Finance. It is a big word. It is something we all have to deal with on a day to day basis for the whole of our lives. In my personal opinion I pride myself on money not being overly important to my happiness. At the same token in order for it not to affect my happiness too much It is something I have had to work at. Some people love shopping, drinking, fine dinners and spending for others happiness is financial freedom and I feel I fall into this category.

Let me explain. I have always had a history as a pretty good saver. After university I had few savings. In fact I still have few savings but I do have investments. I prefer to have less money available for me to spend so it works for me to have around 90% of my pay designated to other bank accounts. A few years ago my other half and I decided that we needed to get smart about all of this. We got some help from a finance man and we now have all our Super (pension) in one moderate risk location, we have a house and we have lots of insurances for ourselves and our items. If you are going to spend on a big ticket item (such as a house or car it really does make sense to insure it). Take all these and your regular bills and this is the start of a budget. These are your non negotiable and included in this is the mortgage.

You then have the next level of spending; this is your life spends. Things which are pretty essential to your living how you want to. For me this is food (which is an essential but I include it here as I spend more than just basics on a weekly shop to get better quality food), foxtel, some pocket money and anything else you may need. I prioritise fresh food over eating out so we spend, what I would consider, a fair bit on the weekly shop. After talking to others it is not outrageous and it seems that we don’t buy heaps of junk or anything I just don’t limit fresh food. I do shop at cheaper, locally sourced shops where possible. My car is a very small car which  costs $45 to fill. I don’t watch the fuel prices as I fill this car once every 2 weeks at the most. We also use my car over the ute for long journeys as it is cheaper to run. We have foxtel at home which is a luxury because he loves the sports channels and I love UK TV, we also have a linked in deal for internet and cheap calls to the UK. Plus our mobiles. All of these items are non essential but fairly reasonable to our lifestyle. All the above comes out of our joint account which we each pay a set amount into. I also consider trips back to the UK essential items, not a holiday. Obviously this is a luxury but for me it is more important than other luxury items so it falls in this category.

Once all of this has gone out of our accounts we have spending money. Each month we both have a set amount to spend. This is in our private accounts and it is enough that you can have a few treats ( meals out etc, clothes) or save for something bigger. I like wishing for items and having a limit on our money means that this still happens.I love this way of doing things as it means I have no idea or care what he spends his money on and he isn`t bothered about mine. I know couples who monitor each others spending and this is a great way not to.

What is left is savings. For us this goes on the mortgage or in an offset account against the mortgage. Until a few months ago this money went on paying off the car and student loans etc.

I have found this works for us. You have to be honest about the kind of life you  lead so your personal budget is workable for you. I found paying off one item at a time worked. This year we would like to get to a point where we have a couple of months wages saved to help out in any untoward situations. 

Obviously we can make a decision to spend some money on a holiday or something like that and we can take that money from the offset account. We have also done our house very slowly and done a lot of work ourselves which has saved lots.

I think our budget is pretty reasonable and I feel that I am ok at sticking with it which must mean it is comfortable. At the same time my spare money is not so big I can afford everything; I use wish lists and I turn down social occasions if I have already been out a lot that month.

As another note I use a credit card. Ours gives us frequent flyer points and also free travel insurance for all flights booked with it. If you can be disciplined enough to pay it off regularly I would recommend this.

I always have a note on my iphone for each month of where the money needs to go and as soon as payday comes around I transfer it. I then have a second budget for my spends for the month. Example… I am paid in 2 days and I know that of my pay I need to spend the following; mobile bill, hair cut, eyelash extensions for the wedding, hens night and this will leave me with a little free money for other activities.

I think not having too much spare money means you look after what you have. I also sell clothes on ebay which frees up money for new items. I am also an avid sale shopper. I think this is all good practise as we may have times in our lives without 2 incomes and this way of life would be sustainable there would just be less saving.

Budget and finance seems to be something people don`t often talk about. I recognise freely that we have a lot and are in a fortunate situation. I am always interested in  how other people organise their money.

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How do you fix your budget???


