The Detox Plan

Details of the detox plan I will be using have been requested on twitter. So here goes. What I am doing is loosely based on Dr Sandra Cabot Ultimate Detox . As I work away I cannot really do 2 weeks straight as I have limited control over my food and also its origin, organic is recommended. It is also impractical to make fresh juices up there. I plan to blends scoop of vital greens powder with a coconut water and drink that each day instead.

The plan is a two week plan based on vegan whole food, plenty of fruit, veg, wholegrains, juices and also a soup which you have to eat daily made of a rainbow of foods. Obviously some of the foods are not appropriate for FODMAPS, including juices, so I will make substitutions- such as juices made with limited low fodmap fruit and including lots of veggies. The plan has no dairy, caffeine and sugar also.

I am starting tomorrow, as it is was my birthday last friday so I wanted to celebrate that first . I am planning for that week of work to be an ease in week which will comprise of most of the aspects of detox as best as I can implement them at work. After that on my break I will do the plan to a T for the week. The next week at work I will take up the soup for dinner and follow as best as possible, then do a second full on week on break followed up by an ease off week.

Most of the foods are on the weight watchers filling and healthy plan for which you don’t have to count points so I may well give that a miss whilst I detox.

Each week I will recap how I have felt and what I have eaten and keep you posted.

Have you ever done a detox?


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