I saw this post on Cider with Rosieand loved it so much. I found it such a refreshing change to the usual resolutions posts and I thought that I would jump onboard as a little self congratulation never hurt anyone did it?

So things I am proud of from 2012…..

I am proud that I leapt out of my comfort zone for the second time in my 7 years of working I took a sideways move to gain a broader knowledge of my area rather than continuing to move up. I realised that the seniors I most respect have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table and I wanted to take the time to gather this before I moved up. It has more than paid off.

I am proud that I started exercising regularly and learned to enjoy it.

I am proud that I finally cut out fodmaps and got well. The difference this has made to my life is positively monumental.

I am proud that I learned to be kind to myself and stop pushing for things. Without fail these things have landed in my lap anyway.

I am proud that I stopped spending so much and saved lots ( I have normally been good at this but this year I tightened up on it). I enjoy having a small budget and planned indulgences. I appreciate nice things more when I have wished for them.

I am proud of our little house and the fact that it is a home which is filled with family, fun and laughter. Renovated by our own fair hands It was a steep learning curve to stop viewing that as a job and to enjoy it as a together project.

I am fiercely proud of my other half and our relationship. We have had challenges, I have had mood swings, we have had less money, he has been an apprentice ( final year this year-woo hoo) and we had a few major challenges which I haven`t blogged to much about on here. In a nutshell at the start of last year we were going to get married on a beach in Sri Lanka ( half way between England and Australia) with family there. Family started misbehaving so I planned an elopement to vegas with a wedding in the harley davidson chopper chapel. Two weeks before christmas we ran into visa issues and have had to re-plan the wedding for a third time. Fingers crossed its third time lucky. Throughout all of this is has just re-inforced that a wedding day is of such little importance to me but being married is so important to me. I am proud of us, proud we are low key and proud that all these little nuisances life throws at as are recognised as annoying, unimportant and a blessing because they make us stronger.

I am proud of loosing 20kg!

what are you proud of this year? Do you have a post like this? link me up below


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