MAC and Zoeva

MAC and Zoeva and so much makeup. I had a blow out. It was a planned blow out but a blow out none the less.

A few weeks ago I went to a MAC makeup masterclass. It cost $120 which was fully redeemable against products and the lovely MAC ladies spent around 4 hours teaching a group of 8 girls how to do their makeup. MAC runs a whole series of these classes and each time you get a set of instructions which you can annotate and keep in the folder they provide you with. You also get refreshments and some lovely cup cakes. 
Whoops, I bought pretty much everything. They spent so much time going through each product, and we all applied the makeup on ourselves

My final look was like this ( please excuse the messy hair)


Nice and natural for the wedding. They also taught us to apply it all with the MAC brushes. I had bought the eco tools brushes but they didn’t quite have all the ones needed. I found the Zoeva website (link above) and had read they were a good dupe for MAC brushes. I got the complete set for Euro88 which was a bargain and contained 16 fantastic quality brushes. I cannot wait to use these. I also got an eyeshadow primer and am unsure if this was part of the set or a little freebie. All the brushes have their own plastic case, like sigma brushes, and a large wallet to hold them all.
I was so happy with these buys. I cant wait to use them all. Hurry up wedding!
Have you heard of Zoeva??

ps the shipping was really reasonable and very quick. Fantastic service.

Life lately another catch up


Well hello,

I have downloaded a new app in the attempt to make my blogging experience better from my ipad. I am still really torn against getting a new laptop and better camera or whether to stick with what I already have. I am reluctant to have technology coming out of my ears when I already have an iPhone camera, point and shoot camera and ipad.

Anyway enough banging on about that, lets have a round up of things I have enjoyed lately. I have spent a lot of time outdoors as I am training for a 100km hike for oxfam in October. Along the way there have been a few nice views.

These are some photos which were taken up in the Perth hills when I did a big hike on Friday.
Yesterday we used a voucher we had got for Christmas for a horse riding experience along the Moore River. This was such a great way to spend a day. It was a 90 minute trail ride along the river and was absolutely perfect for beginners. We went with 13http://1300trailrides.com.au/00 trail riders  and they were great. I was so frightened at first and by the end was really loving it. I had a lovely horse called Gus and definitely want to go again.
Please excuse my fat roll, I swear it only happened when I was horse riding as I couldn’t take my hands off to adjust.
I also did a massive walk around the river and whilst going round who did we see? The dolphins are back. I took a film of them about 2m from me playing but I don’t know how to upload it. This week has been full of socialising, and lots of less than perfect food but this has been balanced by all of the exercise.
Today I am blogging with 

Coffees in bed, I will then clean the house, blog some more ( I have been purchasing- oops) and also baking up a storm. In other news I am desperate for the great gatsby! Still torn about the laptop and loving life.
How has your weekend been?Is this new blog tool working?

Life lately

Life lately has flown by and here is a bit of a round up of my thoughts.

* Work has been manic. As in, really manic and I have ended up overloaded. This week I suffered an anxiety attack and very little sleep. I decided that it wasn’t worth it. I pride myself on working hard but not so much that my health will suffer. I spoke to my boss, he was great, and things are better. Moral of the story don`t struggle on.. speak out.
* I have brilliant friends who have arranged a hens party for me. I need to buy some cowboy boots.
* I am back on weight watchers. I have realised over the last few months my problem is often not eating enough which leads to me eating loads some days. I don’t think my problems with food are at all emotional. They are physiological so I just need to understand them and fix them. I am on my way. I have dropped 1kg and am pretty much back to where I was a 20kg loss last year. So really I have successfully maintained for 5 months.56
* I am loving exercise. I am thinking of doing the half marathon later this year and I have signed up for a 100km charity walk so am training for this also. I enjoy having exercise goals non weightloss related.
* Bikram is excellent. Although I am not doing it this week I am planning to do it often in the future. Especially whilst it is cold.
* Lacteeze still makes my world so much easier. Any lactose intolerants get in on it!
* I am still eating a few FOODMAPS. It is hard to avoid them when stressed. I am convinced they add to my anxiety. This week complete avoidance is my main goal.
* My MAC makeup workshop went amazingly. I bought everything. I mean everything. Wedding makeup sorted.
* I have been clearing out… more stuff landing on ebay soon.
* I am a little sad at the prospect of moving out of this little house.
* I am looking forward to the chance to save and get ahead.
* I am loving life, going out a bit, looking forwards to holidays and work.
* Despite all this loving life what I really want is to have a baby! The realisation hit me so much this week. It has been creeping up on me for a while. Now my body clock is screaming in my ear and all other things, whilst making me happy, don’t make me as happy as the thought of a bubba would. It is not the right time yet but I hope it will be soon.
* In 5 weeks I get married and have a big Holliday.

