26 pro points

Just a quick post. I am on 26 pro points per day now and I am slightly less motivated, as you may have noticed, and indulging in more treats. On the upside I have balanced this so I haven’t got ill and I haven’t gained weight. On the downside I have only lost 2 kg since November. I have definitely noticed a continued decrease in fat and increased muscle tone and I fit a size 10 in jeans now buuuut I am still right at the top of the healthy range and I wanted to be sat comfortably mid range so I had wriggle room.

With only 16 weeks until the wedding I feel a gentle detox involving the weight watchers filling and healthy plan, whilst still counting points, which comprises whole grains, lean protein, veggies and fruit will allow my body a break. I know our bodies cleanse themselves but a helping hand never hurt anyone!

Wish me luck, lets see I I can shift the final few kgs. If not no stress but I can then confidently say this is meant to be my weight.

anyone else plateau at the end of loosing? Anyone else’s goal weight end up being not exactly what you thought it would be?


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