Life’s little sparkly memories

One of the things I used to love doing the most, as a little girl, was going through other people’s jewellery boxes. Yes I loved looking at the pretty things but more than that I loved the stories associated with them. I think jewellery is a lovely way to mark a special occasion and to keep memories. I love antique jewellery for just that reason, all the memories which they hold. This post is not meant to be a show off post, I know I am lucky, I am just writing down the stories associated with my collection to share with you. If you would like to do a post like this I would really love to read them.


Necklaces. The first one, which I really don’t think is a diamond, was a gift for me by one of my grandmas just a few years before she passed away. I was given another item chosen for me by the aunties after she died but I love this as it was from her.

The next ‘calm’ necklace is from Diana porter in Bristol, my home town. This was a gift from my mumma before I moved to Australia. The calm was chosen because I am a stressy bessy and to this day I will actively choose this necklace if I know life is a bit tough and it makes me feel much better. The sparkly apple is a necklace which I bought myself at age 16 on holiday from kingsand in Devon. I ummmmed and haaa’d about if I could afford it but 14 years on I still love it and it was a sound investment. The Mickey Mouse was a gift from my step dad after a business trip to the Middle East when I was around 12-14. I loved it then and still wear it now, Disney jewellery is making a come back …right?.. The final necklace is one of my absolute faves bought for me by my housemate around 6 years ago for Christmas. One night we were lounging around when the Argos catalogue was delivered, looking through I saw this and fell in love. I forgot about it she did not and got it for me for Christmas. It has a little button and says cute as a button on it. I love it so much.


More gifts ones. The rose quartz bracelet was made for me as a gift by a dear friends mother a few years ago. She was doing a jewellery making course and made this for me. Such a special gift as this family really looked after me when I did my year in Adelaide at uni. I used to go for dinner once a week with them and went on their family holiday as I missed being around my family so much. The Tiffany heart was a graduation gift from my family. I love this. The silver ball is a bag charm from pilgrim. This is a new addition bought for me for my 30th by a very dear friend who remembered my long term love of pilgrim and got it for me. Finally a Christmas gift from my family a chunky bracelet with an English penny on it. I wear this heaps and it makes me feel a bit like home.


Bangles….and bracelets. The gem ones were a Christmas gift one year that my mum picked up for me in china. I have had these close to 10 years probably and wear them all together. There used to be 3 but one broke. The square bangles have different shades of turquoise enamel and were a gift my mum picked up for me on a trip to Spain once. I love the fact they are square. The amethyst bangle contains stones from my dad which I had remade into this gorgeous bangle. The wire wrapped bangle is one my mum made for me when she went with her mum on a jewellery making course for her birthday or Christmas present. The three bangles with charms are ones I received for Christmas from my mum and the same year my brother and I bought her matching ones ( with slightly different charms). I call these our friendship bracelets! The bangle with the heart charm is a 21st gift from one of my baby brothers ( who is now nearly 20). One turquoise bracelet is from my brothers and one is from my other half.


These two are 30th birthday gifts from my mother in law and my partners friends got together and got me the Mimco earrings… What a treat!


My auntie’s friend made her one of these rings as a prototype for her collection. I saw it and loved it, again this would be around 10 years ago, but as there was only one thought that was it. Little did I know at Christmas this one was made for me! Spoiled!


My most special ring. This was given to me when my other half asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. My response is how the blog got its name!


Two heirlooms. The little ring was my great grans engagement ring. This goes down the girls in our family. So the story goes my grandma doesn’t wear it because she couldn’t make her mind up/ gave it back to my grandad once and was told she wouldn’t be wearing it. As an aside my gran and grandad were happily married for a long long time after this! The second is my heirloom from my grandma on the other side of my family. She gave it to me early, she is still alive, as she no longer had anywhere to wear it!


The aquamarine ring is one my grandad bought my grandma when they lived in Russia. She gave it to me and I had it fixed up and resized and wear it with pride. The rest are new memories. Ten rose gold rings are these which I bought with some inheritance. My mum had got herself a rose gold bracelet to remember my grandad so is also wanted something rose gold. Not classic but I love these and wear them in various arrangements. The chunky diamond ring is, again, a remake with stones from my dad. The remake was a treat to myself when I started working in Australia and had a good job. The two necklaces were gifts from my other half as were the studs and three colour gold bracelet from Dubai. Whilst I love them all my favourite is the black diamond. It’s really imperfect and unusual and perfect for me.

He also got me a black pearl a few years ago. I really like black versions of the classics.


The final rings are a selection for over the years. The silver wire ring is a gift from my mum by a local Bristol designer. The enamel and diamond ring was a birthday gift from my mum and the pearly ring was a gift from her one Christmas. The blue band was from one of my brothers. It was give to me in my teenage years but I love it and wear it in place of my engagement ring at work so my finger doesn’t feel naked. The amethyst rings were also from my brothers in my teenage years.

The large turquoise was a gift from my other half during a trip to Queensland and the silver flower was from blues and roots and Byron bay one year when we went.

Wowzers what a long post, as you can see I am pretty lucky with my collection. There are some great tales there. Not all the jewellery is expensive and I would be just as devastated to loosed one piece as another.what special stories does your jewellery hold? Do a post , comment, link me!


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