Life is pretty good. How are you travelling???

The new rules of wardrobe

I like how my wardrobe currently looks. I have a fully functioning wardrobe with just the right amount of clothes and a good spread of clothes. After a series of clean outs and being honest about what I do and don’t actually wear my new rules are one in … One out. If I want to buy something new I must first get rid of something old. It is so tempting to keep buying and then not wear all your clothes. I hope this will help me to gain a good quality, functioning wardrobe. I also hope this will enable me to not waste money on un needed items.

what’s your wardrobe policy? The more the merrier?

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Skincare Routine

After a pretty long quest I finally feel like I have cracked my skincare routine and fallen into a regime with products that are really working for me.


If I have makeup on I start by removing it with Bioderma Crealine H2O solution. This has been reviewed everywhere but I love it. It doesn’t sting, it gets everything off and it is a great price for what you get. Most of my remaining products are Mario Badescu which I have found to be a brand of really good products that work at a very reasonable price. First I massage the Enzyme cleansing gel into my face when it is dry and splash it off, I then tone with glycolic toner and use the hylauronic face cream. The face cream has been a game changer for me because I do get some hormonal and digestive spots and other creams used to control this really stripped my skin. Now I am putting moisture back my skin is healing much quicker. At night I use Kosmea rosehip oil instead which I pat and massage into my face before bed. I think this is helping to fade scars from old spots.

Finally once a week, usually fly in night, I do a flower and tonic face mask which is great. I like this product as it has the unclogging clay type feel but also puts goodness back into your face and make it feel softer. I then wet a cotton ball and dip it in silver powder and smear this over my nose. Let it dry and you will see dirt being pulled out your pores. If you use a pore strip after this you will be amazed at how much extra dirt you get out your pores. Then onto tone and moisturise as normal.

have you found your perfect skincare? how do you look after your face?

It looks like a girl bomb has gone off in the lounge

haha the title of this post is what my other half said to me when I had my products sprinkled everywhere getting things ready. Rather than reviewing individual products I am going to start doing posts on my favourite face products of the moment. Normally I have two go to looks. One is more natural on the eyes and brighter lips the other is more on eyes and less on lips.

So without further ado here are the products I am currently loving.



I always do my base with bare minerals as mentioned in the previous post. I also love the sleek brow kit and also the sleek Glo HighlighterFor budget products both of these are fantastic.

For my minimal face I use a quick sweep of savvy mineral baked blusher in blossom. I find this a really great budget mineral blusher and a little goes a really long way. On my lids I dab on a little kitcream eyeshadow in pretty quickly. This was a freebie which I have found myself using more and more. A quick line with rimmel glam eyes and some Natio super long lash mascara and I am almost ready to go. A final slick of Revlon just bitten kisable balm stain in romantic.

For my other face I use two mineral shadows Shanga Camellia over the lid. I love this colour as it is a slightly peachy pale pink which I prefer to cooler pinks. I also use a smudge of Adorn mineral cosmetics eye create intensive eye in copper which has a nice warmth to it. I also use a line of korres eyeliner pencil in brown. Sometimes I line my water line with a second korres pencil in golden which I prefer to a harsh white water line. I think this is a litle softer but perks up my eyes just as well. Finally I use a little blush from kit in peachy keenand on the lips I use Korres liquid lipstick in number 13. These are weird as they look like a lip gloss but go on tacky then dry to a lipstick feel. The reason I like them so much is they last well.

