The detox

As I mentioned in a few posts my weightloss has pretty much stopped since November and I have just maintained whilst toning up. Although I feel immensely healthier and am pretty proud after loosing 25kg I wanted to do a detox. I wanted to really get back to super health, to focus on putting good things in my body and also was interested to see what would happen with my weight… Would I loose a few kg?, stay the same? And I hoped that if I stayed pretty much the same I would know I was at an easy to maintain weight for me, which I suspect is the case.

I think I have banged on about this numerous times before on here but I am not about deprivation or guilt associated with eating at all and so with the detox I wanted to focus on putting the good stuff in more than cutting the bad stuff out. I also didn’t count points whilst doing it. A summary of each day is below.



The first few days I suffered with flu like symptoms and felt pretty rotten. On day 4 this had passed and I felt like I had detoxed so I started enjoying a few other foods. I use the word enjoyed loosely as I realised I really wasn’t into them any more and was eating them out of habit or because I thought I liked them. I learned a few things that I really enjoyed in the detox and definitely want to take forward I also realised there were a few foods and drinks which were low in points but not that good for me and I was eating out of habit… Like diet coke.

Habits I want to take forward

Hot lemon first thing each morning ( definitely before my coffee)

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and LSA sprinkled on top for breakfast. I feel this is better than protein heavy eggs every morning and easier on my digestion.

A salad daily, which I already did.

A soup daily.. As a low fodmapper juices are out so a smoothie or soup daily provides easy to digest blended vitamins. At work I have a drink of liquid chlorophyll daily in place of a juice and I have really found this to put some pep in my step in the afternoons.

Increased fish and white meat to red meat made me feel quite a lot better.

Obviously fodmap free food works for me and this became very apparent as I indulged after the detox. I also realised that the spots on my face are associated with regular small fodmaps not enough to make me seriously ill but enough that I am not firing on all cylinders.

One coffee a day as my only caffeine, in the morning, meant I slept so much better than ever before.

Limiting fruit to 2 daily portions meant my anxiety was non existent.

When I had sugary desserts after a few days I woke up dizzy and sick from the sugar rush…bleugh.

Dark chocolate of 75% cocoa and over is the perfect treat in 2 square portions. Any of the flavoured ones, except my beloved sea salt, cause a bad stomach.

The first few days I was super hungry. By day 4 I was much less hungry and this has continued with me. Perhaps because I was giving my body what it wanted I needed less extras. I also started to prefer lighter meals and am finding that I crave these more than hearty meals.

I did not exercise whilst I had detox symptoms but will be taking some of these ideas forward which I liked and getting back to regular exercise.

have you ever done a type of detox? What did you learn ?


Enjoyed drinking more green tea and detox tea and will definitely take these habits forwards. Body brush also became something I looked forward to each day and will continue.




Wardrobe update

Ages ago I talked about possibly posting a few outfits on here as I started to enjoy my clothes more. With the possibility that we may need to downsize some of our belongings due to sharing our house I have a new rule that I need to get rid of something if I want to replace it with a new item. So I am trying to make the most of my current outfits. Here are a few from the last few weeks…





A silk top and skinny jeans for lunch with a friend, a black skater dress and flip flops for drinks and a pink dress and leather jacket for a concert.

what have you been wearing lately? Do you like these posts?

This week in pictures

This week has been a busy week for me. Work has finally settled out after a few uncertain weeks and has evened out into a crazy busy state of play. I don’t think the business was the best time to choose to detox but I did and a post reviewing this is coming.


I saw some goats including these new born Baby goats.


I panned these products. I used to love this moisturiser but am so much happier with my mario badescu range so sticking to that. The two John frieda shampoo and conditioner definitely work to perk up blond hair but now I have my highlights I don’t feel I really need them and am happy with the organixs shampoo I use, so I won’t repurchase these.



A couple of beautiful sunsets which I have enjoyed. In other news I have a busy break happening which is full of exciting/ important jobs to do and I am so looking forward to a restful weekend.

A massive sea food dinner


how has your week been?

What does 26 pro points look like

26 pro points is the lowest allowance you can go to and to be honest there is not much room for extras at this point. So here is a snap shot of 26 pro points. As per usual it is broken into home and work.

at work
At work I need my meals smaller and spaced through the day to allow me energy to get through a demanding period.

5am breakfast
Chopped fruit 0 pp

9 am second breakfast
2 poached eggs, tomatoes and piece of grilled bacon some days 5pp

Salad with chicken or tuna tin, sometimes rice salad, and normally some dressing, olives, avocado things like that 8pp

Normally 3 pp snack like a banana and nut butter, some nuts, rice cakes, natural greek yogurt etc

Meat or fish and veggies normally with potato or sweet potato 8 pp

This leaves 2 pp for a square of chocolate, coconut water or towards another treat if needed.

at home
My day is more relaxed and shorted so I need to eat less often.

