2nd march

Whoopsie I missed a few days! Friday I had the day off for my grandmas funeral. The funeral Washington England so obviously I couldn’t go but I had the day off Incase I felt sad ( you never know just how sad you may be with preggie hormones!

In the end I had a lovely day with a big clean of the house and a visit from a friend. Our little bump was spoiled rotten by some friends and it was nice. In the evening we drove down south for a friends engagement party. Granted we were like the old grandparents as we were not drinking and I. My frumpy preggie clothes next to all the young whippersnappers. Still a beautiful night for beautiful friends. She gave birth three months ago so totally understood just how much effort I had gone to by I filling my two chipped toe nail polishes as reaching my toes is a thing of the past!

On Saturday we had the morning in the seaside town with coffee by the water. We saw a friends lovely new house and had lunch with her. After driving home I went for a lie down and woke up 4 hours later… Must have been exhausted. 38 degrees and pregnancy makes for just one thing….swelling!

Today we are off for a waddle with the dog. Last night we watched happy feet and those little penguins walking is exactly how I look trying to quickly do a food shop now…. Waddle, waddle, waddle… After a quick brekkie of pancakes this morning. Then we are off to loo at a house. I am so scared…. It is dream house potential. Everything we want in an area we love. A scary time to contemplate saving but it’s also scary to consider missing out on it too! Eeeeep. Then to a friends for dinner.

Four more weeks of work, the count down is on… We just want to meet her so much.


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