Diet and Fitness.. where are we now?

This little blog started as a diet and weightloss focussed blog so it seems rude not to give an update.

For those of you who don’t know between April and December last year I lost around 20kgs. At the start of this year at about 10kg shy of my goal I started struggling. A size 10-12 and I didn’t really recognise myself. To be honest the loss had been swift and I had started measuring my success by the numbers going down and stopped looking at myself in a mirror and knowing who I was. On advise of the nurse at work I stopped the strict diet, looked in the mirror more and tried to get comfy with myself again.

After more than 6 months of maintenance, including extensive periods of no point counting, I feel ready to loose the final kgs to get to goal. So without further ado I head back to weight watchers online to try and get down to goal. I am open to this being just another 5kg with more toning of the body or the full 10kg and will take it slow.

Fitness wise exercise has become part of my daily life. I am part of the which has alerted me to how sedentary my job and life can be if I do not actively encourage myself to move more.

I am loving running and am planning a 12km run next month as part of the city to surf. Over the last few weeks I have had problems with my foot from running and walking. After a series of chiropractor visits and acupuncture in the UK I have discovered I have collapsed arches. I now have orthotics and things are improving. Pilates was also recommended to me to strengthen my core and improve my muscles as I increase cardio so I will be signing up for that next break.

Finally I am doing an Oxfam hike through the hills in October. 100km in 2 days. This will be tough and these goals are more than enough to keep me going.

Have you ever lost recognition of your body? what’s your favourite exercise?


A little thought to start the week – being thoughtful

IMG_0185Here we go with the first of the new phase blog posts. Motivational Monday. One of the main things I love about my family is my mum and one of the main things I really love and respect about her is how thoughtful she is. Although very generous with money she is far more generous with her time and care for people. My mum has an amazing talent for craft, you can check out her Gift Frippery Blog which shows in detail some of the wedding things she prepared, but more than that she does the little things which others forget.

So this year I am going to try and get back to basics with the little touches. Home made cakes and gifts, thank you cards, making time for friends and family and little home made touches. Whilst at home I got a new address book and a really easy way to be thoughtful is sending postcards to the oldies. My grandparents are hard to talk to on the phone due to a combination of hearing aids and distance. A well timed postcard really brightens their week and takes barely any time.

I think I am good at calling family and sending little trinkets home but this year I want to do more for people I see here. Thank you cards for having us over, handwritten thank you cards for all our wedding gifts, bunches of flowers from the garden, a home made cake or two. Things do not need to be expensive that is not the point of this. The goal is to invest a little of your time to brighten someone else’s day.

Who is with me? Anyone else want to try to be more like my mum?

The Wedding- The bride

I am splitting the wedding posts as it is a lot to cover in one post and, honestly, you may not all want to read them all.

So this post is all about me. I was probably a low maintenance bride as I knew that I wouldn’t want to be stressed or fussing about myself but enjoying precious times with loved ones.

Prior to leaving Australia I did some preparation. I had my eyebrows threaded which does really tidy up my face and my hair done. I also broke all my nails the week before at work so got some falsies..

photo (4)

I felt these were pretty natural but was happy to have them off after the wedding!

My dress was from Rachel Pally and was essentially a maxi dress. I wanted to feel comfortable and casual so this was perfect.

wedding dress

My shoes were Jimmy choos and I had a bouquet of fabric flowers made by my mum. I also had a garter made with the fabric from one of my husbands shirts which was made for me by my grandma.


My hair was curled by my brothers girlfriend and my makeup was done by myself after my MAC masterclass.
photo (3)
I would really recommend this as the photos looked fine and everyone said they liked the fact I looked like myself. I also felt much more comfortable.

My headpiece was a wedding gift from my brother, who hand made it. Below is a picture of it and then a picture of it in my hair. I didn’t get to see this until the morning of the wedding and it blew me away just how talented he is.

photo (1)

photo (2)

I loved the fact I didn’t look overly formal or bridal and really felt comfortable because of this.

What wedding look did you wear? What kind of look do you want for your wedding?

The wedding- the venue

Alright this may be a long post so grab a cuppa and sit back. The wedding happened on the 21st June in Gretna Green. I had chosen the mill forge as our wedding venue because the just seemed to make it so reasonable and the prices seemed excellent value for what we were after.

I was pretty nervous as we arrived, sometimes places just don’t look the same as they do online, but all my fears were put aside as we arrived. It was gorgeous, quaint and beautiful. Nice old buildings, a beautiful bridal suite and a very cute chapel.


With the old water wheel.


And beautiful grounds

Located a couple of miles from Gretna it was surrounded by fields and you could see sheep out of your bedroom window.

The whole site is small but there was enough room for most of our guests to stay there. The rooms were pretty inexpensive, but nice, and all included breakfast.

For the wedding the mill assisted with booking the celebrant, the bag piper and also the photographer. There is a choice of menus but as I didn’t want a table plan everyone, except the vegetarians, had chicken with a choice of starters and desserts offered at the meal.