Breakfast 9am
2 pieces spelt bread and nut butter or vegemite. 5-8pp

Lunch 12
A giant salad 8 pp or sushi, seaweed salad and ginger 8 pp

Snack if needed
Greek yogurt and fruit, eggplant dip and gluten free crackers


Proper cooked meal which tends to be pretty varied. Up to 10 pp

My tactics are not to drink your calories, to definitely use all 26 points or I overeat the next few days and to ensure that all 26 pp are used on good healthy whole foods, largely filling And healthy with the 49 pp for treats. At home I try to save the treats for the weekend.

I am also trying to exercise daily except fly in day and fly out day even if it is just a 30 minute walk with the dog. As I mentioned in the last post I do not always point, example if a friend Is staying I choose to eat mindfully but not stress about pointing too much. I find I even out anyway. The bulk of the time I do track points just to keep on track if nothing else.

How do you find the end of a diet? The last part is the hardest part.

Weightloss and detox update

I know this blog seems to have moved on a fair bit lately and be much less focussed on weightloss, probably because I am but I thought that I would check in with you all who are interested. Since November I have lost the grand total of 2kg and I don’t really point all the time. My body seems to even out at a level with exercise which means I maintain fairly easily. I have noticed that eating fodmaps seems to affect my weight management as well as well being and the world is just a lot better without them.

Since November I have lost inches with all the toning and a. Now an easy size 10. I also discovered the scales I was using were inaccurate and the doctor told me I am now 72kg which is around 11 stone. I can see a lot more muscle tone in my body though which will only increase with time and I am 5’6 or 7 so I think this weight is acceptable.

I did up the detox things and experimented a bit and found that I love body brushing, green tea and hot lemon water. I also rely on a daily chlorophyll drink which I love and I don’t really enjoy much sugar in my diet at all ( fructose or glucose), I also naturally gravitate to veg bulked meals rather than white carbs or grains. A fine with all of this. I love fats and proteins for energy and to fill me up. I also think that I may prefer life without coffee or with coffee as a treat. Although I love coffee and the ritual of having a coffee I sleep better and feel better without that. Diet coke sucks, it’s amazing but it sucks and the world is better without it. I do like a sparkling water I place though.

I feel quite happy with how things are at the moment and the way I eat. Have also noticed that with a decrease in dairy and other fodmaps my skin comes back in control so this is obviously something which my body just doesn’t like.

I have been eating tonnes of yummy food like fructose free bliss balls, soup, home made spelt bread, meat or fish and 3 veg meals and large salads.

I have also been enjoying eating, not organic, but locally sourced produce which is sometimes organic and more ethically sourced meat, eggs and fish.

what food have you been enjoying lately? Do you get in comfy zones with your body?

A beautiful break

I have just had the most amazing few days with a truly bestie friend of mine. It has involved lots of coffee and cake ( FODMAP free as she has recently been diagnosed also), tasty food and cooking now I have the kitchen back, miles of walking around the city, along the beach and in the hills and tons of chatting. So much loveliness and now it is back to earth with a big fat bump and back to work. Alarmingly I only have a few swings until, my big holiday so I really need to pull my socks up and apply myself. Rather brilliantly I stuck (ish) to my budget for this break whilst having a lovely time and really explored some new perth places. For those interested I have included photos from the Cottesloe sculpture by the sea exhibition below. We also tracked up In the hills to Lesmurdie falls and kalamunda which is the most adorable village with the worlds finest macaroons! I think a hike followed by coffee and biscuits may become a break time staple for me.

Other brilliants things this week have been the arrival of my Eco cleaning goods, leaning to use my reader for blogs so I don’t have to check bookmarks and starting to get excited about weddings now!

So without further ado… I present the fruits of my snap happy stroll around the exhibition.














As an aside I am loving taking pictures at the moment it really helps me be in the moment. I think in the second half of the year I may really consider an SLR and a few photography courses I am loving it. I am also really enjoying blogging and the blog focusing on more than weight loss. I am sorry my spelling is pretty rubbish it has always been that way and although I try things slip through. Hopefully a new laptop will help with that which is a purchase planned for mid year and the more photos I include the less words there should be so the less typos… Win win.

do you ever get nervous about an imperfect blog? Sculpture culture do you love it? Do you enjoy lifestyle posts?

Face of the day

I am doing my own wedding makeup. I think that this has become increasingly fashionable since the duchess did hers and to be honest I really don’t want to feel overdone or not like myself. I have been thinking about what I want and how to look and I have been practising away with my conical wand for curling my hair and now I want a look for my face.

My wedding is at 4pm which gives me plenty of prep time. I fancy I big fat lie in and then a day spent with my mumma relaxing and getting ready. In order for the day to feel super special I think I will treat myself to some bits and pieces with the money I would have spent on a makeup artist and hairdresser.

I will catch up with my hairdresser and ask her for some product recommendations which will have my hair looking tip top and also help to hold the style for the duration. I have also booked a mac workshop with a friend and plan to equip myself with a full face of mac products. I have never had any as they are pretty pricey but I hear they are the best and most long wearing so I shall treat myself. I have been reading around online and think primers and fixing the makeup is key alongside waterproof makeup where possible.

