12th march

Holy moly I feel busy. I found out yesterday others at work, who are non preggie, were feeling as I did so we think its a virus and I am back to firing on all cylinders.

This morning I have my hospital pre admission interview at 8.30am. Did we sleep in? Heck no up at 6 again and house is swept, mopped, laundry on and lunch cooked for the next two days…. No rest for the wicked. I had physio last night and it is super sore now, preggie aqua tonight and Pilates tomorrow… Phew!

What are you all up to?


10th may

Today I came, I saw and I conquered at work then I got home ached, cooked and woke up the next day!

9th may

It’s finally happened I think I am adjusting and getting used to the idea of not working for a while. I knew I just needed to give myself time and now I am looking forward to time off. Whilst I think I would love to return to work part time next year I am just focused on the hear and now. I think how tired I am is assisting.

This weeks goals are to prioritise health and exercise. I have made a batch of Mediterranean quinoa for lunch boxes, done a super market shop and stocked up. Prepped and ready. This week I have my pre admission interview for the hospital. I also only have three weeks of work left and need to really knuckle down and churn stuff out so i get it done. Motivation has hit.

I have pushed through today and the house is clean and I feel organised for the week, however I have noticed all these markets and events in perth and I would really like to make more time to go to them, especially once the baby arrives. All work and no play makes people dull. Also, a far,era market has opened each Sunday near me, I am going to road test it next week- when I also pick up the remainder of the nursery furniture etc. and the pram. Exciting!

I am making plans for my maternity leave…to get my hair done finally, get a pedi, get my brows done and then all the house jobs etc and rest up to prep. I also want to really get swimming as it feels so nice to be in water with a big old bump! I also want to do some proper posts for here…not just quick diary ones but some real ones as well.

How has your weekend been?

8th march

Quick update as I am exhausted. I spent all day in ante natal classes which were really quite informative. I also wore my compression tights for the first time and it has really helped the swelling- highly recommended. As is this product nuxe reve du miel . It is lovely and thick and sorted my cracked lips brilliantly.

Finally I have joined a mama bake group starting in my maternity leave. Ours is a gluten free gang of five, am excited!

How did you spend your day?

7th march

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. This week has been a challenge with fluid retention peaking and today I am off work sick. I don’t know what’s going on. In the upside I am getting through my long list of financial restructuring and whilst the bills roll in at least we are getting some rebaits and moving forward.

The weight gain has bothered me this week, my rings no longer fit I have tree trunk legs and I feel huge. I did hop on the scales today and I have gained plenty now for this pregnancy. I have a max of 9 weeks left although I suspect we may be looking at her coming/ being induced around 38 weeks. Still I am going to log my food the next few weeks. Party is over, whilst we won’t be dieting we are getting back to be conscious of what is being eaten as soon it will be back to weight watchers to shift this weight.

I am struggling a little to concentrate at work, I have some tough jobs to get done before I leave and I just need to get in there and blitz them. I also need to exercise again each day it is all that will help this fluid!

It may sound like I am obsessed, after loosing all the weight a couple of years ago it has been pretty rude gaining again. I do hope I am a lucky one who it drops off for but if not I am happy to work it off…, I have done it before. Whilst not upset I am conscious of not eating for two, getting poor habits and also going wild with food. Time to clean up and swap out any naughty habits which have crept in!

It has really hit home it is happening soon, I have my antenatal course tomorrow which I a sure will bring it home!

How is everyone else trucking this week?

6th march

How far is too far to walk when pregnant?? Right now I ended up doing 6km today chasing down the compression tights I needed in town. I am stuffed started feeling sick and am exhausted and ended up coming home early. Still I have the tights and some great advice from the physio and should be feeling relief from this water retention soon.

In other news I trialled the bb mineral powder from physicians formula today… I like it!

I forgot I was giving up junk for lent… Maybe pregnant ladies are allowed 2 days grace for bad memories??

5th march

So it has been confirmed I am retaining water like a mofo! I currently feel like this


Still fight fire with fire and I am drinking caffeine free green tea and fresh juices and a heap of water daily.


As well as cleaning up the eating. I have also booked acupunture for Friday to see if that helps.

In other news my lusthaveit box arrived.


