Sale shopping

As I mentioned in my Christmas post I was given a few vouchers and some money for the sales as part of my gifts. I haven’t spent all of it but did splash out a bit the day after Boxing Day. I wanted to be really cautious about buying nice things I would use and not just going into a crazy bargain frenzy of items I didn’t need.

I did buy the following though….


With my dusk voucher two double wick Christmas candles down to $15 each in candy cane ( minty smell) and trifle ( sweet smell), these are popped away for next Christmas. Also, a snowflake candle holder reduced to $10 which looks gorgeous and festive with a candle in. I am enjoying this while the decorations are still up and will then pack it away for the new year.


Also from dusk are these two bargains ( one is for my mum). Reduced from $35 to just $2.50 each they contain 90 baubles which I may use on the tree ( except I already have baubles), I was planning to use as trimmings for gifts next year and also the lady in the shop showed me some in a clear, glass vase as a festive centre piece and they looked amazing.

From Priceline I got…


Three scented stick kits in rainforest and vanilla bean ( $7.50 from $15), a spa bath set with gel, scrub and salts in a basket which I am now using as a shower caddy ($10 from $20), a spa set wash bag with gel, scrub a soap, loofah and bath salts ($12 from $25), one extra bath salt set ($2.50?), four scented bath salt sets ($1.50 from $3) and a batiste dry shampoo in blush with free head towel ($7.88 I think). Although i stated christmas gift money was void fro project pan 100 I really tried to get bath salts, scrubs and gels as I already have a lot of moisturisers to use, plus lots of smellies for the house as I love it to smell good.

Finally I wasn’t going to get clothes as I thought when I got to goal I would buy a whole new wardrobe. Now I am close to goal most of my clothes have transitioned well with me and all I will need is some new bottoms as my current selection is getting too big. I am hopeful the bulk of them will last the summer though so I can just get new shorts for next year. I did get these though….


A pair of airflex leather nude pumps. These are so comfy I tried them on last week when they were half price in betts ($59 from $125) but felt it was still a bit pricey for around Christmas. Today I went back and saw they had an extra 20% off… Off I went to the till and they were just $25. Bargain of the year!!!

In Kmart I tried these jeans on as a whim as they were straight legged, plain and high waisted which I prefer so you don’t get muffin top or butt crack. They fit like a charm and my jeans are all getting too roomy. I was going hold off buying jeans until after the summer but when I checked the price these were just $7 so it doesn’t matter if I only get a few wears.

I still have some other vouchers and money to use. My myer vouchers, from work, will go on a new mineral finishing veil and primer when my current ones run out and I think that’s all I will spend. I try not to get too carried away as I really don’t need much and I have a birthday in early feb!

did you sale shop? Link me to your bargains!


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