The tuckerbox

The tuckerbox is a food box which is delivered to your door either weekly or monthly. I used to get a fruit a veggie box from the same company over the last w years and everything was really lovely, fresh, locally produced products. The latest offering from the lettuce shop is called the tucker box and it contains fruit and veggies for the week plus milk, bread, eggs and 4 different meat packages.

This is perfect for us. It is a little too much food for one week so I get it delivered every second week and do a weekend cook up and freeze of the bits we didn’t use in the week. The staff at the lettuce shop are so helpful, they have actually subbed a few ingredients for us due to allergies etc. another note is the delivery driver is so kind he brings it right into my kitchen if my arms are full of baby. If you are not home don’t worry it is all dropped in foam Eskies so will stay cool.

With the baby this has definitely simplified my shopping needs and I can rest assured knowing it is good quality ingredients going into my body.. A non negotiable when breastfeeding!

have you used a food delivery service? Would you use one?


5 weeks and a day in the life

Well here we are and I have a 5 week old baby now. Time is flying and I can honestly say I am loving it. We have, rough days aside, evened out into a little routine and I am planning on tweaking this routine once her latest fussy phase has passed.

5.30 am wake up- feed and put her back down for a sleep. Whilst she sleeps I have breakfast and organise myself a bit or read blogs etc and chill.

7.00 am feed again, play with her, dress her then put her down around 8 for another sleep. Whilst she sleeps I shower and dress if I didn’t get a chance before and do a quick hour or so of house work.

9.30 am feed again. I was then heading out for the morning ( this may change as she sleeps well in the morning to allow more time for jobs etc). She sleeps again.

11.00 or 11.30 feed again… Often she also does a massive nappy around this time. After this feed she tends to want to be cuddled etc.

In the afternoon there is currently no real routine, I try to get her to have a good sleep but it doesn’t always work. This is why I am planning to go out in the afternoons as she sleeps well in a pram and I can happily walk to keep her sleeping. I am aiming to walk daily. Afternoons are also catch up times with friends when I do that. She often cluster feeds as well late afternoon.

Once dad gets home she has a play with him whilst I cook dinner. She has a bath around 6 or 6.30 then I dry her, do baby massage and get her in her pjs. After this we turn all the lights down low and I do a big feed. We tends to keep feeding and dropping off until she finally falls into a bed time sleep around 9 ish.

She will then wake to feed generally around 12.30, 3.30 and 5.30 on a good night.

Between feeding and sleeping Milly is often awake for 30 minutes or so and we play, sing, do tummy time, go on the play mat or in her swinging chair. Her favourite activity involves being on the play mat with no nappy on for a nudie kick around.

There are obviously days where this all goes completely out of the window. I feel quite confident I can stay on top of housework and get myself dressed and out of the house daily. Things I do need to change for myself include my diet. I have to eat more as I am feeding but we have worked out when I eat gluten and dairy or caffeine it affects her so I am avoiding it. I also need a stash of healthy snack ideas. I eat in a fairly structured and heathy way normally and need to work out my plan for whilst breastfeeding so it includes enough food but ensures that it is very healthy.

After my 6 week check it will include mums and bubs aqua and also Pilates once a week. I have a post pregnancy work out DVD which I can also do. For cardio it is still low I act so walking daily with the buggy will be key. I am looking forward to when I can jog again. To be honest right now I can’t leave the baby really although I will be including expressing milk in my routine so I can get a little more freedom. It is also not recommended to do high impact exercise until 5 months post partum.

The truth about life with a newborn

When I was pregnant I had heard so much about life with a newborn. Now I am a month I. I have a few observations:

The first week or so is the hardest- you are healing, learning to breastfeed, bleeding and dealing with a newborn who is all over the place having just come into the world.

I have still wanted to be dressed in a nice way each day even if it is casual. I have found a statement necklace lifts the plainest outfit.

Mineral makeup is great because if you are too tired to take it off it doesn’t block your pores!

Get moving- walking and being out the house makes you feel better and is a great way to spin the baby out between feeds.

I feed my baby on demand- if she is hungry she is fed.

You need to teach babies day from night and it takes a while.

It is hard as the mums are what the babies need for the first few months so your life changes more than anyone else’s, but on the flip side you will be so close with your baby and have special moments.

The tiredness is much easier to handle than I expected.

Breastfeeding makes you hungry.

Accept all the help you can.

Everyone wants to visit. They stay ages, now is the time to be rude and ask people to leave. You need rest and have a newborn who also needs sleep.

The hardest thing is that you are the one who needs to look after the baby but when you are on your own its tricky as you smell like milk so they just want to feed!

You will watch junk tv- dont tell the bride and come dine with me are my faves!

Even if you feel really short tempered be kind to your other half and hope they treat you with kindness as it makes this time super special!

It is the best thing ever.

Milly rose is here

It has been a long while since I have posted, life has been hectic. Grab a cuppa lets catch up…..

I finished work at 34 weeks pregnant. This was the right decision for me. I needed to organise my house, clean, shop for the baby and do lots of jobs. More importantly I needed to do this at a slower pace. In all honestly I found resting hard, in the end I discovered a lie down with a book was the best rest I could enjoy.

At 38 weeks my mum came out. I can’t say too much as she has only just left again and i will cry but quite frankly I shared the most special 6 weeks of my life with my closest family and friend. She was there for the birth, helped me get comfortable with being a mum and just made a special time more wonderful.

At 40 weeks I was induced. We had thought the baby was coming the week before via c-section as she was brow presenting but a final scan showed she had moved and we waited. I can write a birth story if people want to read more detail but in summary I loved my birth, it was honestly one of the most positive experiences of my life. I felt well cared for and supported and I really feel like I didn’t suffer too much at all. After such a positive birth I healed well and have been walking about since the next day and doing longer walks and tasks since around 1 week post partum. By 3 weeks post partum I felt like myself again.

I am now nearly 4 weeks post partum and life has been a whirlwind. I have had a lot of help and through this have not felt too overwhelmed. Gradually we have got Milly’s bedtime back to a more reasonable 10pm from an outrageous 3am after she was born. We are breastfeeding well and she is stacking on weight which makes me happy. I am finding my feet slowly but surely and working out how we work together in a day- how to fit in my house work, cooking, laundry and also making myself presentable each day. Since the day after the birth I have made sure I am up, showered and dressed daily which I think has helped me to feel normal.

Other things of note; I am now walking daily and loving it ( I missed it daily towards the end of pregnancy- I am now looking forward to when I can jog again), I cut fodmaps again and not only do I feel better but Milly seems much more settled and less tummy achy. YesI miss sleep but I am managing fine. I don’t know what I currently weight, I am no lo get in maternity clothes but am a flabbier version of myself…. I am not stressed I will do it slowly and sensibly and just want to be back to my comfy size and fit and toned by Christmas.

I have spent a small fortune lately, now I need to be back on the baby budget!

Being three is even more amazing than being two. Sometimes I see my husband holding my daughter and i want to cry i am so full of love!

I have never known love like I feel for my daughter. I now realise more than ever what a brave, strong woman my mother was to set me free and support me moving to australia. I really hope that soon we can all live closer and the three generations can cause chaos!

Here is a quick snap shot of the light of my life.

how did pregnancy and birth change your world?