Making time for mum….

I have to be honest here and as delightful as being a full time mumma is….. it can be exhausting. You wouldn’t have it any other way….. but sometimes you need to do a little thing for yourself. I have found that far from being selfish taking small amounts of time in the day to indulge myself has only helped me to be a more present and happy mum for the rest of the day. Here are some of the small treats I like to do for myself….

Have a coffee- I mean not just instant but taking the time to either make myself a fancy one or buying myself a fancy one which I drink whilst taking Milly out in the pushchair.

Have a bath- when she is asleep in the morning I generally do housework/jobs/baking etc but at least once a week I have a longer wallow in a bath. I have also started to pop on a facemask and get out a little earlier so I have time for a nice body oil or gradual tanner.

Statement necklaces- Often clothes are plain and/ or based around easy boob access. You often don’t fit a huge amount of your clothes. A cheery necklace makes me feel more together when I look in the mirror.

Doing my hair- I cut off all my hair into a bob not long after Milly was born and my post pregnancy hormones mean that my hair only needs a wash twice weekly ( 3 times max). After at least one of these washes I try and straighten my hair and wear it down in its intended style.

TV Show- Have a show you like to watch. Each day at 4pm Milly has a feed and starts to need to wind down. This often involves lots of mummy cuddles and a nap on me. No problem I get set up on the couch and watch an hour of UKTV or TOWIE.

coffee cup


2 thoughts on “Making time for mum….

  1. Lovely ideas and I’ll definitely be trying some of the same, I’m actually trying to do more of that from now as I’ve been working none stop. Love the coffee, that always feels like a treat for me. Thinking of getting my hair cut after the baby is born too, will have to see how we go!

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