Beauty Store Bargains!

There are some great deals out on the high street at the moment and today I blitzed them all. I did need a few things and had held off until a great deal came along and today it was there.

First up I have had very sore dry eyes and under eyes at work. I was getting a little down about my appearance at work as I felt I was looking very old. I think this is due to the dry environment and aircon. I also wanted some intensive moisturiser to use. I have a natio daily moisturiser, from a previous deal, and felt I needed something to add to this. I love my mario badescu at home but have a separate set of skin care at work. So I saw in Natio these beauties. A brightening eye cream and skin firming serum. Together they were under $40 and came with a free gift. This gift has the perfect amount of skincare and handcream for my trip home. Perfect.


Next I really wanted a new set of brushes for my wedding day makeup. I had considered the sigma set which costs around $130 for all of them. My friend recommended eco tools and I have seen positive reviews of them on twitter. I popped into priceline and they were reduced, plus if you spend $60 you get a free bag with $220 of products in it. I was keen as mustard. I got a selection of the brushes which are tucked away safely on the spare bed for the wedding day ( I have a stash of items ready for home!).


Wooo hoooo hoo look at these goodies. Although I generally choose more naturally products I love a chance like this to try new items. Included in my bag was

A pouffe
Skin wipes
A dark black/purple nail polish
a nude lippy
highlighting pencil
a primer
2 sets of false nails
cuticle oil
toothpaste and a lipbutter

Needless too say I am delighted and may start reviewing in due course. However as a review of the deal it is great.

I then noticed at the till for $25 you can sign up to be a member and get perks and a free gift. So I did that too!


A models own eye liner, bag, makeup bag, mirror and lip gloss pencil.


I also picked up the rather good nanoblur. I tried this on the back of my hand expecting nothing but the difference was definitely visible and it was down to $19.99 in priceline so I picked it up. Applied after makeup it makes the undereyes less wrinkled and fresher. I also discovered it minimises pores. BONUS!



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