Face of the day

I am doing my own wedding makeup. I think that this has become increasingly fashionable since the duchess did hers and to be honest I really don’t want to feel overdone or not like myself. I have been thinking about what I want and how to look and I have been practising away with my conical wand for curling my hair and now I want a look for my face.

My wedding is at 4pm which gives me plenty of prep time. I fancy I big fat lie in and then a day spent with my mumma relaxing and getting ready. In order for the day to feel super special I think I will treat myself to some bits and pieces with the money I would have spent on a makeup artist and hairdresser.

I will catch up with my hairdresser and ask her for some product recommendations which will have my hair looking tip top and also help to hold the style for the duration. I have also booked a mac workshop with a friend and plan to equip myself with a full face of mac products. I have never had any as they are pretty pricey but I hear they are the best and most long wearing so I shall treat myself. I have been reading around online and think primers and fixing the makeup is key alongside waterproof makeup where possible.

I need a nice nail polish so I can paint my nails that morning, some thing pale pink and girlie and suitably bridish?… Is that a word?..

I also want to have a relaxing pamper of my body and was thinking of getting a nice travel set for. Somewhere like l’occitane that I don’t normally shop at but regularly lust after. No one wants a whiffy bride. Which leads me onto a perfume. I want a new perfume which I have never had which when I smell will remind me of my wedding day. Any thoughts?…

I am also going to splash out of a set of these Sigma brushes which you may remember has been on my lust list for a while.


any top tips from you brides out there? The countdown is on and I need some advice


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