26th Feb

Better late than never, yesterday was busy. After a strange nights sleep I was all out of whack and really hungry!

I never reached the zen of the day before at work and although I had a nice day it was just another day.

I did preggie aqua though and it was nice to being back to exercise, with the swollen feet it has taken a back seat and been missed!

Fresh fruit and veg box delivered last night and I finally feel we are getting to grips with out budget. The mortgage has been sorted and the husband is signed off next week ( fingers crossed) and we are consolidating our insurances so I am working away for us to be in a good position to survive on one income as comfortably as possible!

I am sick of my clothes and keep looking round at all the people looking lovely….. How long until I can be like that again? It’s not that I feel bad about myself there just really is less choice and you don’t want to spend heaps on clothes which won’t fit for a long time.

What’s cracking everywhere else in the world?


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