I need a nice nail polish so I can paint my nails that morning, some thing pale pink and girlie and suitably bridish?… Is that a word?..

I also want to have a relaxing pamper of my body and was thinking of getting a nice travel set for. Somewhere like l’occitane that I don’t normally shop at but regularly lust after. No one wants a whiffy bride. Which leads me onto a perfume. I want a new perfume which I have never had which when I smell will remind me of my wedding day. Any thoughts?…

I am also going to splash out of a set of these Sigma brushes which you may remember has been on my lust list for a while.


any top tips from you brides out there? The countdown is on and I need some advice

Grab a cuppa lets catch up

Hi all, what’s been happening? Here at bojane towers things are well. I thought that I would give you an update and what’s been happening and my loves lately. Ever since the start of the year when I blogged about having some difficulties with feelings towards myself and weightloss/ maintainence I have been taking some time to work on myself. I am now in a pretty good place where I want to maintain healthy eating for myself and how it makes me feel rather than how I look. I have to eat low fodmaps for wellness and I have really learned a lot about what makes me tick. Throughout this whole time I have been exercising fairly consistently as it is something which I am enjoying so much.

I was given a top tip to carry round a baby photo of myself and when I told myself I was too fat to say it to the baby picture of me. I tried once and welled up in tears and couldn’t ….. That was pretty much the end of those negative thoughts! So what have I been up to exercise wise a lot of walks, pole dancing, stretching and boot camps. I would like to get more running back in there now it has cooled down. Food wise I have been indulging more since December and to be honest don’t feel great on that kind of diet so I am back to a plan of more detox and health foods as I mentioned before. Nothing extreme but focusing in what I can eat.

Weightloss wise since November I have lost only 2 kg. I have however lost many inches with my toning and am comfy in a size 10 now. I also found out the scales I weighed in on we’re pretty wrong and I was actually around 69 kg. I think this is close to where I want to be and I have maintained with little stress. I also think being hung up on weight is bollocks as when I asked people to verify the scales they all thought different and so I do wonder why do we get upset about a number which isn’t even accurate half the time?

Next up pole dancing. I am beyond obsessed this sport is so much fun and it hurts so much but is so rewarding. I am hoping to finish my beginners course next swing! I can’t wait. I am also enjoying bootcamp and I do think my fitness is going so well I just want to include more running and see how I go… Maybe a half this year?..


Image: google images

Also, we have been crazy busy rennovating the kitchen and the house is now pretty much finished on the inside. That is three years of blood, sweat and tears and I love this little house.


Now we are done there is more time for fun, cooking and myself. We had a night out at a Neil Young concert which was great, for an old boy he still rocks hard!

Work is going well but is full on busy at the moment and I need to be applying myself and focusing hard on it. Working well, proactively and to learn as much as possible.

Plans for the future involve horse riding, circus skills, more pole dancing, detoxing and plenty of fun.

what have you been up to?

Detox ya life

Oooh folks, I am officially on one. I have been reading up, the fire in my belly has been reignited and I am motivated. It is 16 weeks until the wedding and whilst that is not really relevant to these plans I like a time frame to work with. So for the next 16 weeks I am going to be following my detox of my body with a detox of my life.

A great website for reference is the wellness warrior I have been chilling and watching the health talks whilst paint my house.

Over the last few months I have discovered some great products which are all natural and have also tried to clean up my diet and minimise toxins in the house. Over the next few months I am going to try and find a financially balanced way for us to eat organic and continually replace items with use with healthier less refined products.

I am also going to try and continue with project pan 100 ( half way there-yay) as this really gives me a good idea of products which really make a difference and I love. The mix up I a, now including is to try and replace all products with more natural versions. This has already begun with the face products, dr bronners, mineral make up but I am sure it can extend further.

I am also going to try and create healthy morning routines ( even at work), remain calm in life, decrease the a,punt of tv I watch ( possibly limiting myself to my kitchen rules only) and read more, actively rest more and to detail this on this here blog.

With regard to clothes and other items I now have more than enough. I will be making and effort to wear more of a variety of clothes and to use the rule that if I buy something new it is to replace something or I have to donate something to charity or sell something!

Wowsers, I am feeling more cleansed by just writing this.

do you detox your life?

10 things I treasure

It’s been a while since we did one of these and I feel like my blog has been so full of ups and downs of diet struggles that I want to get back to positive… So here’s 10 little things making me smile this week….

1. Our little house nearly being finished. 3 years of hard work and we are nearly there.

2. My other half and his crazy dance moves. He never used to dance and over time he has gotten so comfy with himself that he pulls out the worst dad moves ever and is so happy whilst he does it.

3. Forgetting the foods I can’t eat and focusing on all the lovely stuff I can eat.

4. Having my kitchen back to allow me to cook those lovely foods, plus less painting equals more kitchen time.

5. My Eco balls for the laundry- cheap, green and they work!

6. Work, having a job whilst many don’t .. Lucky!

7. Having found exercise I love

8. Upcoming fugal challenges

9. Organic coffee

10. My friend coming to stay this week.

what are you loving?