Our wedding was at 4pm so at 3.30 everyone met at the bar and because it was such sunny weather they were all in the beer garden. Once they had all been bag piped into the chapel one of the people who worked there just came and got me. They took a quick photo of me and my brother, who gave me away, and we were bagpiped into the chapel.

The ceremony was quick, fun and lovely. I didn’t cry and did actually have a bit of a giggle. There were a few photos in the chapel and around the grounds and then we were able to party.

The mill does drinks packages so we all had a bucks fizz right after the wedding. As it was such a hot day we were sat in the beer garden. At 5.30pm there was a 3 course meal. Everything was set up beautifully and if you have your own centrepieces, cake and favours you just drop them at reception when you check in and they handle it all. I was surprised that at our place there was photo of us already with a congratulations card from the mill… so thoughtful. The meal went until around 9 after which they cleared it away and then put on a disco. You do share the disco with any other weddings on that day but in our case there was only one other wedding party who were getting married the next day. We danced the night away, all song requests were taken and it was so much fun. At 12 they close and you can stumble the short distance to your room.

The next morning we woke up with me holding the wall to stop the room spinning and the groom passed out on the floor and went for a much needed cooked breakfast.

Overall if you want a nice but hassle free wedding the mill can do this for you. It was such a good choice for us. Although I had no expectations and was expecting to not really love it I enjoyed my day so so much and with no stress I really had time to relax with friends and loved ones and enjoy the day for all it was.

Have you done a destination wedding? Would you consider one?

Married life hurdle 1- living abroad

I was planning to write-up all about the wedding, the fantastic holiday and all that we had seen and done. These posts are coming, I promise, but right now I have some stuff on my mind and a great way to get it out is to shout about it (or write!).

This post will be a wordy and personal one, so feel free to skip it as necessary. This blog was started as an outlet for me and these are the posts I love to look over. They may make me cringe but they really do show me where I am at in life at the time of writing and I love seeing how life has changed for me.

My current dilemma, if you can call it that, is that I am sad. I am sad because I am so jet lagged and I miss home. It was amazing being at home with my loved ones in places which I loved. The most amazing aspect of it was time. I have not had more than 3 weeks off work since I started working at 23. I am now 30. For 6 of those years I have lived in Australia and my family and friends live in England. Whilst I have grown a network of friends and acquired a new family over here it is not the same. It is not the same as those friends you have had since you were 12. It is not the same as the family you have known all your life.

In many respects as I left and travelled and nothing changed. In so many ways nothing has changed and part of me tells myself ‘it will always be there, nothing changes, why worry??’ As so many say ‘what the heart wants the heart wants’.

Please don’t misunderstand I love my husband, I love our life, I love Australia and all it has to offer but I also love my home and my family and friends. This trip I spent less time rushing around and more time in one spot. I spent more time at home. Home being the house I grew up in. I spent time with my family and my friends. Yes nothing had changed and this is why I miss them. I love the day-to-day and after 6 years away it is no longer enough to have a 1 day catch up every 9 to 18 months. I want to have a series of cups of tea over a few days and no the ins and outs of their daily business; ‘what did they have for lunch?’, ‘What have they bought lately?’, ‘What makes them happy or sad?’ and ‘ did you see that show on TV last night?’.

Last night I cracked. It was 2AM and I couldn’t sleep, bloody jet lag, and we talked and talked and I cried a bit. At hurdle no. 1 my husband astounded me with his care and kindness to me. He reminded me that I had done the hard yards by being here away from all that for the last 6 years, that I had worked hard to support him through an apprenticeship and that it all ends soon. Within the next 18 months he will be done. He will be done and is working to give me what my heart really wants ‘time’.

For this and so many more things I love him.

Blog changes and updates


I was looking for an image of a bloggers notebook and this came up… Any excuse really!

Now I have my own laptop again and a better camera I would really like to start improving things around here. I want to start working a lot harder on my blog, my writing, my photos and generally on this little piece of web space. I would really like to start being a more regular blogger. I want to blog about things which are relevant to me and my life and hope that you will all enjoy reading them.

Alongside the more personal posts which I still enjoy I would like some other regular posts. I plan to include

* A new recipe once a week this will encourage me to cook more and try new meals also.
* Some kind of motivation, goal or self-improvement I will be focusing on that week.
* A review of a product, place, book or film I have loved.
* Some design or fashion looks or inspiration I currently like.

Is there anything else you would like to see on here?



Folks I have been absolutely and unapologetically MIA. I have just returned from the best 4 weeks of my life having a beautiful time at home with friends, family, loved ones and oh yeah… GETTING MARRIED!

I will be back to blogging and tomorrow I have the house to myself and am planning on getting some posts done and sharing a lot of what I have been up to. Today, however, following another celebration with the Aussie family and a rather large jet lag induced sleep I feel a curl up on the couch and a catch up with what you have all been up to (via your blogs) is in order.

I am however in possession of a large list of posts which I need to/ want to write. A spanky new lap top and a DSLR so improve blogging abilities, photos and also the ability to comment on your posts is in hand.

For now I leave you with a photo of the chapel where it all happened.

Fill me in what have you been up to?