Les Murdie Falls

  An adventure at Les murdie falls. I am just going to post you a series of pictures I took. It is beautiful up there, the water is flowing and the views are amazing. It is also good exercise and after La Gallette is just down the road for macarons and coffee or savoury pancakes.. or both- you earned it!


Another blooming month has passed

How has another month passed??? my life is flying by. I honestly cannot believe it is June and in 18 days I am getting married. Frankly I am nothing but excited by this and find it more than a little offensive that I have to work this week.

This break has been grand. My other half has been working away which has given me a lot of me time and girl time.

First up I watched GIRLS. Has anyone else watched this? I don’t know if its great or gross?!?

I also went shopping and replaced my bare minerals. Nothing else works so well for my face. I re purchased the starter kit so I have one for site and one for home.

Speaking of site the whole minerals industry seems to have tightened up a lot. I am really focusing on keeping the job I have by working hard and doing well.

That said I have an amazing holiday coming up and cannot wait. I have end of term syndrome. I also cannot wait to see my family and friends.

Speaking of friends, phew. I had a HENS. It was perfect for me. Given that I am a prickly character who doesn’t like to be too drunk, doesn’t hold much alcohol and hates drunk people, strangers and people I don’t know touching me it was a tough order. It was amazing. I dressed as a cow girl, laughed, drunk and made merry. We had a disco bus, we went to bars I have never been to, a band sang a song to me, I danced in a cage with friends (!?!), I went in a club, I got home at 2am.. who the hell am i? It is possible I am frank the tank. kI also didn’t even hate all the pictures on facebook and really didn’t feel so awkward about myself at all.

Sunday was a day of sofa and TV and basically waiting for bed time so I could wake up today and feel better. Today I am hiking, chilling, putting things on ebay, blogging and then having a ladies trip to the Gatsby!

Although I miss my other half when he works away it has been a good solid set of girl time which I have loved. I spent a few days thinking about stuff in the lead up to the wedding and I really love
my life. I love my job, I love living in Perth andI really like the life I have built for myself in Perth too.

Also, how do you comment on other blogs using an ipad.. for the life of me I cannot!

From this end happy days.. What have you been up to ? How are you all?