wish list 2013

I realise this is a little distasteful so soon after christmas but I found having a rolling wish list last year really helped me to control unplanned splurges and indulgences. So at present my 2013 wish list looks a little like this….

1. A second pair of lululemon workout trousers- mine are so fabulous and whilst they are expensive they have shrunk with me and wash and wash and wash. They also limit camel toe opportunities, act like a sports bra for my but and flatter. I only have one pair which I keep at home but now I run a bit at work I would love a new pair for home and to take my old pair to work.

2. New uggs. Mine have massive holes. This can wait until winter.

3. A gel nails kit. I think that I would like the one by OPI. I am a little worried it may be one of those things I buy and then don’t use. I may treat myself to a gel manicure to see if i like it first.

4. St tropez tanner… apparently the best of the self tans. I used to use this in my past. Then I stopped tanning, now I tan a bit and apparently st tropez has less nasties than others.

5. A body brush for home. I have one at work but would like to make body brushing regular in 2013.

6. To get my teeth whitened before the wedding. They aren`t yellow but I would love them brighter. I just think it makes you look healthy.

7. Some cashmere or merino staples in a size I can wear forever!

The only other things I can foresee is replacement of some wardrobe staples as I hit goal, fingers crossed for before June.

What is your wishlist? does a wishlist help you control spending?


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