It was a nice treat but I don’t think I would want regular subscriptions. The juice face exfoliation is lovely and just what I need to pep up the complexion and the brush is great. The other full size product is a mineral eyeshadow in bright blue which I will pass on to someone who does colour. All the samples have been popped into my hospital bag!

It was also payday so I did a splurge from my wish list in Priceline


A foot file for my dry heels ( if I can actually reach my feet), Epsom
Salts to fight the watery bloat, nuxe reve du miel as my lips are so cracked with the water retaining lark… I have read so many good reviews. Plus apparently a good lipbalm is good to have for the hospital stay. Finally some physicians formula mineral makeup. The big set is going straight in the hospital bag as my yummy mummy kit and the bb powder is for an everyday foundation now. Fingers crossed I love it!

Any tips for water retention?

4th march

Well we are at 31 weeks or 31 and a half if you go by my dating scan! Looking bumpy now


It scares me a little how big I am. Although I stopped weighing myself a few weeks ago and make a real effort to only eat when hungry I want to clean up the diet and exercise plan. Daily exercise now it is cooling down even if just a short waddle is back on the agenda. The last few weeks with my hips and the heat this had slipped.

I am also craving health foods and taking this opportunity to launch myself into whole foods with a vengeance. In a few weeks I will no longer be pregnant I will be chubby with a new baby and I know this will personally potentially be hard for me. Whilst I am so looking forward to doing weight watchers again and getting my fitness back until I am on the road with it ( usually after at least 6 weeks) I know there is the potential to feel down on myself. Naturally I don’t want this and one thing I do know is it’s rarely about the size I am and more about how healthy and positive I am being which affects my feelings. I also know this free ride with fodmaps and lactose will end so maybe a gentle cull starting now, rather than band aid approach will work well. Nothing extreme just good wholesome food!

I am back to feeling excited by life and what it may offer me. Possible work opportunities, possible other life’s to choose and I remain strong in looking forward to enjoying my maternity leave.

Only 3 more weeks of work after this one…. Eeep!

Ps swollen fingers and feet are no laughing matter I can’t wear my wedding rings!

Pps she is not here yet and kept me up for four hours last night with her kicking and antics!

3rd march

I have had a lovely long weekend, just what the doctor ordered. Yesterday we saw a house which looked like it may be all we wished for….. I am glad we went to look because it wasn’t! That means we are free to continue saving. Whilst our house is a little small for a family home it really isn’t too small and I don’t want to buy unless its the one. Plus a smaller mortgage means less requirement for me to do a job I don’t want to. It also means we have more freedom to take advantage of whatever life throws at us.

We had a lovely dinner at friends after a nice day out just the two of us. Today I am home alone and have been cleaning, watching trash, reading blogs and fantasising about the clothes I will be able to wear again with out a bump and chilling. Next stop food shop after I have done our meal plans for the next week… Can you say organised? Meal planning works well in terms of reducing our bills actually and we have to shop less often which is a bonus.

2nd march

Whoopsie I missed a few days! Friday I had the day off for my grandmas funeral. The funeral Washington England so obviously I couldn’t go but I had the day off Incase I felt sad ( you never know just how sad you may be with preggie hormones!

In the end I had a lovely day with a big clean of the house and a visit from a friend. Our little bump was spoiled rotten by some friends and it was nice. In the evening we drove down south for a friends engagement party. Granted we were like the old grandparents as we were not drinking and I. My frumpy preggie clothes next to all the young whippersnappers. Still a beautiful night for beautiful friends. She gave birth three months ago so totally understood just how much effort I had gone to by I filling my two chipped toe nail polishes as reaching my toes is a thing of the past!

On Saturday we had the morning in the seaside town with coffee by the water. We saw a friends lovely new house and had lunch with her. After driving home I went for a lie down and woke up 4 hours later… Must have been exhausted. 38 degrees and pregnancy makes for just one thing….swelling!

Today we are off for a waddle with the dog. Last night we watched happy feet and those little penguins walking is exactly how I look trying to quickly do a food shop now…. Waddle, waddle, waddle… After a quick brekkie of pancakes this morning. Then we are off to loo at a house. I am so scared…. It is dream house potential. Everything we want in an area we love. A scary time to contemplate saving but it’s also scary to consider missing out on it too! Eeeeep. Then to a friends for dinner.

Four more weeks of work, the count down is on… We just want to meet her so much.