5 weeks and a day in the life

Well here we are and I have a 5 week old baby now. Time is flying and I can honestly say I am loving it. We have, rough days aside, evened out into a little routine and I am planning on tweaking this routine once her latest fussy phase has passed.

5.30 am wake up- feed and put her back down for a sleep. Whilst she sleeps I have breakfast and organise myself a bit or read blogs etc and chill.

7.00 am feed again, play with her, dress her then put her down around 8 for another sleep. Whilst she sleeps I shower and dress if I didn’t get a chance before and do a quick hour or so of house work.

9.30 am feed again. I was then heading out for the morning ( this may change as she sleeps well in the morning to allow more time for jobs etc). She sleeps again.

11.00 or 11.30 feed again… Often she also does a massive nappy around this time. After this feed she tends to want to be cuddled etc.

In the afternoon there is currently no real routine, I try to get her to have a good sleep but it doesn’t always work. This is why I am planning to go out in the afternoons as she sleeps well in a pram and I can happily walk to keep her sleeping. I am aiming to walk daily. Afternoons are also catch up times with friends when I do that. She often cluster feeds as well late afternoon.

Once dad gets home she has a play with him whilst I cook dinner. She has a bath around 6 or 6.30 then I dry her, do baby massage and get her in her pjs. After this we turn all the lights down low and I do a big feed. We tends to keep feeding and dropping off until she finally falls into a bed time sleep around 9 ish.

She will then wake to feed generally around 12.30, 3.30 and 5.30 on a good night.

Between feeding and sleeping Milly is often awake for 30 minutes or so and we play, sing, do tummy time, go on the play mat or in her swinging chair. Her favourite activity involves being on the play mat with no nappy on for a nudie kick around.

There are obviously days where this all goes completely out of the window. I feel quite confident I can stay on top of housework and get myself dressed and out of the house daily. Things I do need to change for myself include my diet. I have to eat more as I am feeding but we have worked out when I eat gluten and dairy or caffeine it affects her so I am avoiding it. I also need a stash of healthy snack ideas. I eat in a fairly structured and heathy way normally and need to work out my plan for whilst breastfeeding so it includes enough food but ensures that it is very healthy.

After my 6 week check it will include mums and bubs aqua and also Pilates once a week. I have a post pregnancy work out DVD which I can also do. For cardio it is still low I act so walking daily with the buggy will be key. I am looking forward to when I can jog again. To be honest right now I can’t leave the baby really although I will be including expressing milk in my routine so I can get a little more freedom. It is also not recommended to do high impact exercise until 5 months post partum.


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