How do you do your daily face? should I do more posts like this?

Review- Bare Minerals

I have probably been banging on about Bare Minerals before on here but have never really taken the time to do a proper review. A while ago my skin was terrible and I decided to try mineral makeup to help improve it. I think my change in skin care has also helped hugely and I will do a post on my skincare routine,as I love reading other peoples, and I really feel this is working for me at the moment. That said I do feel that bare minerals has really helped improve my face.

I used a starter kit originally, a fantastic way to trial the products, which costs $85. Mine was from kit cosmetics. Now I have all the full sized products but if you use the trial kit you also get the necessary brushes to apply it all properly.


I also have an Everyday Minerals brush which is really lovely. When you buy the products you are taught to apply them and there is also an instructional dvd, which I have never watched!

I used the illuminating primer all over my face. This is nice and this and gives the face a great glow. One pump is all you need for the whole face and it does make it feel nice and smooth.I then wait a couple of minutes and put on the mineral foundation in light. I tap a little into the lid, swirl my brush, tap brush to get rid of excess then buff it onto my skin. I use either my Everyday Minerals kabuki or a full face brush. If I have any blemishes I use the smaller brush (max coverage concealer) to put some extra product to hide them. I then use the face brush to apply warmth to my face. Warmth is a matt bronzer which you apply around the face line and under your cheek bones. I use the max concealer brush and the bare minerals in Bisque under my eyes to cover dark circles. Finally using the full face brush I have a quick dip, swirl and tap in the mineral veil and buff it on. At the moment I have the illuminating veil which , in my opinion, is a little too sparkly. I wanted a glow but think you get this better from the original without the sparkle.

I was worried , as I have dry skin , that I may look a bit dull or dry using a powder but I am definitely converted and feel that it gives me glow enough. A selection of faces are below.



Do you use mineral makeup? what is your favourite brand?

Life lately and a few thoughts

A lot of my posts lately have been scheduled ones. This is because I blog on my break and then work whilst I am away. Life lately has been a bit strange really. To be honest ever since the new year I have been a bit up and down and as I have mentioned on here I attribute this to 3 things.

First up, FODMAPS. There is no two ways about this they affect my well being. They affect my physical well being, with stomach aches, but there is so much evidence they affect my mental wellbeing also. I am worth more than this therefore I need to remove them once and for all.

Exercise also affects my physical and mental health and I have become one of those people who enjoys it and needs it. DAILY. I have some little goals now. The perth half marathon in August, a 100km charity walk in October and an entry to the London Marathon Ballot.

Diet. Oh my I slipped. Off the back of the slip I have a few things to say. Since January I have not been religious with counting points. I have attempted other more extreme diets. I have failed and sadly it has affected my well being, feelings about myself and exercise. Recently I fell into the starting tomorrow everyday thing. That has only been lately and I have the rest of the time indulged more and listened to myself. I have basically maintained with a 1.5 kg gain from the last few weeks. This attitude has also affected my tiredness and too be honest I hate it. I am now back to weighing weekly and weight watchers online. $50 per month is a small price to pay to get to my goal.

One of my main slip ups is just my lack of care for food. It is just not priority for me so I don’t eat then get starving and need to eat the nearest thing. This is part of the reason I put on weight and no longer acceptable to me. On the upsideI no longer binge, I am pretty regular with exercise despite what I said above and I am also mostly good at low FODMAPs. I also seem to be pretty ok with maintaining. So for all these reasons I am happy about how I spent the last few months.

I have learned how I like to eat and to be honest just need to tweak it up and count points again. I have done it before and I can easily do this again. I like weight watchers because I can eat healthy, low FODMAP, enough to fuel me and it works. It also doesn’t mean life has to go on hold and this is important as I have a lot of life coming up.

I am almost delighted with these break throughs and feel like although I have a weight goal, the very centre of my healthy range, it is no longer just about my physical body. I am addicted to how good a healthy lifestyle makes you feel and because of that I can no longer living life at any less.

How is your relationship with food? Have you ever had a moment like this?