t have enough points.

So whilst rest is important increased motivation for housework etc, to organise jobs, to kick goals at work are the order of the day. Also making more of an effort with myself. Sticking to my diet and exercise and low fodmaps whilst saving are the goal.

I love reading WIAW ( what I ate wednesday posts), love seeing exercise plans, love reading budgets and what people got up to and love face of the day (FOTD) and outfit of the day (OOTD) so over the next month I will try to do the following. I wanted to record a lot of this to track for motivation and also to see where I go wrong… and I am happy to share. If I like to nosey perhaps you will?

* A daily post with a screen grab of my weight watchers point tracker and details of what was eaten and exercise completed. My goal is within points, low FODMAP, health heavy and exercise 6 days per week.
* Details of finance, not what I earn etc but what I have spent that day. Not house bills or anything like that but the extras ( which will generally relate to me).
* When I am not at work I will try to make an effort with new outfits combos, new makeup combos and hairstyles… hence a quick snap of OOTD and FOTD. Just quick camera phone snaps.
* I also want to do a quick list of jobs I have achieved that day ( not to much detail and nothing work related but stuff like cleaning house, painting things like that)

I am hoping this may motivate me and keep me on track.

Anyone care to join me on a life summary post for a while? Keen to read?

Fructose free yogurt topping

One of the hardest swaps has been yogurt. Since I discovered chobani was ok for my body to digest I have been indulging and loving it. Greek yogurt fills like no other and soothes a sweet tooth. I don’t really like plain yogurt on its own so I made this topping I have with greek yogurt. It is calorie dense so you will want just a sprinkle. It’s also popular with the non fructmals in the house.


You need 2 cups in all of a selection of nuts and seeds ( I used sunflower seeds, almonds, chia seeds and linseeds). Roughly chopped.

Mix the dry mix with stevia powder ( or drops) to taste, cinnamon powder ( to taste) and vanilla essence and mix.

2 -3 tbsp coconut oil in a pan and heat. Add the mix and stir through and cook off. Alternatively you could mix the coconut oil in and put it under the grill which makes it crunchier.

I would probably sprinkle a tablespoon of this over yogurt and class that as a 5 pt breakfast or big snack, which you could bulk out with more fruit.

Do you avoid fructose?