I have 2 new panning items to add to the list. Again I feel like I am moving through stuff slowly but I do feel like I am using things up, trying new things and really getting a good idea about what I do and don`t like and why. To date I have never really reviewed as such on here and I don`t really see this blog as a beauty review blog. However, in day to day life I always want things and products which work and are value so I will continue to name drop products which I am loving.

First up the panned items.



Bare minerals primer. I love this. I love all Bare minerals products and use them religiously for a base. I actually think they clear my skin whilst I have them on and hate the feel of liquid foundations on my skin now. I have replaced this with the Bare Minerals illuminating primer. I really love the illuminating primer and think I may well stick with this. At the same time I bought the illuminating mineral veil which I am less impressed with as it is just sparkly rather than illuminating. To be honest I will use this up but then revert to the regular mineral veil. I think this with the illuminating primer will really be my holy grail for glowy skin!

Also used up is the organic care moisturising shower milk. Which is nice and good value and I would have repurchased…. except I have now cracked my first Dr bronners which I got for christmas and this stuff has won my heart. Although more expensive my skin loves it, it smells amazing and a little goes a long way. I have a suspicion that only this will do now!

The above link is to asos where it is really reasonable in price. I can`t be sure yet but I think that this no nasties natural soap may make my skin feel much less dry!

Have you panned lately?


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